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UE4 Exporter Update Discussion / Bugs


is this a known bug or not?

i’m still trying to find a way to replicate it.

but this is the whole engine screen


They are no longer stored as individual files like they were. The game now uses a database format for storing these things.
A new means of exporting and importing will need to be developed to share your creations.


It’s like Microsoft trying to count to ten. 1, 2, 3, 95, 98, 2000, 7, 8, 10

Thanks for clearing that up! Will the future UE4 file exporter have human readable format? I often use Automation engine torque curve calculation for making engines in BeamNG!


Off topic: Lol at the Microsoft joke! XD


I’m afraid I don’t know at this time


Was messing around and doing something stupid for the sake of doing something stupid. Pretty much, maxed the quality on everything and made a race car. A really bloody terrifying race car.

Why? Because I wanted to see how UE4 handled trying to cram more engine in the car than most normal people would do. And while I could’ve gone for V10, I felt V12 is more appropriate for cramming a long engine in a little car.

It’s completely ridiculous, but it was fun to make.


Thanks for the report, this should be fixed in the next version! Loading a turbo engine actually deletes Race intakes from the game currently. They’re available again for NA engines once you restart :sweat:


An easy to read format would be a nice to have feature. I also believe it would make handling the community challenges a lot easier, especially with a lot of entries and some help from scripts.


Every fixture is somehow moved lower than they should be in photo studio, also when loading this car again in the editor

and exhaust tips have been added but they don’t actually work but are invisible

Further testing with other bodies feels like you guys broke the fixture placing again. It was working almost nicely before but now with every body I try the fixtures do all kinds of weird shit. Difficult to describe in any other way than “all kinds of weird”.


Yeah exhausts are invisible, and when I put a grille as a diffuser, it just leaves the contour of the grille and not the mesh


I know I’m a week late, but I just realised how to answer you …

The actual way to save files in the UE4 is using a SQLite Database, so if you try to open it with a plain old text editor, you will have some trouble to find what you are searching for …
You can use a SQLite server to read it, but you have to know SQL (Which is a pain in the …)
Or you can find some programs like DB Browser for SQLite with a full graphical interface
This works only if devs decide do not crypt this database (And I hope it will not be encrypted …)

Looking at the EngineCurves Table, I don’t know how to read it, There is a kind of pattern but I don’t get it ^^
So, no, it’s not quite human readable yet !


What the? Did you add lens flare effects just now or have I somehow just not noticed them before? With very shiny stuff you get maybe a bit overly lens flare-y. This isn’t a J. J. Abrams film.

also, if you’re gonna have that, then changing the aperture should affect it somewhat (I think?) but it doesn’t.




From a good angle on the other hand…


Probably the main reason (aside from instability and lack of car bodies) that I don’t like using this beta is that the UI hides information that used to be visible (or in more detail; e.g. engine fuel efficiency) and value delta (i.e. colouring stats red or green depending on whether they are reducing or improving after changing something) isn’t available in all parts of the designer without using a hold command. This makes fine tuning a car or engine very frustrating.

(Edit: I’m also partial to scroll bars than move in increments when you click on them rather than directly to the exact value where the pointer is, but I understand that is subjective. E.g. being able to set values at precisely 50%, 60%, etc. without having to do a lot of clicking.)


I have a phpmyadmin on my website or XAMPP installation on Windows. Will I be able to import it and read the values from there? I don’t even know where the UE4 save file database is located to even try it haha.

The current database is very readable if you take a closer look at it. You open those .luas on \Documents\My Games\Automation\Engines\Variants. Then around line 530, there’s your torque curve.



500 RPM - 282.859 Nm
600 RPM - 294.856 Nm
700 RPM - 305.518 Nm

I hope the devs will consider to make the calculations accessible or at least let us keep the Kee Engine to have fun calculating things :wink:


By Engine efficiency you mean these figures surrounded by red ? Or you liked the old way to show it in g/kWh
PS. There is a superb feature in this UE4 version that I love, switching between different graphs with the arrows (in Orange)

You are looking at the old Kee saves here !, The UE4 saves are in Sandbox.db
(phpmyadmin does MySQL, idk if it’s compatible SQLite)

If you export a torque curve … That’s what happend …
T0 N ð?NÑøgaeÎ@N @N=^j\ @N @NÌa3u÷#@N @N”s:ìçÃ'@N @Nåþ ز+@N [...]


If top speed is a… little…slow, you can get a really good 80-120km/h time (or should that be 22.2-33.3m/s ?)




The -1 is basically a “NA”, a bug we know of that is on our ToDo list :slight_smile: