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His Highness Demands Round #2 (1956-62) [RESULTS]


Challenge created by @Crash77


Previous Round (1950-56) and lore


His Highness Demands

> What is it?

His Higness Demands is an ongoing (for a while) challenge, that will follow the Communist monarchy Semyonovia through 2 rulers, 5 decades, 3 wars and 1 rebellion.

Round 2: The People’s Might

With the success of the new People’s Car of Semyonovia, the Petrov SEM, the government turns its view to the outdated military of the challenged nation. Threatened by many foreign powers, what good is a people’s car without a people to buy it?


Several very important people will meet to discuss a pressing matter: the Semyonovian military’s lack of engines.
Not just engines, but transport and cargo trucks. Their current pre-World War II era Soviet vehicles don’t cut it anymore - they never did, but they were all the old King would allow - and a boost to the local economy is always welcome. Something that can be produced at home but is powerful, efficient and engineered both for a purpose and to the letter is required to satisfy the wargoing nation’s forces.

Chairman Lyanovsvik - Honorable Chairman Lyanovsvik of the Semyonovian Budgetary Committee and Foreign Affairs
Assistant Director - Commander Dmitrivokt of the 12th Supply Brigade
General A - the Honorable General Asaveket

These people will be going over the proposals they receive and will, with the input of the King near the end of the selection process, determine what powers the military - and, even, the local economy. This vehicle may play a part in the nation’s future - and this part may not be small. This vehicle will need to haul troops, supplies, State cargo, heavy weapons and more throughout its - hopefully - long lifespan. It will most probably be produced for many years, in many variations - and, with production costs low due to in-state manufacturing, could prove to be a wildly profitable venture for any company that manages to win the bid. Citizens of the Communist state, however, will just know they are protected by a dependable automotive wonder worthy of their King.

This vehicle must be reliable, utilitarian, powerful, efficient, and capable of going anywhere in the small island nation - meaning that low quality fuel is, still, a bonus, as modern fuel stations are still nonexistent in some corners of Semyonovia - it’s a tall order to fill, but try to fulfill most of the criteria and you’ll have a chance.




Price & Service Costs
Towing Capacity
Load Capacity


Environmental Resistance
Cargo Volume
Fuel Type - 80 RON preferred


Everything else


Semyonovian Monetary System:

Ok. The Automation dollar-to-Semyonovian Daktoz is simple:

Divide the price of the car by 7.

This is a military vehicle, so there’s no wheelbase tax, or taxes at all - few civilians will own one, if any.

MAXIMUM PRICE: 1,250 Dakotz @ 0% (Less is better)


they’re looking to replace old Soviet trucks, not buy more.

  • Engine ET: 75 max
  • Engine PU: 30 max
  • Trim ET: 60 max
  • Trim PU: 75 max
  • Minimum Drivability: 20
  • Minimum Comfort: no
  • Minimum Utility: 10
  • Minimum Offroad: 20
  • Minimum Economy: 10 mpg US
  • Minimum Trim Reliability: 50
  • Minimum Engine Reliability: 35
  • Minimum Safety: 20
  • One muffler mandatory
  • Emissions: What?
  • Fuel: 92 RON/ 87 AKI Leaded OR 80 RON/ 75 AKI Low Quality
  • Minimum Seating of 3

Must have a respectful reference to the Semyonovian communist monarchy somewhere in the car, i.e. calling your car the “Whatever-bit-here Persktokt Special”, after the capital, or something about the design, colors, ads, etc.



Naming: Model / Family as HHD2 - Username, Trim/Variant free


(under the generous minimums or over the generous maximums means your vehicle will definitely not be used and abused with at least one jump of some size during testing)

His Highness Demands Round #1 (1950-56) [COMPLETE]

no bonus this time for using 80 ron fuel?


I’ll get back to you on this - I believe the People’s Car does not use low quality fuel, but if it does I’ll add a larger bonus for infrastructure not being in place, etc. I’ll add a smaller bonus anyway, for those pesky wars where watered down gas is the only thing available.

Edit: While the People’s Car does run on 92 RON, a bonus has been added for 80 RON fuel. Here at the Office of Semyonovian Foreign Affairs, we’ll leave it up to you to decide if the misfortune of our neighboring countries will influence the Glorious Monarchy of Semyonovia, which, of course, has no need for such primitive fuel.

reported 69% increase of availability of 92 RON leaded gasoline means that yes it is good if you use 80 RON but a citizen of our glorious nation could be reading so I’ll use this fancy small text, as you likely understand from your extremely successful communist states at home measures must be taken to encourage belief that we are superior




Shall the cyclopes tail light return?
Edit: Hey my entry actually fits all the rules for once, might acctully stand a chance stat wise!
EDIT2: The cyclopes tail light will not return but the logo used on the firkolant / firkolala will return


I’d recommend against the cyclops tail light, try to rip off something communist, as Capitalism will not be tolerated (publicly, of course.) Stats are low baselines so I can just :wastebasket: anything someone didn’t try very hard to make. My test mules are generally a good bit higher than the baselines.


Are the “auxillary headlight” mods allowed?


this looks like a great challenge; expect an entry from me lol


Behold; the Armor Persktokt Empire One (PE-1)


Yes, all mods in 4.21 are allowed


Petrov SEM Off-Road

1956 facelift of the SEM Off-Roader trim. Now for only 1003 Daktoz.


Considering the average soviet car from the era pushed about 40hp, is something around the 70-80hp range considered adequate?

Its hard to get much more out of an engine while still meeting low ET and PU costs, whilst still running on horse piss :joy:


I think the problem isn’t what your using as fuel… Try feeding the horse more raw vodka, it up’s the AKI a lot!


My test mules had 1.1 liter engines making about 60 hp and 70-90 ft-lbs. Horsepower isn’t the most important metric here - these aren’t supposed to be speed demons.


understood; but it still needs to be able to carry 10 gopnik soldiers and a barrel of vodka up a rocky path without blowing up





Two barrels mandatory, comrade!


For maximum vodka containment, we empty the fuel tanks of the horse piss 80 ron and load her up with straight vodka. Then you can snort the cocktail of cheap alcohol and sludgy black oil mixed with chips of tetanus infused cast iron that is exhumed from the exhaust leak into passenger compartment. очень вкусно мой друг


da comrade vodka is recommend fuel for capitalist elimination cyka cheeki breeki pure vodka is best reminder of motherland to drive off Capitalism from glorious Siberia


after firing the designer who write the name of our first car for your majesty, we bring you another concept

The BCT Semyonovia Mula, a low fuel comsumption van. reliable and has a lot of room. the price is 1240 dakotz, we know its a bit expensive but we are sure that its a vehicle you can trust