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HELLO! Well… I got a good one! Kind of.

It’s a 1998 (FRESH) e36/5 318 compact with a 2.8 liter m52 swap, pushing … SOME… horses through a 5 speed manual via a ceramic clutch and a welded diff. You… know where this is going, don’t you.

In any case, 700 eur buys you


##Ability to see your car being towed places

##Giving absolutely zero F’s about the cleanliness of your interior

##Badly damaged stickers
(Oh no)

##Reasons to hang out with friends

##Painted suspension

#Pretending you’re shipping a racecar to the track

##Connect the wire minigame

##An interior after being tested by nuclear honeybadgers

In any case. It only starts if you poke the starter motor with a screw driver (Yes,really), the engine is missing camshaft position sensor and the intake piping is torn up. The interior… exists, and the driver’s seat requires sledgehammering for it to move. Also something about street legality check, but this thing is in mint condition, I promise.


ALLRIGHT, so… the thing starts with a key now. FOR NO APPARENT REASON, I did nothing to it, it just happened. On the plus side, I’ve spent a ton of time restoring the interior to full OEM condition.

#This is what we call “engine management unit”

#Yeah, better hide it, in case somebody wants to copy our design!

#Certified Ziptie Mechanic at work

#Well, let’s be fair, it IS an interior now

#Gotta call Speedhunters, they’ll jump on the opportunity to cover this car


#100% original Spaceship Rabbit bodykit, sent in by Soft World Begriff.
it’s an early draft, so yeah, it’s awful

#Vaccuum leaks removal in progress

#This is the new garage me and the crew are building, just to show you that missile building is SRS biziniss

#This is our new patent for proper angle. Wisefab got nothing on our WI-FI balljoint.

#Garage does have a chill zone, so that’s what we do before heading home usually.

Also this


Ok, judgement day. My technical inspection (Naturally failed, but Im legal to drive for a month now.



#First repairs of the bodywork

#This is how you shave almost a second from your 0-100 kph. One seat, nothing else.

#Well now it will defo steer better


#Minor office upgrades

#Best repair of an electric window mechanism - manual window mechanism.


Ok, let’s continue on all the pros and cons of owning a beater…

#These things are joke builds, and cost less than 150 eur
(Possibly a swap into my car, but not necessarily. 2.8 liter turbo)

#Hydraulic tank relocation kit made of a piece of metal - priceless
Aftermarket price (25 eur).

#Free crap + free spraypaint
(that I get to rock while I don’t have proper RIMS)

Budget Used stuff that people don’t need is offered a lot(20 eur)

#Free street cred

#Cool silicone hoses!

#Free arts practice

#Having to explain to noobs how to be a proper drifter

#Making friends with said noobs
Badgering them into promising drift taxi rides at Gatebil next year


Whoa yes! I sadly missed the event twice in the last two years because of shitty vacation timing… if you do go, then enjoy because it’s awesome :sunglasses:


#Weight reduction to the max. We don’t need fuel tank or rear axle

#Rust is lighter than carbon fiber

#An actual upgrade - 17" 8j 8.1 kilo forged Style 21 wheels from an e34 m5. Luckily my e34 won’t need these anymore.


The true art of rebuilding a car is when you take off more than you put in. Way more.


I’ve already got 70 kilos worth of weight that’s not going back in, and I’ve just begun.


Maybe if you keep the rear axle off and then let the rust removal do the heavy lifting :stuck_out_tongue:

Will you be getting Car Mechanic Simulator 2018?

More stuff for compact. But since Im at work every damn day, and I only had 1 day off, which is today, I only managed to get one thing done. So let’s get back to the proper format of explaining to you guys, why owning a drift missile (even if it doesn’t run) is the best thing ever.

#Implementing things you learned from TV and internet

#More Ebay upgrades than you’d ever need

#Finding out your buddies were taking liberties with stickers on your car for serious street cred boost

#You get to draw stuff on friends’ cars with a marker pen.

#You can get actual performance stuff for cheap from people who crashed their cars before installing said stuff

#As you get to hang around the scene more you get to meet more noobs who need your expert advice

#You can also get them to sign your perfect drift machine’s sun visor

#This guy got the right idea. The best e36 is a compact, so you have to convert your coupe any way you can


And we continue our GLORIOUS journey into the world of drifting! Even though our drift car is not anywhere near being assembled.
Points scored if you know what this is

The budgetest of budget, the cheapest of the cheap… and it’s still more than I want to spend on it

Another 40 eur well spent, you can not trust a no-name chinese crap such a task as locking your wheels. It must work at all times guaranteed

YES, this is exactly what it looks like.

My Spaceship Hare bodykit’s first prototype envy me mortals!!!


Nice CAD work :slight_smile: I need to do some to my floor where the T-case now sticks through.

I got a wilwood adjustable brake balancer, as I need more rear brake pressure.


I’ll be sure to note that cutting cardboard boxes without measuring much will register as CAD work in my CV fron mow on XD. Also - did you swap your transfercase for something evil? I’ve never seen things like that stick into the interior.


I rotated it so it no longer hung down below the frame rails it sticks out the side of the transmission hump.

Though I did do a twin stick conversion so I now have independent control over front and rear.


“Yeah I know CAD. I’m the expert in Cardboard Aided Design.”


It’s a genuine cardboard fiber body kit, so yeah…


Are you going to add it to the metal panel, or using the panel with CAD as a form?


Actually the plan is to get a sheet of ABS plastic, cut it to the forms I’ll be satisfied with (copy the cardboard forms) and use zipties (I am not freaking kidding, this is THAT low budget) to couple them together and more zipties (2 holes in the quarterpanel, one in the abs plastic) to make it hang on to the quarterpanel. That’s about it. The main idea is - this will get crashed into, it’s a drift car in the making, so I need the zipties to break away and let the abs plastic just fly off, so I can pick it up and put it back in during the competition using more zipties.