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Maine Motors Co - The car you deserve (UE4 Thread)



Story of the company.

Racing pedigree and notable race drivers.

Car models.

Notable race cars.


'70 Imperator 440 GT.


400 hp is a BIG number - I think it would have outgunned pretty much everything bar a couple of VERY limited production freak models…

Also, I really like the grille design :slight_smile:


Now that is a proper muscle car - big, grunty and imposing. I must admit that the whole lineup should look even better in UE4 - and on the evidence I’ve seen so far, it certainly does!


Maine Motors Guayota GT 415 '70


Maine Motors Scorcher 2.0 GT '07


This is gold, right there :smiley:


I’ve played NFS ProStreet like for 5 times, now 6th, and I’ve never noticed the Scorcher in-game…

But yeah, you’ve gone nuts with this idea. :laughing:


Quite a nice car inside and out. Even though ProStreet is one of my least favorite NFS titles, it’s nice to see someone showing it some love!


Pre-Order DLC for the PS2 version


I guess the lack of side mirrors reduces drag :stuck_out_tongue:


OAM and Maine Motors might be working on something together…stay tuned!


Maine Motors Convict Liberator 380 '76.


Seriously, that is one beaut ute… How would it have fared in the Australian market, if it had been sold there? It would have given the Holden HX and Ford XC utes a run for their money at least!


THAT attention to detail, is marvelous. NICE