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MV Design - Marcus_gt500's design studio


Here’s the Schyster Greenwood from GTA SA


And here is it on Automation:

Also, I couldn’t satisfy myself only making the sedan, so here’s the wagon:


And of course, the rare HIX Huge International coupe, sporting a twin turbo V6, a sportier interior and suspension, and the exclusive triple black treatment

Schyster Greenwood - Huge International.car (45.8 KB)
Schyster Greenwood - Wagon.car (41.3 KB)
Schyster Greenwood - Deluxe.car (38.9 KB)
Schyster Greenwood - Coupe.car (42.5 KB)


Few know, but before SLRR, there was Street Legal, the first game in the series. And this was one of the first cars you could buy, the Einvagen Remo:

On 3 variants, 1.8 L:


And a wild one off rally version that unfortunally was destroyed on a (game) crash:

Einvagen Remo - 1.8L.car (37.1 KB)
Einvagen Remo - GTI.car (40.4 KB)


Here’s Midnight Club 2’s Victory

And on Automation:

Victory - MC2.car (21.9 KB)

Also, GTA SA’s Club


BF Club - STD.car (33.2 KB)


Sometimes we develop an engine, and just want to test it on track. For this purposes, feel free to use our powertrain test mule. It’s an old fiberglass kit car body we fitted on a simple tube chassis for this purposes. It have a big engine bay, so any engine you may need to test can fit. Just clean it before bringing it back.

MV Design Prototypes - Engine Test Mule.car (42.5 KB)


In 1977, MV Design partned with Modo to develop the new generation of their flagship sportscar, the Prego. It was avaliable with a mid mounted boxer 6 and great handling characteristics.

For 1980 a Turbo EFI version was added, nicknamed Yellow Bird by it’s flagship color.

And as we all know, the next generation of the car was not developed by us, and was famous for being the choice of a famous parisian model, Parfait. It was also painted on the classic Yellow Bird color:


Modo Prego - S (Gasmea).car (40.9 KB)
Modo Prego - Turbo EFI (Gasmea).car (49.2 KB)



In a Barbie Van

Barbie Van - Why you ask.car (24.0 KB)


Hood opens up for storage…wait does that mean that Barbies MPV is mid engined. Must be a true drivers car men


Must also be a boxer to fit under the usable interior. Really a drivers car.


I regret nothing


Also, back door becomes a grill! So your 2yo girl can make a nice barbie-cue! Isn’t it the dream of all girls?


you forgot to camber it out and put some sick rims on it.


It doesn’t look as plastic wheels as the hubcaps do.


One sucessfull and fun collaboration later, and we have this:

Expect more collaboration works between me and @Obfuscious!


Partnerships are win-win. I make the parts I find fun, @Obfuscious make the parts he find fun.


Flawless victory.

Harada Motor Corporation | Harada-Auto, Harada-Commercial, Harada-Powersport, Harada-Aircraft, Ditana, Rakuda Cars |

Revamped the company logo

And have a Infernus

Dinka - Pegassi Infernus - Asp.car (30.8 KB)


The Emer Aria is a little sports car with great handling with simple yet stunning visuals. Try one today!

Emer Aria - 2.5.car (44.6 KB)


Considering the limitations of the body you chose (small engine bay in MR configuration), it seems that you actually did an excellent job with it - it looks like an 80s sports coupe should. Well done!


now i want to see a Nonus…


I’ve started one some time ago. The bug on the silvia body rear I was using prevented me to finish it.