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Official Car Design Competition (UE4 Open Beta)


I would agree as far as the full size, but mid and compact not so much


Helping you all to bring it back to topic :wink: here is the Category D Finals video.



Yeah, didn’t think I was gonna get that one (Bleachdrinker), but it’s cool it got that far anyway. deadpanchutoy is on fire!


Welp, thats how going into Japan '70 ends like, worst car in finals, but i got into finals, “It is something”.
Listen here folks, avoid going too much japan, you gonna end like me.
Still i feel bad hearing “Too much chrome” when japanese cars from '70 literally were in chrome front and back and being little empty on sides (I tried to not go full chrome and make use of plastic to break it a little but it failed it seems), looking like little muscle car, additionally not being too heavy like murika cars (Mazda RX-4 weights 1060 kg, my car weight 968kg with I6 engine * flips the table *).
“Front tires being wider than rear” Yeah, that happens when you are japanese FWD longitudinal and need to please markets with staying driveable. Thanks for ignoring that :frowning:
One thing is now a past and only one trash is left to be my last chance to score more than last position in finals, yeah, pure nostalgia glasses and nothing more. Now i dishonored great nippon power, i need commit seppuku. :frowning:

  1. no 1979 japanese car has that much chrome, certainly no car that was introduced in 1979.

  2. yes, japanese cars had simple side profiles, but they certainly had more than a door handle and a body colored waistline. even the '77 skyline had side badging.

  3. you made a L-fwd car, which is not only a bonheaded move for a light sports car, but not era correct for a japanese coupe, seeing as the only J-car that had that was the 1st gen Toyota Tercel. an economy car.

  4. Lastly, you NEVER offset tyre widths with the front larger than the rear. that’s not realistic by any standard.

you can’t take out your anger out on the judges when you made a fundamentally flawed car. the judging was absolutely fair given the relative mess they were handed.


1: I didn’t use game year as reference, but to see all tech available in '70, i guess there were other people did same thing. Body is '75 and pics i used were '73 confirming my use of game years more as “Unlock tech”
2: I heavily used Luce Rotary RX-4 images as reference for front and body i used made it harder to fit anything, thats what happens when i got grumpy about those better drag stats.
3: I pick that because it exist in game, allowed me to put long I6 into it gaining some HP, game didn’t vomited on me that is not proper engineering thing to put it into car. I didn’t do technical research, didn’t even expect that Longtidual is a trap card. Somebody can give me boot kick into some sources why this is bad?
4: Welp, game showed me it helps to tame it, then i didn’t care, game stats are game stats.

Like i wrote earlier, I was in finals, thats still enough for me. Yes i can’t handle judging when i invest way more time into something and see that my shittier, less time taking and more “just slam random things” gains better interest than just it. It just hurts into guts. Sorry for being jumpy about and wish for sources why Longti-something is bad thing.


What a bad loser, cmon! You only participate to win??


It was a cool car despite some fundamentally flawed choices.

This game does allow for some impractical ideas. Possible yes, but that does not make a bad idea the ‘right’ idea engineering wise.

Like a 60 degree V8 for example. Vibration city. Can you do it? Sure. Should you do it? Probably not.

As to why a front-wheel-drive I6 is a bad idea, you need to look at where the gearbox goes, how it’s normally set up. An inline 6 is long, and somewhat heavy for its displacement. With it being run longitudinally, the ‘tail end’ of the engine winds up tucked under the firewall of the car in most applications. The transmission is placed in the centerline of the car, which does not hurt weight distribution at all - for a REAR wheel drive car…

Choosing instead to make the car front wheel drive means that all of the car’s big heavy mechanical parts have to be in the nose, held up by the front tires. That means that first of all it’s going to be incredibly cramped and complicated mechanically, but also that the front tires have to do double-duty - both steering and providing forward motion to the car. This makes for some handling issues like torque-steer, which is a big problem for any true performance FWD car, and the reason most sports cars are RWD in the first place.

Longitudinal means ‘lengthwise’. Transverse means ‘sideways’. Because it’s so cramped in the nose of a car with the engine being up front, typically FWD engines are turned sideways so that complicated gearing is not needed to turn the engine’s power output 90 degrees. There have been SOME longitudinal FWD cars, but percentage-wise to all the transverse ones, they are somewhat rare.

Your choice of ‘extra wide’ tires in the nose to compensate for these engineering issues was what most aftermarket tuners do to try and help the situation, but it’s a choice I’ve never seen any manufacturer make. They typically limit power in FWD vehicles to minimize handling problems.

