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The Car Shopping Round 131 - Wanderlust and Quarantine's Angst


You find a classified ad in a local newspaper. It looks like a promising find so you decide to cut it out and call the owner. Strange that a German newspaper would have a car located in Belgium, but hey, what can you do? at least it’s cheap.

You do some research online and find the specs.

-1.8L i4 engine producing 89hp and 150nm of torque.
-It has a turbocharger and electronic fuel injection, not bad!
-It has a 5 speed manual gearbox and respectable fuel consumption at 8.2L/100km
-Sadly this isn’t the 4wd model with the locking diffs, but at that price I’m sure we’ll manage.
-Some decent interior specs, not really Mercedes quality but not a 2cv either!
-Safety doesn’t seem very advanced, but it is a 30 year old car after all.

More pics

Many years later you find the old advert cutout. The car is long gone but the memories feel like yesterday. You think back to the good old days. You go see the old boys again after a long time. Life is good.
Ok enough with the sentimentalities! Let’s actually see some pictures of the car!

A demonstration of the LED bar the previous owner installed.


1 9 8 9


The Pacific, one of the most advanced vehicles ever, stands worlds apart from its competition with sleek styling, revolutionary and features found in no other competitor.

An abundance of safety features are designed into every Pacific to help keep you and your family safe, secure and in control. Luxurious cloth seats are standard for you and your co-pilot, bringing every Pacific on-par with today’s luxury vehicles.

Sisten, Today’s Excitement.

©1989 Sisten Motor Company. All rights reserved.


Bigger pictures


1989 Morton Maire

photos to be murdered by






Uppsjö… :joy:


2 Day deadline, yet i have no idea on design


AlbulaMotors Emotovo l´esercito
1450.- no guarantee
Freshly serviced
8 wheels, summer new and winter 50%
2,5l 20 Valve 5 Zylinder Engine
5 speed Manual
Leather Interior

This Car was originally a military service Variant and got sold to a young Family who rebuild it to a 7 seater as it is today and used it for their family duties. Ones their second Son got 18 he used it to travel around europe and is now selling it to get a newer car.


Hello everyone!

As my debut to Automation Challenges, I’m submitting a used 1992 Hudson Matterhorn. Equipped with the base-model 2.9L Inline-4 petrol engine mated to a 5-speed manual transmission, it’s nothing special, but it runs and drives and has already been all around Europe. Unlike the more prestigious 3.5L V8 variant, it’s also less prone to catching fire while sitting in traffic.

Price When New: €15,900
Age: 29 years
Mileage: 341,690km
Calculated Used Price: €1,024.82
Economy: 14.9 L/100KM
Total Cost: €1,872.96

Best of luck to everyone, and Happy Holidays!


Legion Wimbrel 1.8 GX Estate



1990 Legion Wimbrel 1.8 GX Estate

Only 2 previous owners! Purchased new by a little old lady who only drove it to church, the store, and to visit the grandchildren... then purchased by a man who needed a cheap family car, and commuted to hell and back in it. 317,212km on the clock. 5 speed manual. Black cloth interior with faux wood and brown vinyl accents. Original polished alloys and center caps still on the car! Reliable and well taken care of!


Model Info

In the decade following the closure of Legion’s UK branch in 1975, Legion’s European model line consisted increasingly of rebadged Japanese Homura products, so to differentiate Legion models from the Homuras, and to re-establish some brand identity, Legion adopted a new design language, with conservative, American-inspired styling cues. The Legion Wimbrel is an example of this movement; a late 80s re-style of the Homura Celtia/Legion Gull, previously only distinguished from each other by badging. Mechanically, however, the Wimbrel is still a Homura, with their modest but reliable flat 4 engines powering the front wheels.


And now, for something completely different. In collaboration with @MagikarpDrowned - The Walt 319 WB. Provided with a barebones advert - Magikarp is busy, and my GPU is not going to allow me to make a high-quality advert.

Looking out the window, our intrepid heroes see a car being advertised in a rather different matter.

The owner has mounted a rather crude sticker and some templated lettering on the rear window, letting everyone know how much the car costs, and how to buy it. Certainly not the most impressive or efficient way to advertise, but the car looks old, cheap and spacious - perfect for their needs. A quick google search reveals that the car is perfectly fine - decently reliable, fuel economy below 10 L/100km, five seats and such. The car uses a “powerful enough” naturally aspirated, 4-cylinder 2.1L engine, mated with a 5-speed manual transmission. While it lacks any sort of roof rack, the wagon body provides ample internal storage. If the team runs the numbers, it will only cost them 1600 to buy fuel and service the car, leaving plenty of money spare.




The Rolland Strike was one of the many nameplates that were thrown at the wall as an attempt to compete with other compact sedans, wagons, and coupes of the nineties.

Unlike its predecessors, the nameplate lasted for more than one generation, and is still used today to describe the best America has to offer in terms of cheap, practical, and reliable transportation for anyone. Also unlike its predecessors, it was offered in Europe, and could be had in a spec such as this 1.6WX trim, with a 1.6L engine and a 5-speed manual transmission. The oodles of wagon space in the back is an added bonus.

Now you can pick them up for as little as $1,900.

Bonus Images


1988 Kurokama SC1.9A wagon


Packing a naturally aspirated 1.9L inline 4 coupled to a 5 speed manual powering the rear wheels, the 1.9A trim slots right above the base trim, with a few notable options added.

Pictures and specs


1988 Kurokama SC1.9A wagon

Front-engine, rear-wheel-drive, 5-passenger, 5-door wagon
SNB EFi RE4 19-i
Naturally aspirated DOHC 16-valve I4, cast-iron block and head, multi port electronic fuel injection, 90 AKI
1.9L, 116 cu in, 1900 cc
115 hp @ 6200 rpm
118.8 lb-ft @ 2800 rpm
5-speed manual
Suspension (F/R): MacPherson strut/double wishbone
Brakes (F/R): 9.8-in vented disc/9.6-in solid disc
Tires: 175/65R-14 93H (130 mph speed limiter)
Wheelbase: 103.937 in
Length: 180.315 in
Width: 69.685 in
Height: N/A
Passenger volume: 79.105 cu ft with rear seats up
Trunk volume: 30.688 cu ft with rear seats up
Curb weight: 2727.1 lb
Zero to 62 mph: 9.8 sec
50 to 75 mph: 7.20 sec
Standing ¼-mile: 17.10 sec
Standing 1 km: 31.20 sec
Braking, 62–0 mph: 137.14 ft
Roadholding, 66-ft-dia skidpad: 0.81 g
Roadholding, 656-ft-dia skidpad: 0.77 g
Combined: 32.3 US mpg


For Sale: 1999 GEC GW2 1.6 Estate

Rebuilt engine, like new, runs well in all conditions. Asking 1346.26 Euros or best offer.


Virtus Tura 4x4 Titan

More Images
(Spreadsheet calculations are bringing the total cost to $1939.33)


Can HRC-4 defy gravity and scale the side of a vertical cliff? Nah. But with its four-wheel-drive capability, anti-lock brakes, fully independent suspension, very little stands in its way.



1997 Hirasawa Condor Tour

Hello I am selling my 1997 Hirasawa Condom or something because I don’t need a car anymore. People tell me it’s rare because it’s a wagon I don’t know I just need a new car that doesn’t look like a brick why are people so interested in it anyways it’s the base model too why don’t you just buy an SUV or something.

I sold the wheels to cover for me losing my job during the pandemic but they were like the price of the car anyways so now it is on steel wheels. Radio broke in my ownership so I replaced it with some cheap one too I don’t listen to music that much I blame my son for it and he still hates me how do I be a good parent.

The car is reliable except for the radio fuck the radio it won’t go wrong otherwise. It has some advanced weird Japanese moving stuff that apparently closes the vents when it doesn’t need cooling and saves me gas and it is kinda true I guess it saves me some gas I don’t know I read it in the manual and it just got louder one time so that has been replaced early on. Inline 5 engine and 4 speed auto so it’s pretty okay watch out for rear wheel drive I nearly killed myself one day in the snow. If you’re still somewhat interested offering it for $1960 firm or something.

More pics


Really nice CR-V vibes


2000 Adenine Ambience

Adventure you can count on