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MV Design - Marcus_gt500's design studio


Just load it in your game and use the engine freely. Is a big block twin turbo V8


Unfortunally not, I don’t have the licence. You can make one if you want, post it as a upgrade for the car on your lore page.


The MV-NIP Firefly was a small sedan/coupe proposal for some asian manufacturers. Powered by a small boxer 4 engine, it was a simple but lovely vehicle to live with. Pretty rare nowadays.

MV-NIP Firefly - Coupe.car (41.8 KB)
MV-NIP Firefly - Sedan.car (43.4 KB)


This is the Dinka H500, a tiny city car made for 3rd world countries. Pretty fun to drive though.

GPC - Marcus_GT500 - Dinka H500.car (48.5 KB)


The Emer TS1 is a track special, made to put newbie drivers on a high level of racing.

Emer TS1 - Track.car (41.0 KB)


Now the '71 Bestia have a proper blower.

'71 Bestia - Asp.car (25.4 KB)



This is the Cheetah, as it appears on GTA III. I wanted to make something inspired by it, but instead of creating a new car, I’ve made a version of the MV TGII. Enjoy.

MV Design TG2 - Cheetah.car (29.7 KB)


All time favourite GTA3 car, good job


This is my reedition of the Buffalo from GTA SA. Handles great (for a malaise car), really fun to thow around the track.

Bravado Buffalo - IRAP-U.car (37.0 KB)


We designed the Sunset for our long date partner Ishima, it’s a sporty coupe with great presence.

Ishima Sunset Hardtop - 2000 GS Turbo.car (38.6 KB)


We were comissioned to do some restyling and tiding up on this drift wagon project. It’s being modified for so many years that the original model is unknown by now. Pretty fun to thow around.

Dorifuto Wagon - Desu.car (40.1 KB)


The Ishima Enulla Mocca received a Turbo II version (before that, the turbo was an optional package, not a separate model) with includes a new bodykit, a suspension tuning and a nicer interior. It was way more expensive since, due to the new bigger motor, it wouldn’t really fit the kei car laws anymore, but was a market sucess anyway.

KCC-Marcus_gt500 - Enula Mocca Turbo II.car (61.4 KB)


Well, finally some time to post on this busy week! Here’s a Coquette (Banshee on the GTA VC version that was my inspiration)

And here’s a improved one:

Invertero Coquette - Banshee VC.car (31.6 KB)

Also, have a Blista from GTA 3:

1997 Dinka Blista - MPV V6.car (26.6 KB)




thems fightin words
time for a kei car battle


Lez doeet!


Here’s the Hauler’s Super Duty’s looks for 2018


And a special Artic Racer version, for a 24h race that unfortunally was cancelled.

Haulers Super Duty - 500.car (37.7 KB)
Hauler’s Super Duty - Arctic Racer.car (67.3 KB)



Here’s a aussie Ford Landau P5, as close as I could get to it. That vinyl roof was a pain to make! But turned out really good.

Ford Landau - Coupe.car (80.6 KB)


And what if the aussies had tried their hands on a King Cobra?

Ford Landau - King Kobra.car (77.3 KB)

LPE also developed a high performance kit for this one, and turned it on the muscle car it aways longed to be.

Ford Landau - King Kobra R.car

Thanks @Obfuscious for the car!


This is a brazilian Fiat Uno 1.6r

This is the same Uno, photoshopped to have muscle car proportions

And this is it in Automation

Fait Uno Coupe - 1.5x2.car (41.5 KB)


2014+ Dodge be like