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UE4 Exporter Update Discussion / Bugs


I wanted to make a low-cost car looking like a Maturi 800… It was so low-cost that it melted !

To have this result this is how it works for me :

  • Sandbox > New Model
  • Pick the 1995 Hatchback (00sHatch02Mini_C)
  • Pick a Panel Material
  • Go back and change year to 1985
  • Pick the 1980 Hatchback (80sCityCar_C)
  • Fill the next tab (Panel Material, Chassis, Material, Eng. Placement, Suspensions)
  • Pick the Variant Body (1980 Hatchback (80sCityCar_C))
    Tada !


Looks like someone needs to fire their test driver for wrecking the prototype.


Wheel bases are obviously different and UE4 is trying to accommodate your request but there is not enough deformity in the body.


BeamNG and Automation together. It’s a dream come true! :smile:


Thanks for the concise replication steps, you made this issue a lot easier to fix. The top bar will not let you set the model year before the model’s body year now, so you’ll be forced to select another body first. This should be in the next patch :smiley:


love the game on the new engine, looks amazing!

but some bugs i have found
-rear engine doesn’t work with 75 slantnose body, all stats (speed, 0-100) doesn’t calculate properly
-if i select rear mount engine and rear pushrod suspension, after i change to a front mount engine, car wheel disappears
-tire/wheel size box F and R are reversed


We just released the UE4 Open Beta (R3). I have updated the OP with the changelog. You can also check out the latest news post in your launcher or here: http://steamcommunity.com/app/293760/allnews/


thx Killrob,

I am loving this game much more :slight_smile:


I’m trying out the new beta and I noticed a couple things:

When I went to -3.0 then hit the “+” button expecting to go back to -2.9 again it instead went to -1.0. I don’t know how difficult it may be, but perhaps an extra button would be helpful here to make large jumps; like one set of buttons for fine (0.1) adjustments and another button for course (1.0) adjustments?

The quality slider for suspension does nothing.


Which slider? (Camber?) Sounds like maybe we got the step size weird on it?


The camber adjustments I highlighted in red. When at -3 and pressing the “+” button it will take you to -1 anything lower than -3 (It will go all the way to -30) will jump by 2.0 instead of 0.1.


Ahh, yes, that’s intentional, values below -3 are rediculous values that are there only so you can make cool looking stance cars (blame @MugenCity) The step size gets bigger so you don’t have to click forever to get to your crazy stance values :stuck_out_tongue:

The REAL bug here is that like, -4 degrees of camber should start to lose you grip, and something like -10 degrees should be basically entirely undrivable (don’t worry, we’ll fix that!)


The annoying part is being at -3 and then pressing plus expecting to be at -2.9 but instead being taken all the way back to -1 and having to click all the way back to -2.9. That’s 19 clicks…


Oh, right, I misread that, yeah, it shouldn’t do it DOWN from 3…


Previous Posted Issues still apply

-rear engine doesn’t work with 75 slantnose body, all stats (speed, 0-100) doesn’t calculate properly <-- found the reason, engine is too big to fit body but no error message shown on screen

-engine sticks out of car body with vent

-detailed stats for the whole car doesn’t update if i switch to an engine that doesn’t fit

-if i select rear mount engine and rear pushrod suspension, after i change engine placement, car wheel disappears

-tire/wheel size box F and R are reversed <-- fixed


The car I posted above is the same body in an FA layout with a 468cc 90º V6 and my performance stats seem to be just fine. Maybe your engine is just under powered?

On another note, I’ve noticed high CPU usage while the game is sitting idle.


oh are you making the blackbird?

I am fine tuning a Devil Z engine here. Prob the Devil Z body will be coming tonight


Hey Killrob, i not sure if you noticed this little bug with the game. I was tuning my carb 3.1L OHC triple carb turbo engine yesterday. Although the graphs didn’t show any knocking or engine failure. But every time I start the auto test and manual testing of the engine. The engine will cut off at 2,000 rpm. Only lowering the boost level to 1.5 bar will the engine function. If i go to 2 bars that where the cut off happen. I was wondering why the graph shows it ok to run the engine. I adjusted all my timings and air flow rate, etc but it wont start the dyno at 2 bars of boost.

Also this might not be a major bug, but sometimes the racing throttle bodies will disappear under the intake selection. Only do i need to restart the game to see the selection again. And some of my engines were fitted with racing throttle bodies will downgrade to performance intake when the racing throttle bodies disappear from the selection. Thanks for fixing the timings going out whack at 100.


I think we’re still missing the roll angle from the suspension tab.

Also, do you think you could make the cooling slider default to 50? Better yet, make the midway value say 100% cooling, and have the slider go from 0 to 200%? The way it is now may be confusing to new players.


The roll angle will make it into probably the bump graph, yes.
The cooling slider needs a better way of displaying a few things still, we’re working on that :slight_smile: