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Performance Tuner King of Drift 2016 [Entries closed] Comment section open


I didn’t pay attention to @squidhead advice to improve my track performance but went the opposite way :grinning: :smiling_imp:
No seriously, I couldn’t extract any more time from my car on the track so I tried to ‘‘improve’’ wheel spin and drivability. I even lost some time, braking distance and Gs. I basically went full driftokaze (pun intended) for judges 2 & 3, hoping I outdrift my opponents with my 501 NA SOHC ponies, while I never really understood that #1 Judge…

edit: that pun wasn’t really relevant for my car


It might have paid off… or it might have not… we won’t know till the results are in… well I do know, since the results are ready, but I’m not revealing them just yet.


Well, I’m not last, so I’m doing better than last time.


Arrrrgh I am actually quite upset that due to rushing to fix a last minute revision I forgot the aero at 0 rule. My car will be virtually undriveable due to massive amounts of high speed oversteer now!!!

then again maybe this reflects the vicissitudes of real competition, heh


Round 1 is complete, congrats to everybody who made it.


Well, I’ll gladly take mid-pack with the lowest amount of horsepower being thrown around.


#There will be an opportunity to dial in your setups after the upcoming USA rounds are done.


Guess I’ll just turn up for the minimum points :joy: driving with a messed up setup means I don’t even have any useful info on how to tweak though…



Just take your set, remove all the downforce, and re-tweak the sucker to get more drivability while keeping the under/over in check, and don’t lose much wheelspin in the process. That’s all there is to it.


I now think I may have overcooked it on the boost…I’m not sure anything can be done to save it now :sweat_smile:


Yes there is a… drivability issue…


i’m not entirely sure i can do much more without resulting in certain death.


I guess we’ll have to call this in as a pure development season for the team.


It took all I had to retune to what it is now. I don’t think there’s much more I can get out of it unless I choose to give up all wheel spin in favor of drivability, and that won’t help my scores any.


Woohoooo :grin: I did not expect that! After not being the best in the pre season and not changing a thing for main event (ran out of time and ideas) this struck me hard. Superpumped! (had some luck tho…)


Well, it seems my car got some boost, but not enough to compete with the biggest gun yet… I’ll see if i can boost it up more in between the rounds. But still… I managed 4 at least and without hurting the car too much :slight_smile: yey


Quite frankly… neither did I, and team KHT has already got their drinking hats on, but then the “crushing disappointment of RNG” happened.


Yay, I didn’t expect that decent result with damaged suspension :smiley: I guess my mechanics are good if they managed to repair that complex multilink thingy quick enough for the next run :wink:


All they needed was to borrow some duct tape from every other team in the field.


Then that was some damn good duct tape :joy: