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MV Design - Marcus_gt500's design studio


Thanks. I’ve been a scale modeller for some years, so this study of real cars to reproduce it’s characteristics is very exciting to me. This last car I’ve posted is half 90’s mitsubish, half 90’s subaru, with a sprinkle of 90’s ford. This will be more visible on the sportier versions.

Also, anybody here remember the '71 Bestia from Midnight Club 2? Here it is on Automation. I’m still tweaking it’s performance, but visuals are pretty much spot on. Since the car belonged to a ilegal racer’s dad, I believe it suffered a crash at the rear at some street race, and was repaired as the owner could, shoehorning the first set of tail lights he could find.

'71 Bestia - Asp.car (25.1 KB)


(NOSTALGIA OVERLOAD) ( It just needs a Blower, But that’s not in game sadly )


I love the Impreza taillights!


@VG33E Thanks! Here’s some pics of it in beam. Driving crappy still, but will be improved.
@On3CherryShake , they are the workshop blobby headlights, stacked and colored.


That’s the GT version of the Flatt, now you have more power on the 2.5l Boxer, a sportier tuned suspension and gearbox, bigger brakes, alloy wheels, fog lights, a small spoiler, a sportier front grill and bumper, traction control and a nicer interior.

Bridgell Flatt - GT.car (35.9 KB)


1959 MV Design Missile 69: A beautifull convertible with the most advanced aerospacial design and a … weak I6 … sorry.

And yes it have curb feelers.

MV Design Missile 69 - Inline 6.car (31.9 KB)


That big green wedge is definitely a homage to Top Gear 2 - not based on the TV show at all, by the way, but even more compelling than the first game.

And the track map in the top right corner? I’m certain it shows the Mugello circuit.


Yes, it’s the car from top gear 2


The GTD version of the Flatt. It adds a 4WD drivetrain, better wheels and a recalibrated suspension.Also a sportier hood, even more agressive front bumber, a wing, and a ventilated rear bumper.

Bridgell Flatt - GTD.car (40.1 KB)

And the version everybody was waiting for! The GTT is offered only on a sportier 2 door coupe body, with race bumpers, wing and hood made from our own blend of FRP, a Twin-Turbocharged 2.5 engine, sport interior and suspension, bigger brakes and beautifull golden wheels. This version is a homologation special for our entry at the ARC (Automationverse Rally Championship), so a limited number of cars is certain.

Bridgell Flatt - GTT Coupe.car (37.2 KB)

Average Person Driveability Test (APDT -- BeamNG testing)

In 1986, the Chrysler group was training workers from First Auto Cars, a chinese manufacturer interested on building cars over the Dodge 600 platform. This training consisted on building a car based on the K-Car platform, using leftover parts from the outgoing 70s Plymouth Valiant, mainly the headlights, grille, tail lights and bumpers. The car was powered by a recently decomissioned carburated 2.2 engine, though a FWD transmission. This few test cars were shipped back to america and sold as the Plymouth Junkerolla, painted in leftover paints from the chinese factory.

Plymoth - Junkerolla.car (16.4 KB)


2020 MV Design Imperator Neo Crown - This car brings as much as possible from the classic Imperator Crown wrapped on a advanced package. In fact, even the long block is the same as the old crown, with a heavy revision and the use of modern electronics and direct injection. No other car is smoother on the highway.

MV Design Imperator - Neo Crown.car (36.0 KB)

  1. The petrol crisis has come. But you will keep driving a Barstow! Only it will be… slightly smaller. At least it have pretty good dynamics! More or less.

Gavril Barstow II - 2.3.car (31.1 KB)


2005 Haulers Super Duty 500 - The best work truck in america, now at your service. Yes, this is a new generation for the SD from SLRR.

Haulers Super Duty - 500.car (37.7 KB)


Duhen Shonen by MV Design. A very capable kei off roader. Ladder chassis, solid axles, locking differentials, the works. Avaliable in 2 versions, K, with a 660cc inline 3 motor, and Peak, with a 1.5 inline 4.

Duhen Shonen - K.car (32.4 KB)
Duhen Shonen - Peak.car (33.5 KB)
Duhen Shonen - Peak Tuned.car (34.5 KB)


Where is the dented front fender on the Junkerolla?


Plymoth - Junkerolla.car (16.4 KB)

That’s on you. Have fun!


(Because I guess Homers car was the inspiration? :stuck_out_tongue: )


Yes it was. But I wasn’t able to do the dent on automation. Here is it on beamng with the dent


MV Design Raid Fighter. A wild rally machine, powered by a turbo V6, AWD.

MV Raid Fighter - V6T.car (30.5 KB)


The classic looks of the Barstow were back in 2003! But modern muscle performance is guaranteed.

'03 Gavril Barstow - V8 ASP.car (35.2 KB)