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UE4 Exporter Update Discussion / Bugs





Right click


Local files

Verify integrity of game files

dunno why I wrote it like that i’m feeling cheeky today


i thought opting out of OB did that already so i didn’t try it. gonna try it anyway.

edit: nah, still the same. as soon as the automation windows opens, it’s instantly not responding, and closes itself after a few seconds


Is it because i’m running Win Vista, that i keep getting this error?

Anyone help please, i really don’t wanna have to upgrade to Win 7.
Even though i have a new GPU that NEED Win 7 due to drivers not wanna install on Vista.


You should really upgrade your OS.
Vista is no longer an official supported OS by Microsoft and its not supported by many other applications
Unreal Engine 4 does not support ANY OS below 7, and so do many other games too.

What you post is not a bug by the game - its pretty much the fact that UE4 refers to something VISTA does not even Feature.

Do your PC a favour, update atleast to 7. Enjoy faster Performance and more security.


K32GetModuleFileNameExA function is new in Windows 7, and a quick google search only yielded a project trying to backport those functions into XP. So, unless you can get Unreal Engine to implement some sort of support / compatibility with Vista, upgrading to Windows 7 (minimally) is your only option.

If you do update, make sure to backup your data before starting.


If you look at the crank and pistons then you’ll see that the engine starts correctly going clockwise for about a quarter turn and then actually does go backward.


Not crank, tachomoeter. As in rpm, 12k, 11k, 10k etc.


@RobTheFiend As @Pyrlix and @jedi5002 have stated, the function reference exists in Windows 7 and up. UE4 supports only Windows 7 and up.

Vista 64bit according to the Steam Hardware survey is less than 0.08% (not a typo, less than a 10th of 1%) of users, and as @Pyrlix stated is no longer supported my Microsoft, so has ceased releasing security fixes, etc.

We are probably a bit above that percentage, as we do have a lot of players who this is one of the few games they play, so haven’t upgraded their computers in years. Which is why we put the effort in getting an SM4.0 build out, but I can’t justify poking UE4 to get it to work for Vista users, would need to build a Vista test machine for that as well.


Crank AND tach.


I suppose I could try to get my sister on board. She’s got Vista (god have mercy on her soul).


I know this isn’t about bugs per se, but fwd: the Dev Team, can you guys give us any ETAs as to the next time we can expect new bodies & engines to roll in?


It can be a stupid question, I can be blind…but:
Where are the cosmethic exhausts? I mean in the fixtures tab.


How does bringing your sister in help?
Unreal Engine 4 is not supporting Vista at all - and Epic will not implement compatability for a small indie developer. While there is good reason to support Graphics Cards that only support Shader Model 4, there is not a single good reason to bug a huge Developing Studio about adding support for Windows Vista.

Heck even one of the biggest Developers in the World, namely Blizzard Entertainment, stopped support for it.

Windows Vistas support ended 11.April 2017, means there will be no security or performance updates. Just update to a more secure and stable OS like 7 or 10.


@F17Francesco Exhaust fixtures have not been implemented into the Unreal version yet.


Okay, sunshine. Hold it right there.

One, the way you worded your sentence was out of whack. Whilst I do find it somewhat irritating, I gloss over the “ignorance” of others. Two, the way I worded my sentence. “I suppose” does not necessarily (and, in this case, does NOT) mean that I will sign my sister up to be a part of the illustrious crew of boffins (credit where credit’s due) working on this game. Furthermore, in what universe is “supposing” a definitive yes? “Supposing” is simply my mind’s initial stages traversing what you are transforming into a lingual aristocracy.

To sum up (TL;DR), I’d prefer it if you weren’t so brash.

Yours truly,

A fellow bitch.


i not sure if this has been known

if i were to put a high ignition timing to my 4AGE 20V like 100

i get the jagged chainsaw tooth power curve for both horsepower and torque but dropping to 99 and it revert back to the normal smooth curve

Is there any performance improvements between using cast iron block and then moving up to lighter blocks like Magnesium? I switch between the two materials but i don’t see any difference other than the cost going up and making the engine lighter.

I am maxing out the crankshaft and conrods and piston heads and adding all +15 quality but I cant seem to touch remotely 11,000 rpm in the dyno without the power falling off at 10,200rpm or engine failure

I am trying to recreate the 4AGE 20V Silvertop Group A TRD engine used by Takumi Fujiwara AE86


I like this update, is very good. Runs very good on my 980Ti computer, look very good.
I have a few suggestion to add please.
Fixtures are very weird, i have 65fps and they feel like having a lot of lagging. Please fix this. Also add cloning, instant-rotation buttoon for 22,5, 45 and 90° and button to instant snap on center or to turn on or off un-centering of fixture. Will help a lot, yes.

Also my car is always oversteering. Even FrontWheel Driven with small 1L I3 will oversteer. Can you please check?

@OfficialWolfexWorks Why you so hurt? He did nothing to you but stating facts.


Tone it down please and stay on topic, facts can sound brash, flowery, cruel, loving, etc. Don’t read ill intent into it.


How can i download this open beta? The links arent opening. i get a 404 error.


The beta is Steam only, read about how to join in here (post: UE4 Open Beta Release 1)