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Performance Tuner King of Drift 2016 [Entries closed] Comment section open


i thought i was low running on under 25, what’s yours like?


Sometimes all it takes is a good run of RNG… or a bad one for the competition. :wink: Congrats on Irwindale

The best in the grid, actually. You do know that you can’t avoid the crashes completely in my challenges. Well you can, but it will cost you competitiveness.

Yeah, those guys from Sibula team are crazy and cool. I’m still sore from all the wheel work. Need to do my allignment really soon.

It’s time to do just that

Pretty good results from you

You really don’t want to know :smiley: We have daily drivers in the forums that are less controllable than his drift beast :smiley:

#In any case, the third round has ended, meaning we’re going on a bit of a break and it’s time to retune your cars. More info will be posted on that in the event thread. Stay tuned.


I guess I’ll make sacrifices to the RNG gods to let the car show its true nature.


I wasn’t expecting that! But, I did kinda learn from the trials that the Knight didn’t respond so well to lots of power, and that a refined approach would be needed.


Please don’t :wink: Your scores are enough already :smiley:

And spinning was not what i intended… hrm… Ah, well, i guess i have to work on driveability and show… and lower the speed a tad.

And great work, @squidhead, i really like your style of comments


A bit of info. I have been summoned to work a week early, so I don’t have a stable internet connection or a computer than runs automation properly. I’d say you have untill the end of the month to send in your revisions.
That would be all, sorry for the upcoming delay.


Oh, so this is what you were talking about when you said:


Yep. As of now we still don’t have the full 16 car grid to run the elimination properly


A full sixteen would make things much better to score. Put it in!

(I personally am not counting the first two rounds anyway… Not after I forgot the aero rules in my haste and submitted an undriveable car).


I just realised I also didn’t remember about the aero…not that it helped since he drivability was still at 0 anyway :sweat_smile:


Don’t forget to tune your cars. (I almost did)


Last chance to get your re-visions in before we lock down for the next 4 rounds.
You now have 20 hours to finish with the revisions or you will be left in the same car for the next 4 rounds.

And the atmosphere in European drift is a bit more…

Ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to Riga.


I tried tuning for hours (seriously) but had no way of telling if it was better or worse. So I’ll just have to stick with what I submitted. Can someone wake me when this season is over?
Going on the assumption there may be another opportunity to tune, would someone please point out which values are the worst in this pic?
(Left is original, right is attempted tune)


Well the right ones are the ones that will make sure you’re never seeing a top 8


@stm316 You want high driveability, high wheelspin, high sportcornering, high lateral G’s, short braking distance and low over/understeer. And some speed, not too high, tho


Mate, I’d be happy with a top:
n-1, where n is the number of entrants and x is the width of a river, provided the chocolate remains at constant temperature.


Well the qualifying runs are up. See if you’re where you wanted to be. I know some of you aren’t. Also note that if you had all those changes done and your result is either same or worse than usual, it might be because the top runners have upped their game, meaning you’re judged against a much higher number than you were before. OR it’s that your setup just did not work. Who knows :wink:
Oh… wait… I do. But I aint telling :smiley:


Lets see how many contenders ripped me off :grin:
I finished just one (1) round without a crash… :unamused:


Says the guy at the top of the Championship leaderboard.

In any case, main event tomorrow. (Like usual). And the next one hopefully this weekend.


At first I thought I had you without having to resort to minmaxing, but the judge test drives proved otherwise. Therefore I’ve now done what you’ve done. Time will tell who’s done it better. :slight_smile: