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Official Car Design Competition (UE4 Open Beta)


Yes, the stats being all over the place didn’t help your final score. If it had a clearer focus, I’m sure it would’ve been strongly considered as a finalist entry. A shame too, because the way you designed the lights was a nice re-imaging of Mazda’s Kodo design.

Also, never heard of that Fiftie concept before. Looking at it, I can certainly see the likeness! Plus, it’s a cool looking car on its own…


Several reasons mostly because I modified the car form one that I created a while back and I decided to modify the car at the last minute for this competition.


I think I did not understood everything about the final of the competition.
Who are the finalist? Because in the tabler everybody is under finalist category:
Or is it only for peoples in green?
And do people have something to do for the final?


All marked green advance to the finals, yes. No, they don’t have to do anything.


<— does something anyway!

(builds more cool cars for no reason)


Do the finalists get a chance to refine their designs before the final judging?


No, what you send is is what gets judged. It would be unfair otherwise.


Same here. I never did any submissions to the B & E categories but after watching the prelim videos I made some vehicles I’m really liking. Eventually I’ll share them once I have a decent collection done up.

On that note, after watching these videos I’ve gotten a lot better handle how to make the vehicles better stat wise toward their target market.

Also, a big shout out to the devs/judges, contestants and everyone else involved in the competition! I may not agree 100% on all the decisions but I’ve been enjoying it none the less.


From someone who doesn’t have the game, how hard is it to design cool headlights and grills/components on the cars? Is there a symmetric feature? Can you save build ups for things like complex badges, headlights, grills to use in other places? Or is it all manually, tediously placing pieces individually?


Yes there’s a mirror feature.

No there’s no way to save bundles of fixtures… Or if thereis, please tell me how because it would be so useful xD


There is a symmetric feature for most fixtures, yes. However, if you want to create intricate designs, such as fixtures within fixtures to create a custom set of tailights, you will have to do everything manually. For now an option to save specific design settings simply does not exist. to you have to work down to a milimeter to make small bits match…

As a side note, here’s a bit of a “Where Are They Now” segment; after the flop that was its review, Eida had a bit of a sugery to make ends meet;


For me, I start off with using the grilles or vent fixtures and experimenting with various scales and rotations. These I make sure on the bottom layer. After I have a general shape I like I then have a few select headlight, tail light, and signal fixtures I prefer. For modern vehicles, I start with the DRLs and then move on to the High/low beams, and signals lights. These (as seen from my Hypercar) consist of a number scaled down fixtures stacked together so it appears to be one from a distance.

This is time consuming and (the devs know I’ve mentioned this SEVERAL times) is depending on the camera angle, I’m always end up clicking on the wrong fixture (some from the other side of the vehicle) which end up moving it out of place. The undo function (control+z) some times works, others it ends up rotating several existing fixtures making it worse off so I tend to avoid using the undo function. I’ve suggested a lock function for fixtures on the steam forums which Rob said they are doing something similar in a future update.


God damn it, I knew I should have put something about “Shiny and Chrome” or Valhalla onto it.

It was a Mad Max car.


Now i want to kill myself… my weakest car got best scoring from all my cars i send… My light sport '70 got 6+1 but my trash remake of NFS car got 7 and had chance to get even 8… I don’t understand how anything works ;_:

Anyway killrob, there is that project album reference i used to make it, believe me, that car is trashy remake:


Well, think about it. NFSU is 15 years old this year. It’s like, peak of nostalgia and rose-tinted glasses.

It’s the reason GTA Vice City’s setting took place 16 years before the game’s real-life release.


How would one access the designer in the new beta version? When I look at my library, I have a few ways to load automation but I can’t figure out which has a car building options.


You need to opt into the openbeta branch (right click game in library, properties, betas, select openbeta, let it update) and then start the UE4 version as you would normally.


As you guys have noticed already, the two crazier category videos have been released for the preliminaries.

We round things off with the highlight that will be Mr. Regular’s Top Car Ad category tomorrow, which is tons of fun. :smiley:
The crazy creative category definitely came with some astounding designs! Check it out :slight_smile:


Honestly I would have expected you to judge the Crazy category after what…

Three, four packs of beers?


I think that would have skewed the scale to the upside xD