Hope that helps!


so you admit you have little technical knowledge (on both the game and actual automotive fronts), and then still get salty? please.

note how you said “don’t go too Japanese” when you kicked off the first time. the car that won out was practically a perfect embodiment of a late 70’s Japanese roadster.

using the game years and an unlock tech button is about as stupid as it gets. 1979 means 1979, not “well, it’s meant to be a 1973, but the stuff i like isn’t available yet, so i set it to 1979, but it’s really 1973”

after the game said you’ve solved the big issue with the car’s handling by bumping up the front widths, you didn’t care. you didn’t care to go “how can i improve this further?” you went “well, warnings gone away, fucking nailed it.” in essence.

it’s going to sound super harsh, but everything you’ve said tells me you got gifted into the finals, because it seems to me that you put the barest amount of effort into everything. in a competition that is 90% technical design, you didn’t put any effort into the technical aspects or realism. at all. you barely understood how even the most basic aspects of both the game mechanics and realistic auto design work.

take @Grimbrand’s advice to heart here and learn.


For the record, we all have to start somewhere.

He was sharp enough to fix his problems using game mechanics, even if he didn’t understand everything about the ‘whys’ of it. So credit where it’s due. =)

Glad to see so many people playing this game and learning!!!


oh yeah, i’m not saying he should quit at all. the opposite, in fact. this is a very good opportunity to learn and study. lord know my first CSR entry was about as bad as it could get.


I’m always salty, i’m generally a walking salt factory, sometimes i just flip over and spill all the salt around me. I’m sorry for that, i got it, i did s_ttiest choice to write that and didn’t bite my tounge. I don’t gonna just delete everything and swep it under the carpet. I got it, i mess up the way that now i’m worst person alive. I just went nuclear seeing my first serious car that i spend too much time on it being just mopped around. It doesn’t look like best thing, hell, little it looks good, but it is mine…
About year, well it is stupid but does what i wanted, all body and all engine tech to '79.
Just went into it like i do in Gran turismo 1 and 2, stats are ok = it works. Many cars in old GT can be fixed with most ludicrous ways. I applied same technique.
It isn’t super harsh, i did f_ck up heavily and i earned the beatings. Sometimes i need to burn myself alive to understand something better. I’m sorry you had to see that and made you upset. I can’t bite my tounge in time before i do something very dump and stupid. I being typical Polack that is biggest imbecile walking on Earth.

I participated to get as many finals as i send cars, i don’t gonna hide it. It is very bad, but sometimes when you sit on ass and do stuff for yourself you get the feel maybe it is gonna be that time to shine, well i’m bad at shining, more like a turd so it ended like this.

Big thanks to you. You helped me a lot. I think there is nothing i could do that could thank you. (i’m poor, lazy c_nt that likes to be masochistic idiot)
Now i see what i did with my car. Now i know what i need to avoid. Sometimes i just need kick into balls to remember what is good and what is wrong.


Well, Martin, when you get done sweeping up all the salt (and the hurt in your balls fades a bit) I just want to say that I LIKED your designs. =) Well done sir.


See people complaing about wider tyres on front than rear

Looks at own car

Well then, guess I’m screwed!


Actually there is a precedent for this. The 2005-2008 Pontiac Grand Prix GXP has wider 255/45WR-18s in the front, with narrower 225/50WR-18s in the rear. This can be done on any front-drive car to correct a tendency to understeer, making the handling more neutral (or “sporty”).

Not necessarily. :stuck_out_tongue: True story, when I bought my Honda, despite being front-wheel drive, the previous owner installed wider rear tires than on the front. For aesthetic purposes I suppose. :thinking: …but still, it would only make understeer worse in heavy cornering.


But offset tires as a whole are an issue on cars that are geared more toward regular people as that raises the costs of replacing the tires as well as limiting tire rotations, potentially leading to needing those tires more often.
Wider front tire are more a band-aid solution to the inherent issue of too much power to the front wheels than engineering a sportscar with an efficient drivetrain for that use.


I mean I wouldn’t say 160hp is too much power to the front wheels, but maybe in a sub 1000KG car it may be worse? I don’t know. Anyway, it worked and got me 185 competitiveness in the Fun demographic, so hopefully I won’t get absolutely slaughtered in the finals


This will always be a sore point for guys with fun FWD cars.

You can make a FWD car fast. You can make them fun.

But you also will never see them on a dragstrip lining up with RWD vehicles that have similar power-to-weight ratios, because they lose every time. Simple weight transfer physics.

Not even the mighty V-tec or R-Type stickers can magic away this fact. =)


Why no new video yet?


Hypetrain! :stuck_out_tongue:

(joke, I have no idea… time I guess?)