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MV Design - Marcus_gt500's design studio


I was told recently that I couldn’t drive on Cyberville’s new highway because it was for hovercars only. So I’ve done the next obvious thing, took my '68 Badge to Motorsport Motorworks to have it’s engine converted to run on hydrogen and power new propulsion pumps attached in place of the wheels and trunk, along with all auxiliary flying mechanisms.

Now there’s no place forbidden for my old lady, and she can keep being my work partner!

Took some more pics with my drone:

At a iluminated parking garage so you can actually see the car!

And I’m challenging everyone here to do the same, so we can have a hover car meeting arranged soon!

Haulers_Badge_-_Hovercar.car (83.6 KB)


So, boredom does things. Tried to recreate my dad’s '05 Civic. Came out pretty good I think. There’s the file if you want to drive or tinker with it. I also 3D printed the miniature.

Honda_Civic_-_LX.car (57.0 KB)


You 3D printed an Automation car??? HOW!!!

Please tell me your secret… :hushed:


Not an automation car, this one I converted from a 3D Warehouse model. I’ve made a tutorial on how to 3D print BeamNG cars, but so far, it hasn’t worked with Automation cars, mostly because the parts are not organized on the .dae file.


Hey folks, I’ve just launched my first Automation video, of a lot to come hopefully! It’s still very crude, but starting is what matters.

And what better way to start than creating my own beloved car! Here are some pics, as well as the file, which currently crashes beam, but I’m working on finding out what happened.

VW_Brasilia_-_STD.car (80.1 KB)


Looks really great, nailed the looks here.


Kyusha Tanaka Aventis. Stock car by @Aaron.W.

Tanaka_Aventis_(AC02)_-1500_D(M)_Kyusha.car (121.1 KB)

Bogliq USA's take on the Brasilia!

@HighOctaneLove built this awesome Brasilia concept, based on the car from my 1st video! It sure looks like it could be a concept, like the muscle car concepts of the 60s!


VW_Brasilia_-_Bogliq_Brasilia.car (43.5 KB)


Sh*t, I was gonna use Missile…

Your cars are great. Better than most of mine.


Training and references. A lot of both. Do not give up.
Also, there’s no problem in having cars with the same name. IRL this happens a lot. Go ahead.
Thinking about it, this car is an old project. Even if I’m not that interested in designing this era of cars, it could very well receive a remake!

1980 MV Performance 960

New video out! Check it out!

Here’s the car file, and some pics!

MVD_Performance_960_-_Turbo.car (61.1 KB)