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Performance Tuner King of Drift 2016 [Entries closed] Comment section open


Oh come on a zero? My drivability is better than that, bunch of crap! Next race plese… :head_bandage:


Yeah, like I said, I was thinking a re-roll, but some people who qualified better (at 1.1 modifier) might have a problem with that, and then somebody else would get a 0, and we’d re-roll and re-roll till everybody makes it, and what was the point of damage in the first place then. Sorry mate.


just lemme know when I can retune the car :joy: Otherwise reading how I’m gonna have to rebuild it at each venue is gonna get old.


I would say “I can’t lose this one” but knowing my luck, I’ll somehow manage to stuff the car in the gravel traps and bury it up to the air intake on my solo run.


#The results for Road Atlanta are in. The championship standings are in the results thread 1st post. The changes to your setup will be available after Round 3 - Irwindale.
See you in a week at the American house of drift, home of the dreaded 100 mph wall running


Well, managed not to bin the car on that one, somehow.

And I’ll take losing that one to Team Stellar Drift. Our car has the least power, but it was built for control. I’m uncertain about changing a proven setup, so I’ll probably keep it.

(That, and I’m tired of staring at the Knight every time I do a competition. Seriously, how is it this silly little compact sedan ends up in so many challenges?)


Because you deliberately built it with performance tuning in mind? :smiley:
Look, when KHT is interested in your car, it means it’s either crap and must be improved upon, or it’s got potential. Yours had potential.

Also at this state, I do not think anybody except Team SRD got what it takes to go head to head with Team Stellar drift.


Ah, good point. 2.6 liter engine, quite happy to be turbocharged, and capable of being stripped down to be rather light. Well, light for an AWD car.


i have a sneaking suspicion than my car is too soft and too grippy.


I’m surprised to see that the Flare still holds it’s own :slight_smile: But i think i may have made it a tad underpowered and tame…


There’s a fine line between sportiness and drivability you should all be aspiring to. The understeer drop off should be instant in the graph, and the line itself should follow the “sporty” side of the graph for as long as possible.


RNG can be rude sometimes, especially if you drop out in Qually.

It seems my gamble has paid off and the duel between me and Howler is very close. He has a better all around vehicle and probably dominates me in terms of speed, but it seems I have a slight edge on Judge #2. And we’re running close on Judge #3, so there are is high chance of OMTs (I don’t know how the RNG was influencing).

squidhead can you give us a quick guide how championship points are scored?
Found it.


i have a rejigged car i’ll send for round 3


You mean round 4 :wink: Round 3 happens on same cars as first two


whoops, misread, but yes i’m bringing an update


I’ve done as much as I can, but tonight was FD, a drift team from Estonia came to visit to the garage, so we watched it and then ran drift trains till 4 A.M. Right now im pretty much dead, so I need some sleep, I will post the semi finals and finals tomorrow, along with instructions on how to dial in your setup


I’m honestly surprised that despite the low power, the Knight’s actually holding its own on the track. Was not expecting Top 4 in this one, especially given that the Knight’s only advantage seems to be that it’s apparently a bit tame.


I did think my car was pretty good on drivability.

Until now when it has eaten shit in two competitions out of three.


Holy crap a drift team from Estonia? Neat!


or both.

eh, will just wait on that retune.


Wow, Im in the semi finals somehow. :grinning: