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UE4 Exporter Update Discussion / Bugs


Displayed fuel economy in final screen doesn’t quite work right. The text is a touch too large, my 10.7L/100km car shows only “0.7L/100”… which would be as impressive as building your own nuclear reactor!


this is what i am saying in my reply my ITBs just disappear randomly and i need to restart the game to get back the ITBs


Grilles keep closing in photo mode.


the is the bug which i have noticed when trying to tune the carb engine

the graph do not show any issue but during the auto test and manual revving of the engine. The engine will cut off at 2,000 rpm


I’m getting bonus quality slider. Built a 1967 car, cloned for '75, Then a new variant for '82. The 82 variant has +9 quality on “Traction Aids - None”. Set it back to 0 and saved return to car manager, revise car, it’s back at 9.


I have noticed something, not really bad but could be fixed ;D
When you are in the car designing garage, the camera isnt stopped when going backwards and you can go out of the building with Right+Left click




So I was messing around with a rear-engined car (yes, I know they’re broken still…), and the game crashed so hard that I had to reset my computer. When I rebooted and restarted the game, all of my car models, trims and engines were gone, as if the database got corrupted somehow.

I’m not terribly upset by the loss of my cars (I had two models and four trims total - nothing I really felt upset about losing either to be honest), but it’s still a little disconcerting to see!


We just released UE4 Open Beta R4, plenty of fixes and improvements :slight_smile: Change log above and in the latest Steam news post: http://steamcommunity.com/app/293760/allnews/


I have my doubts about these fuel economy values. 1985 pickup with a 1.8 liter inline 4 (it’s actually 13.9 l / 100km, noticed just now)

Also that body mesh seemed to have some problems with the center line, centered fixtures sometimes act whacky and you can see a seam in the windshield.

edit: ok so I just alt-tabbed out of Automation (which was in the main menu) and checked a few things on the internet. Then when I tried to tab back to Automation it wouldn’t show up. Had to close it from task manager.


If you open engine manager and edit an engine variant, the boxes next to the stats on the left give market details (mine was showing hyper, super, c/super, GTP).

EDIT: Also found out that cloning an engine has some odd behaviour. Cloned a 1969 engine, it came up as 2016, and had no family or variant details, until I changed the year. Saved it, then went to re-edit the clone, only to find it had overwritten the original variant. (See pic below)
I cloned another engine but it did not show up in the manager, until I restarted the game.

Looking forward to next update.




I still have a bug (note that I have similarly reported previous one, but I still encountered it without way to fix, image below): where I design a car (start from selecting a body, design a chassis, then select the variant, and it returned back to a body selection as a trim, where I assumed that I selected 1985 Pickup (1985 Model Year), I also cannot change Trim Year before 2016 after I repeated that again, as well as car was not saving, even I pressed Save button to save it. So are there anyway to fix this problem, or is it a bug? to determine this problem.


Photo studio lends itself nicely to all kinds of photoshop shenanigans


Have you ever had any car or engine save? This is not a problem we’ve heard of before. Which type of drive do you have your game installed on? Do you have a Documents/My Games/Automation folder?


I ever had some engine saves before, but not the cars. My drive that have my game was located in C:\Program Files (x86) (my laptop has 64-bit OS), and yes, I also have a Documents/My Games/Automation folder as well.


Fixtures can disappear if you morph the body after placing them, Or they can turn into… spikes


Carmageddon mode soon? :stuck_out_tongue: (sorry for OT)


It might simply be a rendering bug - one that should hopefully be patched in the future.

@accent The photo studio can also be used for parodies of other games (Burnout Revenge, NFS Most Wanted, etc.)


Does anyone know where the UE4 version stores the engine and car save files?