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Official Car Design Competition (UE4 Open Beta)


So, as you have noticed the big Category C 60s Muscle Car video is out! 1h 50min of wannabe heroes and really cool designs! :slight_smile:

Judging Status

Completed Preliminaries & Finals: R
Completed Preliminaries: A, B, C, D, E, F, X
Started Preliminaries: G, H, Y

Today we’ll complete the judging of the preliminaries, and the plan is to start judging the finals over the weekend.


That is what trips people up, many of the categories were recorded in two parts, one with the entries before the 3rd of Feb, and one with the entries that came thereafter, 3rd - 4th Feb.


WOOHOO! Even with my suspension completely banjaxed, I did okay!


not last!

shame my wheels didn’t load though :frowning: i used non mod wheels and everything


I figured my stats will not help me but at least you guys liked my design!
Looking forward to the rest of the judging.


'> Knows from two former videos the at least 7 gets you in the finals.
'> sees my car
'> ohboyherewego.jpg
'> notices that I did really good in the stats
'> heavyweaponsguy_headbob.gif
'> design judgement
'> judges don’t care about the engine for the preliminaries
'> never got my point accross that “one per one” means two four barrel carbs, therefore one barrel per cylinder, much like Plymouth’s “six pack” with three two barrel carbs
'> sad_pepe.png
'> hear judges talk about a 7
'> literally my profile picture
'> "aaaaaaaaaaaand it’s a SIX!

so close.


Still watching the video, but I definitely ‘got it’ Knightophonix! Liked your ride. =) I thought maybe it had 444 horsepower, so 1 hp per cubic inch.

And Loflyh, your car is pretty sweet too!

goes back to watching =)


oh I liked yours too, you were pretty damn close too xD

guess creativity is what fucked us up, my front oozed some 1970 Challenger and you took a lot of design cues from your '67 Cougar


MrChips nailed it with his ‘Torino’ front end too. lol

The thing is, none of these cars tried to be ‘clones’ of real cars - we just took design elements, and made them work with the stuff we have in the game. It’s pretty awesome that some of them turn out so well!


oh wait My bad you actually made it to the finals, not "so close" xD


Yeah, I fixed it, but I was up against the deadline. I fatfingered a ‘leaf spring’ suspension up front, and could not make the ride height/wheel tire combo work. =(

I had already ‘copied’ the car which locked it, apparently, so I had to rebuild it from scratch. Oh well. Not as noobish, now; my cars and stats are turning out better. =)


you know if you just delete the copy of a the trims you can just unlock it again? same with engine too


Well that was bloody disappointing…

Crosses fingers for 80s saloon!


No I did not. Would’ve saved me a lot of work!


Yeah, I must say I really didn’t see anything that made me say “Well that’s just a [insert real car here]”. There were definitely some that had strong resemblance to Mopar cars in particular, Hemi 'cudas and Chargers and whatnot. But no obvious Boss 302s. No Chevelle clones. No GTOs. Virtually everything was at least a little more inspired than that. That made me happy! :smile: 'Fraid I can’t say the same of some of those video comments though… ooo boy.


Eh, kinda expected this to be my weakest one so I guess I did better than I had expected.

I do agree that it looks more of a pony car now that I look at it, hum, might save the design and refine it for any future pony-car competitions.


Yeah, you know guys, 400+ hp totally normal! xD
This was a fun category, some very nice designs!


Rob, to be fair, I was laughing about that a bit. I mean, some of the cars of the late 60’s and early 70’s had as much as 475 horsepower, showroom stock, if you can believe it. As an example, the Yenko Camaro, which came with a Chevy 427, put out 450 horsepower and 460 lb-ft of torque. So while MOST of those rides didn’t have 400 horsepower, some definitely did.

Heck, even the Boss 302, although rated at 290 horsepower, was capable of much more, and that’s just a little 5.0L engine.

With a bit of tuning and dual quads, that same engine routinely put out a verifiable 470 horsepower. They raced them that way.

Detroit routinely lied about actual horsepower numbers in that era, or at least told half-truths. They’d list a horsepower at a given RPM that was sometimes a couple thousand short of peak HP.

So your 335 horsepower Cobrajet for example? Yeah. Not really. =) Big-block cars of that era were called ‘musclecars’ for a reason!


Actually, that brings me to another question I really wanted to ask! Are the game’s power ratings Net or Gross?

If it’s net, then that would explain why I’ve been having trouble matching power figures for a lot of the vintage mills I’ve tried to recreate!


I still call bullshit on that. It is the rosy glasses view of American muscle car fans.

  1. Gross vs. Net horsepower. Many of the figures were just straight up false advertising from back in the American days of muscle.

  2. They were objectively bad cars for both drivability and sportiness (according to the quite reasonable definitions in Automation), which makes supercars, track cars, hypercars, and light sports cars the most sporty cars overall. Muscle cars are not built to be that… they are built to be straight line hooligans, neither refined, nor “good”. So in that way some more power is good, but 400+ is just wankery for the time period.

Automation doesn’t care about tastes until the markets analyze the cars.