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The Shromet Corporation


Shromet Automotive.

thanks to @titleguy1 for the logo.

Our Current Lineup:

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New%20Levine imageNew%20Levine Levine




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North American International Auto Show 2018
Jiangsu Silfox Automotive Co. (江蘇SILFOX )
North American International Auto Show 2019
2018 LA Auto Show
2017 Goodwood Festival of Speed

Good to see you back


I assume we can expect to see these vehicles in more detail soon enough? I look forward to it!


I expect modern Trabbies.




##This is the Shromet Dragon.
This is everything we’ve been working towards.

There is no compromise with a Shromet Dragon. It is the Ultimate GT car.
Just being in the presence of a dragon makes your heart race. With a design aggresive enough to take your breath away. Courtesy of Luceat Studios.

But of course, it’s much more than a striking design. Imagine yourself in the driver’s seat. You press the start button, and listen to the growl of the 5.5 Liter Twin Turbo Crossplane V8. Imagine yourself putting it in First Gear, and using the advanced launch control. Thrusting yourself from Zero to Sixty in 3.9 Seconds.

Full Performance Data

You know there’s more, you know you’ve just barely scraped the surface of a performance beast. There’s 650 Horsepower just sitting under your right foot, just begging to be unleashed. For the first time, propelling a Shromet Dragon to a top speed above 200 Miles Per Hour. But it’s even more than a blisteringly fast sports car.

Indulge yourself in the Mark Cross Leather seats. Take a moment for you and your passenger to set the dual zone climate control just right, and listen to your music coming from the Mark Levinson premium audio. Enjoy the fact that jaw dropping performance does not compromise sublime comfort.

Full Data.

###The ultimate GT car has arrived. Only one question remains. Do you think you can tame the dragon?

#####msrp: 49,880$, excluding incentives and current offers. Contact your local Shromet/Nickel dealership to find competitive offers on the 2018 Shromet Dragon.


That is a remarkably low price for such a car, and what a car it is! This body annoyingly tends to always make very samey looking cars but you’ve really pulled off the styling of the Dragon. It has finesse and delicacy yet is still quite purposeful and, most importantly for a GT car, understated.

Big V8 also sounds perfect for such a car, and those power figures are even better. I particularly like your employment of Mark Cross for interior design too.

Only quandary I have is that for a GT car, the drivability seems to be a little on the low side though that may just be me and my standards (would like to hear what other people think of this). Otherwsie, wow! :smiley:


Nah, I agree, drivability could definetly be better. Gotta love automation turbos :stuck_out_tongue:
I could claim that I was going for the “big and intimidating” factor, like with a Dodge Viper or Jaguar F-Type, but those are mostly excuses. It gets 550 pound feet of torque a little bit after 3000rpm, in an attempt to minimalize turbo lag. The upside is being very quick, the downside is low drivability. 295mm tires in the front aren’t doing me any favors either.


VVL really helps with taming the turbos :slight_smile: And some “turbo magic” which I once did, but now don’t remember - one of the ways harmed fuel efficiency a bit and created less impressive torque curve, but it improved drivability significantly (even without VVL).


I’m still not fully understanding the factors that make up the drivability rating vs sportiness rating, and what’s low, medium or high in relation to real world scenarios. Because I think the drivability number for the dragon is more than sufficient seeing that it’s quite sporty. But what does it really mean exactly? I genuinely would like to know what defines drivability and sportiness in the game.


Phale pointed this out: both drivability and sportiness are metrics composed from calculations involving many many stats, often not the same, so comparing two stats that are calculated in different ways makes no sense. You can have a car have 60 drive and 10 sportiness while also having a car with 60 drive and 20 sportiness. It comes down to your choices.

Well you don’t measure things like that in a similar way in reality right, so it’s again not very accurate to compare a game to reality. There’s of course a correlation as you will have realized: harsh torque curves make a car undrivable both IRL and in the game. If you want to know what makes up a stat, try looking into the tooltips for everything, experiment, watch tutorials, and definitely look into the detail stats page.


@DoctorNarfy Yeah, it’s a problem, still though, even with 650 hp, you’ve managed to minimalise the impact well.

@szafirowy01 I’d really like to learn about this if you were willing to spill some beans on it, I’ve done my best to understand VVL with Turbo setups but I still don’t think I’m fulling exploiting it.

@doncornaldie Drivability is the ease with which you can drive a car and not crash it. The Dragon’s drivability is certainly sufficient, it’s just that me personally would go for a higher score for a GT car. But, like I said, that’s my own personal standard and I’d like to hear what others think is right for such a car.

Sportiness is (I think, at least) literally how ‘sporty’ a car is; how fast it is, how sharp it is, whether it handles precisely or loosely, whether it rolls in the corners or not, how quickly it can accelerate etc. The higher the sportiness, the ‘more’ of a performance car the car is.


Thanks for that. I’ll look into it some more.

@DeusExMackia I thought as much but really just needed a little clarification. So thanks!


#This is Adirondack XL

##Ready to tackle the world.
Bring on your toughest jobs, your heaviest loads, your longest Journeys. The Shromet Adirondack XL will handle them all. It’s got the strength and the reliability you need, with over 400 Horsepower.

##Bold. Strong. Striking.
Like a mountain, the Shromet Adirondack commands the attention of all else around it. People stare in awe and admire this marvel of design. A Luceat Studios design.

##Full Specs.

####Msrp; 36,270. Contact your local Shromet Dealership for exclusive offers on the Shromet Adirondack XL.


The Adirondack is a great work truck - but is there any scope for development specialized variants (high-performance, off-road, etc.)? And since the body it uses is also available as an SUV, will you create a wagon variant as well? Also, I would like to see the design tab.


A high performance variant could definetly be a possibility, seeing as how it uses the same engine as the Dragon, where it makes 650 horsepower. Although an SUV version is highly unlikely. Even for SUV buyers, it’s a bit massive. It would need several tens of thousands worth of ammenities before it’d be worth it.


##2018 Shromet Adirondack Limited.

There is only one king of the mountain, and it’s the Shromet Adirondack Limited. With 580 Horsepower, no other truck even stands a chance.

##Dig Into the mud.

With Aggresive, 830/265mm Cooper Discoverer tires in the front and in the rear, you can plow the Shromet Adirondack Limited into any terrain, and charge through with confidence. Coupled to an advanced All Wheel Drive system, and no terrain will stand in your way.

##Nothing Even comes close.

It’s not just an all out offroad racer, it’s also a completely civilized luxury vehicle. Get in, sit back in the 8 way power seats, and take a listen to the 18 Speaker Audio system, let the 8 Speed automatic and the AWD system take care of the hard parts of driving.



##Don’t be left in the dust. Order the 2018 Shromet Adirondack Limited Today.

#####msrp: 51.975$, Excluding Offers/Incentives. Contact Your Local Shromet Dealer to find out Exclusive Offers on the 2018 Adirondack Limited.


#This is the 2017 Shromet Mystic.

##Style, Substance, Reliability.
An icon of the segment, combining sophisticated looks with incredible safety and comfort. Boasting 29.4MPG combined, and For the first time, Independent rear suspension. For sublime comfort and precise handling, there is no better option than Mystic.

##Equally functional as it is striking.

Thanks to an incredibly sophisticated design, Mystic features Over 1000L of cargo capacity, and a spacious, nearly 3500L interior, capable of comfortably seating 5.

##Driving mode selectivity as standard.

Now featuring adaptive suspension, the 2017 Mystic can transform from sports car precise body control to luxurious bump dampening at the push of a button, offering an entirely personal driving experience.

#For the Midsize, there is only one. Visit your Local Shromet Dealer to find exclusive offers on the 2017 Shromet Mystic!

###Full Stats


#####msrp: 29,260$, Excluding Offers/Incentives.


Calvinator would like to compete. We have the XC Series, but with all the Hate going on at the WHQ of CAC, we will build a new truck series to compete with you.


I gladly encourage the competiton. I have the regular Adirondack and the Adirondack Limited for you to examine. You can post your truck as well, if you’d like.