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MV Design - Marcus_gt500's design studio


oh, well hopefully an update fixes that sooner rather than later


Hey friends! Long time no see! I’m sorry for vanishing away from the forum, but I finally found a real job I love to do, but it took away all the free time for gaming. I’ve just entered the game and boy what a graphics upgrade! Really loved the new photo scenarios, specially the sea of information! Unfortunally I’ll no longer be frequently present here, and accepting requests, but you can aways find me on my work fb page (fb.com/mvdesigncw) for making some sick 3d printing requests, or just chat away! See you later!


Great to see you’ve found what seems to be your calling. That jet-car looks pretty epic too…


Hey pals! Not playing this game that much anymore, but here’s something i’ve made on the last few days. Not a replica, just an inspiration.

Chryslus Corvega - Sedan.car (39.3 KB)


Does the Corvega come with a complimentary Pip-Boy?


Is it nuclear powered?


As far as Automation is concerned this car is not nuclear-powered, but it looks so stunning that it deserves some full-color pics to go along with the B&W ad you just gave us.


No, but it’s dashboard screen have some of it’s functions.


Lore-wise, yes. Game-wise, Ultimate fuel, since the game doesn’t explain much about it, we can consider it nuclear power.


Will do.


Now download and drive it.


I’ll have mine in B.O.S. grey, thanks


That new Hot Wheels body is cool. A pity I can’t increase rear wheel sizes.

MV Design Zoomer - V8.car (22.9 KB)


Some more Corvega pics, because I needed a new wallpaper.


Missed you guys. Here’s some new cars. This one is an unnamed kaido racer experiment:

This is the MVD Streamliner, my try at a realistic 1948 sedan. Good exercise

I’m having a problem with mods not installing, so mostly vanilla stuff from now on. I have some others to share. Maybe I’ll get back on the CSRs too.


Welcome back, I have been missing your work.

Are you sure that you have mods for the right version? Should be 4.24 - old mods are no longer compatible.


Thanks. I was looking at start streaming automaion on twitch, just so I have some people playing with me, and decided to pop here to see if I find something about it. I have no experience with such things. As for the mods, I’m only installing the most recent ones, they’re not even downloading, the folder where they usually live is empty.


My latest car, created for PDC 9 - 11. Again we design over a Baiern powerplant. This is the Baiern SC32, shown in police fleet proposal trim. It packs a I6 engine capable of competing with the V8 interceptors of it’s era, not only in performance, but also in reliability and ease of use. Other trims incoming.

PDC9_-Marcus_gt500-Baiern_SC32-_USPD.car (56.7 KB)


What if some manufacturer rebooted AMC and instead of going for the obvious choices they go straight to make a 2020 Rebel The Machine to fight the “big” three muscle offers?

AMC_Rebel_-_The_Machine.car (56.2 KB)


Good looking, can’t help seeing some similarity to My FX4 concept which is interesting. IP Automotive LTD

(No of course I know you haven’t tried to steal something, probably you haven’t even seen it, and you clearly are a better designer than me, just noticing that they are a bit similar but still different., which is interesting. :blush:)