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Performance Tuner King of Drift 2016 [Entries closed] Comment section open


Says the guy who scored a win in Atlanta :stuck_out_tongue:


just need to remeber to do my changes in the PROPER manner after round 8


Happy? :frowning:


Seems like I need to work on the aggression… Or start making sacrifices to the Random Number Gods to get some better luck…


I’ll be paying close attention to the judge’s remarks at the end of round 8, since it’s quite clear my balance is way off. It’s not much fun being a perennial backmarker. Am I still running too much power and too wide tyres and the wrong compound?


Ok, so straightening the chassis, fixing the door, and back at it again… I thought the speed of the Flare would get me some points here, but Matti’s smoking snail got to me :smiley: Nice battles, all.


Ye. The Last Man Standing Drift Championship is staying tight :smiling_imp:

The thing that worries me is that your mäsimastein kept up with my car in it’s best shape.


Well, we’re on a break now. I will post later the changes you’re allowed to do to your cars and how to send them in. And we’ll be back for the season finale


How how how??? I do believe I have one of the most drivable cars and still I’m crashing all the time. Last in standings and but 4th best scores in qually… this is shit and I’m salty :unamused:


Actually you’re 8th in terms of drivability.


Oh :disappointed_relieved:


That was me too after I thought my retune would have me running better. It did, but I’m still getting pwnt :joy: speaking of which:

GO HARD OR… still going home.

So do we retune again? I’ll wait for judges feedback if there is any, otherwise I get the feeling I know what needs doing.


That’s because everybody did a retune. Hell, Howler should be untouchable, if he figured out that he should introduce daily bloody sacrifice to the RNG Gods every friday. :smiley:

Also yes, we all get to do a retune, and I just hope that kee engine won’t be discarded for at least another month, so I could finish this competition. Final switch to unreal would put this thing competition.


Team Stellar Drift will be sure to add “Goat (live)” to their weekly shopping lists :smiley:


Guys, don’t forget to tune your cars for the last 4 rounds :slight_smile: Deadline 1st of August


Well, I hope you guys had a good intermission, because King of Drift 2016 is back for the final 4 races. Who will win? Hell if I know, but some of the guys got their head back in the game. The qualification runs are due saturday, with the tandems on Sunday.

Here’s something for you all to get back into drifting mood


The qualifying is up. Let’s have a good one tomorrow, and good luck.


This is an improvement. Maybe I might be able to properly podium or even, fingers crossed, win a round :smiley:


I’m comfortable being middle-of-the-pack with a car still running the setup I originally built it with.


I already got the rules for the 2017 in the works, cause this isn’t working the way I want it to. @Howlerautomotive figured it out first, brought it to my attention. Also the rules will be… much much much less strict. After spending a bit of time around HGK built cars and confirming with Forsberg (yes, really) that a regular chassis is still competetive. We’re going near to fully unlimited build class for next year

The grid in Yas Marina made sure you’ll have to run it by Team KHT first :wink: