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Official Car Design Competition (UE4 Open Beta)


That is too hard to do unfortunately, because you tell me what up, down, left, right, means on a 3D surface looked at from an arbitrary angle and distance, regarding a fixture of arbitrary rotation and scaling. :frowning:


Ya! What fixture is it that they used because I want to try that?


lots of bumper bars and LOTS of time and care


You could have the movement slave off whatever is used to determine the resizing of parts. Up and down arrows could correspond to the up/down resize sliders, and same with left and right.


I have a mouse where I can scale DPI, so for really fine stuff I scroll way in and use my ‘slow’ mouse setting. It does help.

Even so, there are always places that your fixtures ‘jump’ or ‘slide’ around because of corners and seams.


Due to the very long time it takes to edit these finals videos (5h per video), the schedule for their release is a lot more spaced out. Next up is the Category B Finals on Thursday 18:00 CET. 7 cars going head to head! :slight_smile: Make sure to have beers ready.


As tempting at that may be, I probably should refrain from having some beers while @ work.


As the saying goes, “With beer there’s no fear, but with liquor it’s quicker.”

I suppose that applies to getting fired from your job, too!


The finals of the 50s Family (Euro-Style) category - seven finalists, who can eek out the win? Which car is your favorite? Find out what the judges decide:


No wonder I hat so much trouble getting my wagon out of the family sport demographic…all that downforce!


On the plus side it corners harder at 100mph than it does at 30 :joy:


Biggest surprise for me has been 2 of the judges!

Don’t know why but I thought @strop was older (than he sounds) and that @NormanVauxhall was English.

I had no preconceptions about @pyrlix.



That’s no mistake. I am older than I sound. And I’m even older than I look :joy: I still get asked for my student concession card.

I graduated nearly a decade ago, and that was from a 6 year degree


My English is terrible enough to vanish any possibility of being English


It was the Vauxhall part of your name that made me think it (wrongly!). :frowning_face:

As for your English, I work in education and believe me most of out students might as well be non-English when you see their writing or even hear them speaking! :rofl:


I am german! HALP


All three of you speak better English than my neighbor - and I live in the middle of America!

(He was born right here in Kansas. So were his parents.)


And the Category C Finals are out! :slight_smile: Very competitive field, great finalists. Who’s taking the win!?



So I don’t know how I didn’t notice this about @Grimbrand’s car in the preliminaries but I noticed this something in the finals. And this comment at 8:14…

"The rear is very Shelby Cobra and the front is very Dodge Charger

I had a minor *triggered* moment there :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:. I just… mmmm…

I can’t fault you guys because it wasn’t even close to as hugely successful as its Ford twin and wasn’t a hugely popular car in general so I don’t expect even car enthusiasts to know about it buuuuuuuuuuuuuut.

It was a clear homage to a 1967 Mercury Cougar.


If I hadn’t been such a noob when the competition started, I could’ve found a way to fix my suspension too, instead of being unable to get rid of the leaf springs up front. DOH!

What can I say? I was pressed for time.

Just for the record - this wasn’t intended to be a Cougar “clone” but I definitely took some styling cues. It is, after all, the car I own.