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Steam Open Beta B160308+ Bugs & Feedback


70sMaffcWedgeLrg isn’t a mod body, but I just checked the .lua files. The drag and lift values are identical between the two- and four-door variants, while the five-door has slightly lower drag and lower front lift but higher rear lift. There should not be any difference between the two- and four-door variants other than the additional weight of the extra doors.


70MaffcWedgeLrg body firstly was a mod, and it was added to game content with one of updates. Now it is part of the game. If I repair it myself next game update will reset it.

Rev limiter is not for showing where to change gear. Look at the city and eco cars. They has peak power about 2 000 and 3 000 rpm, and rev limiter about 5 000. It is obvious not to pull till the red line. Maybe solution is “optimal acceleration slider” to set best gearing point?

height=“500”>Compare od 4 door and 2 door drag:
<img src="/uploads/default/original/3X/f/7/f7858ab711a6c1f863d69d9afac84346072ab8a7.png" width=“370”


I don’t know why the values appear so different, because the values in the .lua files are identical. I tried the body out myself, and the drag seems normal when originally setting the transmission (at 245 with a 4.0L V8), then going back, top speed is only 175, while the sedan doesn’t have that issue. Quite strange since the coding in the .lua is fine.


I’m at work so I’ll check the files when I get home, however @thecarlover has already checked and his findings look like that are as intended.
2 & 4 door versions should be the same and the hatch should be slightly slippier and lighter at the back.
Although there is a possibility of a flaw with body boxes in the kjc file. Model format changed since they were created and signed over.


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[…] 70MaffcWedgeLrg body - 2 door variant. There are crazy amounts of drag. Cause of this 450hp car
cannot drive more than 190km/h. But When I change body to 4door or 5 door everything is ok.[/quote]

I just checked, and I think the 2 door variant has a missing 0 for the rear coefficient of lift, as it has around 10 times the rear lift compared to most other cars in the game (including the 4 door).

Edit: I knew I remembered seeing something a bug like that somewhere.

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Please add max wheel width indicator on every point when You can deform car body. Itis
only on second tab and making more variants need multiple jumping between wheels
and body.[/quote]

Sadly it cannot be added to the very first tab since the game needs you to select the chassis components before it can calculate the maximum tire width, but it could be interesting to see it added to the 4th tab of the model designer.

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Can You make it that transmission will shift not in engine cut-off point, but in point that will give optimal acceleration?[/quote]

I personally don’t really see the point and sorry but I don’t really understand your argument for it.

If you are revving way past your peak horsepower (to the point where it doesn’t help your performance index anymore), you are reducing your reliability for pretty much no reason, even if it still gives you usable horsepower there is no reason to drive in that rev range, since, as you said, it is non optimal for maximum acceleration, and it will give you horrible economy (and noise) while cruising.


You’re right about the lift value, I somehow missed that when looknig over the file. That sounds like the cause of it.


What tells you that we didn’t consider your feedback, Jastrzab1984?

We looked into but could not replicate the WedgeLrg body bug you had, because we looked at the numbers for its drag and that was perfectly fine, so we ignored it. We’ll fix the lift value with the next update. It is so low priority though that it is not worth pushing out a patch for just that.

Your point about scrolling we ignore because the way it is now makes sense for fine tuning your setting without having to use the up and down buttons. I use it that way all the time, dragging is so much less precise than the scrolling via the mousewheel.

The fixtures back key is working as intended too, it is not the norm to have 7 pages of fixtures.

The wheel size issue has been addressed numerous times before: can’t be done because of technical and logical reasons.

The gearing issue you talk about is only a bug in the gearing graph, not in the actual on-track shifting, where it works perfectly (whenever the next gear has more power at the wheels, it shifts up). So it is a very low priority issue we are aware of already. I just tried it out and works perfectly fine, even though the redline is at 10k with decent power, it shifted at 8500 RPM because that is where the next gear does better.


Build a new car famliy. and while assigning Engine factory assistant, I decided I don’t need one after I have hit into the selecting panel, so I click the upper right “X”, the game goes back to main menu(BTW how could I quit this panel without assining one).
After this unexpect quit, I got this error when I attempt to load thie car, and can’t load it:

Lua Error:

tolua++ dbcall failed!: [string “–SANDBOX_DATA\CCarCalculator_Costs.lua…”]:449: attempt to index field ‘ProductionInfo’ (a nil value)

You can CTRL+C on this to report it.



That is something cause by a bug during the open beta phase that was fixed. Go to your Documents\My Games\Automation\Engineering folder and clear it out, as well as the Production and Factories folder, the issue doesn’t come back after that as the reason for it occurring was eliminated.


Problem solved, thanks


So I was working on an american compact sedan…

… when suddenly:
There really isn’t anything even vaguely high-tech about the car apart from the (mandatory) catalytic converter, so how come it costs $47k? My guess is that the game assumes the entire thing is hand built in a shed because I haven’t fiddled with the engineering and factories yet.


Have you fiddled with the quality sliders?


Nope. Here’s the engine:

Incidentally a made a few more variants with more powerful engines and surprise they have normal price estimates. EXCEPT FOR THE BASE MODEL, that still costs $47k. I know economies of scale etc but this is unusual.


Have you tried cloning the base model to see if the clone also has the issue?


No the clones don’t, just the base model.


Just upload the car and we’ll take a look. Use the export function to do so.


LaVache Skywarp '85.zip (211.3 KB)
Well, it seems that it was just a glitch that was fixed by adding variants of the model.


Thanks for uploading :slight_smile:
Can’t open the car unfortunately as it doesn’t use vanilla-only fixtures.
Does anyone else have the same issue with cars build from scratch in this current update?


Not sure how widespread this might be, but when creating a trim on a new car, the trim year defaults to 2016 regardless of the car’s year. I could be making a car in 1988, and the trim will be at 2016 until I reach the trim tabs and manually change it.


So you make a new model in say 1980, advance through the selections and it makes the first trim 2016?
Edit: no that it does not, so how do you recreate this issue?