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Request a (real world) track here


Any drag course? (with a single straight line) thx



Thanks, i’ve already downloaded both tracks.

Check my car sharing topic !


This is not the place to advertise unrelated topics. Thanks.


Can anyone do these


here it is




It’s outdated though. coding is off.


Can someone please make the official Dragus Motor Group test circuit? I am not good at coding myself, but here’s a map:

If possible please make some generic scenery around it.
The track is “located” in the Swiss canton of Schwyz.
This track isn’t real, but just a virtual design made by me :slight_smile:


You’d need to supply lengths, heights, camber and stuff, unless you just want a dead-flat track.

Green Hell isn’t outdated, it’s close enough (but I got a bit picky and tweaked it on my computer… willing to share).


Thank you for making my track! Also please send me your version of the nbr!


Can I get a copy of your tweaked nordschleife too?


Out of curiosity, does anybody actually use these tracks anymore?


I have done a couple of times




I use a updated version of the Nürburgring and my own company track.


I was just wondering because I’m curious if they all still function as intended or if any of them need to be updated, since most of these in this thread were made by me.

I do have an updated Sebring with a flying lap.


Hi can you make The Grand Tour test track pls :slight_smile:


Do you have a good map for it? I assume you mean the television show?

EDIT: And, I found it already created here: The Eboladrome


I’m surprised nobody has suggested The Bend Motorsports Park in South Australia yet - here is the International Circuit configuration used by the Supercars Championship:

And here is the longer GT Circuit:

Finally, here are the East and West Circuits (shown below as two separate layouts which can be run simultaneously, each of which will need its own set of files):

Given that the International layout has replaced Sandown as the venue of the 500-kilometer endurance race in the Pirtek Enduro Cup from this season onward, it would be a fitting addition to the growing list of custom tracks.

Some "simple" tracks