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UE4 Exporter Update Discussion / Bugs


This tail-light fixture makes a non-selectable hole when resizing.

Solid axle leaf has wrong geometrical setup


Turbos do not appear until I select a fuel type, however the intercooler does.


When will we be able to change the style and color of the head cover? I know it isn’t any kind of necessary gameplay element but that kind of attention to detail is important to me. In the Kee engine version I always try to make the engines look right for the time period and type of car.


I know i am turning into the most annoying person in the forums due to this but…

I have a survey for the people with the less high-endy systems or DX-10 Systems!

All you have to do is to put the game into the Medium Preset and to business as usual - if your PC is so bad it does not reach 30fps in medium - please document it and do another small test with the LOW-Preset.

Tip! Build a quick car for that test - for the car designer performance measure in the final testing tab once you went through all tabs and engine testing.

For reading FPS Count use either Steams built-in thing or download FRAPS (free).

It would help out a bit to get a feel what still needs to be done (and to make some nice System Requirements Information-Sheet)

@Madrias: I would love to have your system in there! Aswell as @RobtheFiend’s just so see how old high-endish systems cope with the UE4-build.


Hmm, what if I already filled the first survey you posted back when the game didn’t run for me? Right now I could provide some more useful input than before. Should I fill the previous form (this one)?


IF your PC is capable of it - this one is the “Medium-Preset” Test for lower-end PCs :slight_smile:

Of course you can do both - more data is always good.


Well, my CPU is quite lower end, but the game still runs pretty good on all epic :grin:


Got the same error as yesterday, nothing changed with this patch.:sob:

“The procedure entry point K32GetModuleFileNameExA could not be
located in the dynamic link library Kernel32.dll”


Done. Now I’ll wind back the settings to something I prefer based on temperatures, and we’ll call it good.


MPG color reversed, improved fuel economy shows red worse shows green… US
No color change on stats when changing exhaust size at first, seems to have fixed itself
Tire grip on graph shows negative.
Wheel base on design tab shows 0
Footprint blank

On the engine test stand vacuum gauge reads 0 at idle
RPM gauge reads quite low same with the test track

Have cooling airflow read as a % from 0-200 instead of 0-100 for clarity
on the gearing graph allow us to select what gear as well as peak power.
The tire sizes are still funky looking, but at least its got the nearest metric, though its still goofy as far as the numbers coming out to an actual tire size.
I didn’t know about the help on each section until I saw the question mark show up as I crossed the header
Some of the charts wont change until you get to the summary, and if changed there and go back still wont change.

22 feet long 7 feet wide and still has an offroad rating of 79.6… I guess with 18.5 inches of ground clearance, and 39 inch tall tires… at least now the drivability doesn’t go away completely with slightly bigger tires like it did earlier. (no these aren’t slightly bigger tires, they are much bigger tires)


100 on cooling is over cooling. 50 is dead on required cooling for the engine…even without vents or grilles!


Well the new version and hotfixes are much-improved in a lot of aspects - performance is better all around, and the stability has improved by and large. However, I have noticed a few issues once again:

  1. I was messing around with the 930 body, building a car set in 1990, when I experienced a repeated crash to desktop in the first tab of the engine designer. I selected the same game year as the body (going to 1990 instead of 2017), then selected a 90-degree V6, at which point the game would crash like clockwork within 20-30 seconds. Fortunately (I think?) it generated crash reports each time, so hopefully there is a clue in the logs as to what happened.

  2. Some of the fixtures are still giving problems - stuff like not being body-coloured (or chrome or whatever, they just stay red), strange effects when switching between the variants of a particular fixture (such as the square grill, switching between unfilled, body-coloured grid and whatnot) like completely losing the fill, or fixtures not properly displaying themselves (such as the rectangular indicator seemingly being “behind” the body model and partially clipping through to the surface).

  3. Still seeing some less than optimal slider granularity issues, mostly in the turbocharger page, where the sliders move in great big chunks (~3 millimetres for the compressor/turbine sizing, 0.07 bar for the maximum boost, AR ratio moving by about the same), instead of nice, small increments. Also, I’ve seen other values jump by non-linear amounts from time to time - for example, moving the maximum bore slider on the engine family page, it sometimes skips a value.


That’s actually by design, 4 March 2017 LDU: https://youtu.be/mtjVLI0wEy8

If I’m not mistaken, 100 is 4x required cooling, 50 is 1x required cooling (dead on, as you say), and 0 is 0.5x required cooling; any less and the engine is too under cooled / too unreliable (same as in the Kee version).

And the reason grilles aren’t needed, is because no other fixtures are needed, so why should cooling be needed as well? So cooling was/is decoupled from fixtures. People who don’t want to design car looks don’t have to in anyway now, (except perhaps aero fixtures, though that should probably be changed too?).

The only thing I’d suggest is change the slider text to make it in line with what it does; 50 isn’t 0.5x cooling after all, and the scale isn’t linear, so it isn’t intuitive at a glance without tool tips.


I don’t like that you don’t need grilles or vents anymore. I think it should be one of the puzzles to solve when designing cars, how to cool the engine enough while still making the car look nice. If you can make a hypercar and just move a slider to 50 to magically cool it enough, that’s stupid. You could still just slap on a gigantic grille on every surface if you don’t care about looks. Or have it toggleable in settings whether you want cooling fixtures to matter or not.


To be honest - there will be a point where i just want to play the campaign with having to care about the design. Sure adding a big fat grille is the soultion but eh… if i can click through and do the engine i want without thinking “did i add enough grille?” all the time. And in the end you had 9000kJ of cooling - but the engine only needed 50 or so. Either you slid the slider down to some acceptable level, or resized the grille.

On the other side i do agree with you though - it was always a nice challenge if you had a forum challenge and needed so squeeze out all of the available cooling.


The design philosophy has always been fixtures are cosmetics. There’s no aesthetic judging system in place, and no road legal judging system in place. All other fixtures (excluding aero) are decoupled from the numbers side; e.g. having headlight and turn indicator fixtures doesn’t add to driveability*. The two exceptions to this philosophy were cooling and aero; now just aero.

*If I’m not mistaken, Driveability: the ability to avoid a crash vs Safety: the ability to survive one you get into, in terms of Automation game design.


sorry to bump my post, but it’s been 9d and no answer, and i’m stuck here again.

last time, a PC restart fixed it. then it happened again, about 2x restart later, it worked again. and now. it won’t work. at all. i’m talking the kee version here. the UE4 just launches no problem, but this problem started after the UE4 update.


Yay! I found a bug!
I can make the tacho go backwards. Try it.
Build as follows…
In 2017 60 deg v12, AlSi Block and head, 86 bore x 69.7 stroke, DOHC 5 valve
Billet, Titanium, light forged pistons
9.6 comp, 40 cam no VVT
N/A Direct Injection, twin performance.
98 octane, 14.2:1 mix, 50 ignition, 12K rpm, exhaust however you like.
Hit manual test, sit back and laugh.


have you tried coming out of OB and reinstalling to see if that fixes it?


TL;DR : yes. and no.

yes, i tried opting out of OB
no, it didn’t fix it. still displays the exact same error