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Dave’s Garage (RIP 159, Bye Bus and Hello Mercedes)


man good score I am a fan of Alfa’s but I will never buy one in Australia just not gonna happen. please when you can can you record the exhaust note…?


Oooh are Aussie Alfas beaten up, definitely a place that’s not right for them if you live outside of populated areas, and bet they hate the heat

Tomorrow, ill do a nice little walk around


Here is a daytime pic

The sand is from a diesel leak off of my dads fire engine, my Alfa did NOT shit oil


Aw she’s pretty - I can’t tell any paint fade from the pic, any lighter bits look to me to be reflections of the sky.
A set of teledials will do her justice


Thank you :grinning: I just know I’m going to have a lot of fun in that car, plus I have the ultimate chat up line now… ‘hey, I drive an Alfa’

The teledials will hopefully fill out the arches a bit more, now the question is, what do I name her?


Johann Gambolputty de von Ausfern- schplenden- schlitter- crasscrenbon- fried- digger- dingle- dangle- dongle- dungle- burstein- von- knacker- thrasher- apple- banger- horowitz- ticolensic- grander- knotty- spelltinkle- grandlich- grumblemeyer- spelterwasser- kurstlich- himbleeisen- bahnwagen- gutenabend- bitte- ein- nürnburger- bratwustle- gerspurten- mitz- weimache- luber- hundsfut- gumberaber- shönedanker- kalbsfleisch- mittler- aucher von Hautkopft of Ulm.


:joy: these are brilliantly random

Video of the car will be filmed today, even found a nice place to stick my phone to do a drive video

What does everyone think of the black and chrome Alfa badges? Might get one for the front as the original one is fading but worried it might not suit the car


I’m in two minds about them.

Alfa has started to use black and chrome on the steering wheels following the logos slight redesign and they look good. They also seem to be using that style for their marketing material too. The exteriors still have coloured badges though.

It’s possible they might be a little too bland for the exterior IMO


That wasn’t a list of names, that was a single one.


Yeah I think you expect to see the colour Ines on the exterior but maybe II’ll stick with getting normal ones, I would say I like the idea of the projectors that project the logo onto the pavement when you get out the car


Bloody Hell! :joy:


I’ve seen them done on a Giulietta (not mine) they look cool.
In this case it was just swapping the already existing puddle lights for the Logo ones so it was relatively easy.
Has your got puddle lights?


Yep mine has puddle lights


Cool :slight_smile:


For 900 quid it’s almost as if you have lucked out on too good of a deal :laughing:


I really feel lucky, I have had a good look around it and can honestly say the only thing I have noticed that is wrong with the car is some fading on the front badge and the paint isn’t as vibrant as it should be


I’m dying to see the video! :rage: :persevere: :heart_eyes:


Sorry, I have been trying to get the time and place, taking a 30mile trip tomorrow so I’ll do the video then as the roads will be more open, rural and fun, need to get someone to help with the exhaust note clip too

The walk around video is still bloody processing though

Have an engine pic and interior pic for the meantime

If you want to see a rubbish quality walk around then I can link the FB version of the video…


Oh that engine bay is in need of a good wash


Haha yeah, I’ll get some good cleaning stuff first though