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TreadKillers Tuning House


I think it started already with something like 680hp. So i only tried to compensate for the extra weight


hey I have a little request for you
can you maximise the potential of this litteral box of metal?
BOX 1 - Trim 1.car (15.3 KB)


It’s best you PM him




Non-Performance Kit for: Zenshi Axia V8

A simple VIP Kit for Axia. Camber kit, Intake and Exhaust System.
Also comes with a new HUD and Soundsystem.
“Hockenfart” Bags kit also comes in this pack.

Performance Kit for: Birmingham Brickham

So um… We thoughed this was too slow… Sooo Vega swap? Vegaaaaaaa Swaaaaaaap.
BAMBAMBAM 1000hp MMMMMMRRRRGH PUpupupupupu. Sorry. But yeah a ton of lamathrust and even more downforce to keep it all together. And yes, you also can have this packet for yourself.

A total conversion for: Montes Urban

You know… Sometimes you just gotta blow off some steam. Just go out there and break stuff.
“Move fast and break stuff” they always say and with this Urban it should be possible to exactly do this thing!
We got this car from a junkyard and rebuild it to a capable Derby car. Larger Spring, “New” Rims and a lot of ummm “Weight Reduction”. Then we cut a hole in the bonnet and welded some struts on it, and ready is the Derby car! Now we only need to find an event to race it on…

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(Thanks to @Grandea, @vmo and @DukeOFhazards for the vehicles)


I got a car. 1996 Blaire Smalltility Blaire - Smalltility.car (26.8 KB)


Well, this is interesting. (you are allowed to do anything you want with the cars I’ve posted in the forum).
(that’s if you are still doing these)


I am! I am just being lazy! Expect something soooooon( Next days or so)


oof How does these work again?

Non-Performance Pack for : Kazume Xenia 300c

A VIP Kit for the Xenia 300c. Its comes with the complete front, back and side bodykit to give the car more presense. The kit also comes with “Hockenfart” Bags kit (wheels not included). Under the hood a Turbo Kit was installed to boost the car to 360hp and a Top Speed of 274km/h

Non-Performance kit for: Nohda Assent Revo

Wanna be the coolest mom on the block? With the TreadKillers kit thats not a problem. Included are: Front, sides and Back skirts, Front and back bumper. Seprate you can also get the new hood, headlights and taillights. Under the hood the Inline 4 got a Sport ECU and a new exhaust system for that bit of extra performance.

Performance kit for : Geschenk SPACEOCCUPIER

So a Karen walks into a bodyshop… Well bad jokes but we thoughed the smallish Inline 4 didnt gave this enough justice. You know what that means? Veeeeeeeegaaaaaa Swaaaap. Yes that means it runs the good old 1000hp. We managed to clock it at 350 km/h even. Furthermore we put a new HiFI in it a completly new bodykit with Overfenders and everything .

Personal Project: MEN 1260

So one of our mechanics Tim is driving this MEN 1260 he bought once for just 500€ or so. Most of the time he uses that to move tools or parts from place to place.

But we thoughed “Nah we can let him drive around like that!”

We didnt to too much to it but he certainly loved it. It only got some new springs, wheels and a some minor engine tune. At least he can drive to the kebab man now without embarrassing us.

You know which car Tim drove before he got his MEN?

A Zetas Goni GS!

He basicly got his from his parents when he and me where just getting our licenses. And it lasted him all those years until recently… Well we wanted to send it oof with a bang!

We should feel sorry… but we aint.

Did you knew how much shit you can get at Autoshops?
Welp we got some fake scoopes and wings and bolted them semi-good

We did find another thing in your storage tho.
We found a big Turbo! This thing is now running on 300hp instead of the 100 or so it had before.
The trim might broke but the engine hasnt… yet.
Lets see what will kill this first, the Boost or the Turbo.

Want a TreadKiller vehicle ? Check out the top post

(Thanks to @On3CherryShake @DoctorNarfy @MGR_99 @racer126 and @Dorifto_Dorito for all these cars. I will try to not take 6 month for the next batch)

2019 SEMA Show
Once More (Unto the Breach) [FINAL RESULTS]

Treadkillers at SEMA 2019 (The Repost!)

Presented by TubaTech® Turbo Solutions

Once again we welcome you to our TreadKillers booth at this years SEMA!
Take a Demon® energy drink, take in our newest cars and maybe get a selfie with the Treadkiller team!
So come over to the Central Hall! Just follow the smell of burning rubber and #BadInvestments

Non-Performance Kits:

Geschenk Spaceruler:

What do we do with the drunken sailman, what do we do with the drunken sailman early in the mooorning.
Well you lift the whole boat even further. We already had its little brother in our workshop, but while it would have been quite funny, we didnt threw another Vega into this. But that doesnt mean we didnt pumped up the power of this. New headers and intake not only sound great in the wilderness (or your suburban area) but also give this spacestation a bit more extra punch. Furthermore the kit comes with a set of overfender and new bumpers. The hood is an extra. We also give you mounting points for your own roofrack. We installed a “Yetiforce Military” on it, but other brands should also fit.

Zenshi Gamaru

Jesus this thing is fast. So fast that we mostly left the engine alone. But that didnt stop us to do other things. Besides giving it a more wider statue with the bodykit and giant CWS® wheels, we also gave it some Underglow! Light up the nights as if it was the early 2000’s again. And yes we did fit bags on it. But yes, if you wanna be seen on the nightstreets of your city: This is the perfect thing for you.

Performance Kits:

Keika Tekko:

I think at this point it is almost tradition that we have a Keika somewhere in our workshop. This one has been tuned to be a real Wangan Racer. Thanks to the power of TubaTech® we pushed this thing to 416hp. We also put a new exhaust system and a completly new Intake in it. We drove it on the Autobahn and we topped her out at 270km/h. To compliment the newly found speed we gave the Tekko a much more aggresive body kit and rolled fenders. The splitter and spoiler also help to keep the car stable at these speeds. For our next plans we want to try to Twin Turbo it, but for that we probally need to find another one of these.


B-Spec Dragotec Via

Hey! Its our B-Spec cars! This was my car for the races a Dragotec Via. You would be surprised how much you can do with 0.9L of Inline 3. To be fair that still sounds weak, but 129 hp in a 780kg shell of a car is a pretty fast combo. So fast that we got second place overall in its category.
What you can see here is the Stage 3 tune, basicly how we tuned the car for the last race. Big Aero kit and a new intake for the turbo. Gotta get the air somehow. Kinda funny to see that we drove this on 185/195 wheels. Welp. It did a good service and i still like driving it. Speaking of B-Spec…

B-Spec Reduit GSR20

Soooooo. We got this as a joke. We wanted to annoy our other driver Timm with this. We dont know ourself how this got a fifth place overall. The joke was to make this the most 2000’s Boyracer car ever. Big fucking fibergalss bumpers, Tribals and way to many stickers.
We thoughed the engine is gonna blow midrace, or we gonna lose a suspension arm or something, but no this Reduit fought and wasnt even bad at it. 165hp from a horrible engine, thin wheels and way to much Crunk music apperently make a good car.

Baroc Tormenta

This is something special. Because this is again the spot for my own personal car. You remember the other Baroc we have?
Yep. I did it again. I am not sorry.
And again we really did a number with one of these. New wheels, new arms and a Twin Turbo tune for that sweet sweet 1000hp. Gotta say its quite fun to drive this at 300+ km/h. Dangerous but fun. We also did completly new molded bumpers and a big #WangGang. And yes. We will add the color to our catelog of special colors. So yeah. If you see this in the wild: Take some pics and send them my way! Unless you are a radar control of course.

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(Also thanks to @racer126 @Grandea @Radster @Dragawn @Elizipeazie and @kobacrashi for letting me user their cars! Check out their stuff! And now i will continue to not do the other cars for 6 months!)