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The Very Important Challenge (OPEN BETA) (winner announced)


The Very Important Challenge

^ Reference images for what I’m generally looking for


This challenge is themed towards the VIP style of car modifications. There are a lot of different interpretations of it, but most of them are black or white import sedans with chrome trim, big chrome rims, a subtle body kit, and extremely low suspension.


  • THIS CHALLENGE IS FOR THE OPEN BETA BUILD ONLY. Please do not send anything that was made in stable until it and the open beta merge on Monday(?).
  • Anything you add to your entry with Photoshop/GIMP without changing anything too major will be considered as part of the entry. I’d recommend this since there’s no real proper VIP style rims in the game other than those flat Mercedes-style ones, and you could 'shop some Lowenharts on there relatively easily. I’m not expecting something on the level of TG1 or whatever, just don’t make it look like a joke.
  • Your entry should be a sedan, but it doesn’t have to be. SUVs, wagons, coupes, and even hatchbacks can work as VIP-style cars.
  • Your entry’s model/trim year does not matter.
  • Your entry’s ethnicity does not matter.
  • Your entry does not have to be from your lore or anything. You can use an existing car you’ve already made or an original design just for this challenge.
  • Your entry can use quality on any part up to +10, but make sure it is a choice that makes sense. Negative quality is generally a bad idea for a luxury cruiser, but I’m not stopping you.
  • Your entry should be somewhat easy to live with. Entries that bottom out, are unthinkably slow/fast, or are stupidly expensive and/or take an eon to engineer will be binned.
  • Your entry must be road-legal. Use the safety standards of Gasmea for your trim year and make sure your entry isn’t running on fuel over Premium octane, with any race parts, or without a catalytic converter. Also don’t forget mirrors and all necessary lights and reflectors for your entry’s region.
  • Your entry should be fine if it uses mods, as I’ve subscribed to most of if not all of them.


There are 4 categories that I will score, each scored out of 5.

  • Stylistic consistency and detail /5

    • Your entry must actually fit into the VIP style. The better it fits–this means lore, details, etc–the higher your score. Don’t let this limit your creativity, however, as you may score points elsewhere for an original take on the style. I’ve lumped this in with details and general design appeal. 5 fixture wonders will be binned. Expect to lose points here for forgetting mirrors, sideskirts/lips, indicators, fuel caps, and the like.
  • Originality /5

    • Your entry could be just some Nissan President look-alike on Lowenharts, or something different that still works in the VIP style. That’s entirely your choice. Think something more luxurious than usual like a Century, or maybe try to take a more modern or classic take. Again, entirely your call there.
  • Prestige /5

    • Your entry should have somewhere around 40 prestige.
      • 25 = 1/5
      • 30 = 2/5
      • 35 = 3/5
      • 40 = 4/5
      • 45 or over = 5/5
  • Comfort /5

    • Your entry should have somewhere around 40 comfort. Refer to the same list above.


Your entry’s model name should be "VIP Challenge - [CAR NAME]” and its trim name should be your username, but if you’re making it from one of your lore cars and don’t want to rename it, that’s fine. Just make sure the trim name is your username. The deadline for entries is March 10. Please PM me your entry before then or on the day of. I’ll review them on the 11th (hopefully).


  • MikonP7
  • Vri404
  • yangx2
  • Xepy
  • F12OM
  • Niveon (entry revised)
  • On3CherrySnake
  • goblin95
  • B1ill4Har8din18h
  • racer126
  • MasterDoggo
  • LS-Vehicles
  • Eddy BT
  • Kogure

If you have any feedback, such as if anything here looks awry, please tell me! This is the first challenge I’ve ever hosted and I wouldn’t want to let you down.


I take that as shorthand for 100 RON ultimate unleaded.


Yep. I’ll edit the post to be slightly more specific, I’ll bet some racecars run on a little lower octane or something.


With a very important message:

Zenshi Axia V8 VIP

New Rims, new Bodykit and a better sounding engine.

(Thanks @Grandea for the car)


Big oof; I had my PMs disabled. I’ve now enabled them so you can send your entries. Whoops.

EDIT: I’ve moved to the open beta as its merging with the stable version is upon us. I sincerely hope it doesn’t fuck any of your entries up, and if it does I’ll tell you.


20XX Emican & Joyce Spectre 240 VIP

Yeah, this is basically Cyberpunk VIP. Originally was going to do one of my other cars, but a conversation with a friend got me inspired instead to take my entry from CSR88 and turn it into a VIP Styled car.

Yes, VIP is still a thing in the future, fuck it.

cyberpunk VIP


2003 Hirasawa Condor but Useless

i was about to go all out 326power but meh.

Future house best VIP music don’t @ me


OG Car

What I Scrapped


This sounds good. I still have to think about what to do for this as I lost all my stuff, but still, I have a couple of questions and doubts:

  1. If year doesn’t matter, how are you going to judge the stats? As in, what is considered low/normal/good for certain stats changes a lot depending on year. And what if it’s old enough that it runs on leaded fuel, and thus can’t have a catalytic converter?

  2. “Your entry must actually fit into the VIP style. The better it fits–this means lore, details, etc”. But what if it isn’t a lore car?

  3. Oh and another thing. I’m not familiar with exactly what is a “VIP style modification”. By VIP car I understand luxury… so it’s basically… sort of a premium riced car?


VIP Modifications come in many shapes and forms, from the more modern extremes to the subtle 90/00’s era where black/white sedans lowered with chrome rims fit as VIP over anything else: Wiki has a pretty alright overviewing of the latter: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VIP_style

  1. I’ll assume model year was the year the car was produced, and trim year was the year it was modified. Try to match your model year to the car, and your trim year to the style of your modifications. Stats will be judged with the context of the time period. I doubt the VIP style was very popular back when cats weren’t required, so I’d switch to a more modern motor. If you want the best stats, you’d want to crank that trim year to 2020, but don’t then go ahead and make it look like it came out of a 90s magazine. Period-correctness is everything.

  2. If it isn’t a lore car, you can go ahead and write about it for extra points. That simple. An Aristo knockoff with big wheels and no other redeeming factors would be boring, right? Maybe give it an interesting backstory or go over how it was built, who drove it, and how. Wouldn’t hurt to add a bit of Yakuza drama either…

  3. The wiki link Kogure posted should be enough. An image search for “bippu” might also be a bit more effective than one for “VIP style car.”


Thanks both of you. I’ll see if I can get something


1999 Kuma BC VIP

A Kuma BC modified in the Bippu style, this one was modified off of a 1995 model. This one in particular was more of a daily driver than a showcar, having rather modest amounts of camber for this style and preserving a lot of its comfort despite its nearly ground scraping ride height.

Plenty of cash has been dropped on the BC, particularly in the interior and the new air suspension. Both of which to keep the aforementioned preserved comfort of the car despite its low stance.

On its exterior, a subtle wide body kit has been added, with low lips to make the car look even lower. The rims however, are not so subtle, being chromed 19” 5-spoke alloys. This combined with the angry eyes and chrome trim added some aggression to the rather soft look of the base model. Engine modifications are rather tame, primarily a more aggressive tune and larger exhaust to offset the weight gains.

Its owner prefers to remain anonymous. Which with the blacked out windows and the clear intent to make the rather tame bear angry, one could probably assume a more underground occupation from the owner.

Original car


2020 Ursula F7 800T VIP


North American International Auto Show 2019


Third Eye Studio presents:
A very expensive refrigerator, also known as the 2007 Kasai Gran Tenno

Built to the highest acceptable standards for the top 1% of its time, the Gran Tenno was the largest, thirstiest, most obnoxious SoccerMomMobile Kasai has ever produced. But, being introduced just before the Economic Crisis of 2008 hit, coupled with the rapidly fading popularity of gas guzzling SUVs, these ultra-luxurious lounge chairs with wheels didn’t sell as well as expected and their presence in the market fell faster than a ball of dark matter falling from the Planet Express ship.

We bought this used, 250.000-mile first year Gran Tenno for around $15.000, and immediately I thought, “Hey, you know what kind of style works best? VIP style. You know, like those Japanese sedans that are so low to the ground, with huge wheels and black-and-white color scheme. Only this time, it’s applied onto an SUV.” So, Jared suggested that how we’re going to approach this is by “modernizing” the exterior while keeping everything else mostly stock. I mean, it’s already packed with a lot of tech as is, don’t want to fix what’s not broken, right?

We started off by swapping the stock exhausts for a pair of lighter and more free-flowing ones (the car was a bit too quiet), the taillights and headlights for something fancier, and then installed a basic bodykit. What else is there… Oh yeah, the grille! Jared installed a new chrome grille for the fridge. Now it looks even more obnoxious than it was. To keep the subtle and subdued look of typical VIP cars, we decided to skip the vinyls.

But what’s the point of “VIP style” if it doesn’t have that “VIP look”? We also installed extra marker lights like what you’d see in limos, swapped the stock wheels for a set of massive 26" rims, put the ride height of its active suspensions down to its lowest possible setting, and for the cherry on top, we made the front camber to as high as 5 degrees while the rear camber to 3 degrees. Let me tell you, I love how the end result looks! I can already hear rap music blasting from inside the car!

Note: I don’t care if it doesn’t win, I just want to make a pimpmobile



I think you may have missed the point of this challenge. Just by a tad.


Maybe? I might have incorrectly assumed that factory uprating of a formerly primarily utilitarian vehicle aimed at a higher market like the classic Range Rover, being turned into a high-luxury vehicle in its next iteration might count as a form of luxury modification.

If that isn’t the case, it really wouldn’t qualify unless I modernize it. But I don’t know if my interpretation of VIP style of car modifications are included and at least thought to submit it.

I didn’t post this explanation of the car until my name appeared on the list for that exact reason, so I thought it being accepted may have meant it was an okay way to go about it.


Kazume 828 V6

Now with a V8.



I’ve changed the quality rule significantly so if you want to resubmit your entries, please do.


Arion Arargte GL {Junction Produce}

In 1993 the Arion Arargte was released, and following it’s release it became synonymous with the Japanese Yakuza, especially as a Yakuza boss’ car, because of how high end luxury the Arargte GL is. This one featured here by an un-named client has tuned up bodykit and parts from Junction Produce as well as a lowering kit and a slight camber adjustment.

  • Full extended Junction Produce body kit (Front & rear bumper + side skirts and door panel extensions + boot lip spoiler)
  • Junction Produce headlight garnish
  • Removed front wings radio mountings, replaced with rear window mounted chrome dual antennas
  • GL badge removal front + rear & Arion rear boot badge removal for a cleaner look
  • Junction Produce aftermarket taillights
  • Junction Produce OZ Scara rims
  • Aftermarket tuning to the hydrodynamic suspension to give it lowering & more camber

Arion Automotive & Racing Co