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[ENDED] Automation Hatchback Design Competition


Automation Hatchback Design Competition

The rules are simple : You pick the five-door 2.59m wheelbase hatchback body and then give your best shot at designing it and making sure that it is street legal (door handles, headlights, taillights, indicators, grillles etc).

It doesn’t have to have a working engine etc, we only care about having a realistic design.

You can have any approach you want : luxurious, sporty etc etc, your choice.

All entrants’ cars will then be put up on a poll, together with pictures, so that each one can vote their favorite and elect a winner.

Deadline : Ended, Voting time in a while

Submit via PM to me, with the format of “Design - Username” and use the Trim box for your car’s company and model name, e.g. Design - TheMiltos21 and Honda Civic


1 : @Madrias

2 : @Rk38

3 : @TheMiltos21

4 : @abg7

5 : @szafirowy01

6 : @titleguy1

7 : @ramthecowy

8 : @doncornaldie

9 : @gridghost

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A perfect opportunity to redesign my Luna :smile: (which was long planned, as I’m not perfectly happy with the current design)


Could give it a go some time later. I think Sinistra would quite happily make hatchbacks, although I’m not 100% sure what engine they’d use. Yes, I know, you said the engine isn’t important, but… It’s part of the design of the car to me. But I’ve got an idea.


I’m sending in a stock post-facelift Kunai :imp:


to join or not to join? Hmmmmmmm…


What year does it have to be?


2016 I guess. It doesn’t matter as long as this particular body is chosen


Confirmed entries so far :


If anybody else has prepared a car, please send it in. I’ve designed a hatchback as well, should I post it too?


Oh, nearly forgot about this! Fortunately I have my car done, just choosing the colour and maybe some extras :slight_smile:


Why not man, the more the merrier.


@gridghost entered the challenge too!
Five cars so far, not much time left, submit if you’ve got a suitable design! :wink:


@abg7 submitted his car as well!
Six of us now!


Okay, submissions are over!

We’ve got cars from :


And I’ll be joining in with a design as well!

I’ll try to set the poll up now, so that the voting could start :slight_smile:


Poll and entrants are on the first post. Go and take a look at all the entrants, which I have to thank a lot for participating, and vote your favorite!


Can we all agree to not vote on our own designs?


I can agree on that.


Definitely. Wouldn’t make much sense that way


Tail light fixture is missing :persevere:


Send me the steam mod link over PM so I can fix it asap


Can’t at the moment. Just had a meeting, won’t be home till the next 4 to 5 hours at least.

Edit: it’s cool. Leave it as is for the purpose of not holding up the event. Don’t think it will win anyway.