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UE4 Exporter Update Discussion / Bugs


When cloning trim and changing body type(to convertible for example) said body reverts to standard, unlike in Kee version where body had same morphs after cloning it and changing body type. Also it looks like wheel arches share between trims, changing it in trim 1 changes it in other trims. Can record video to show it more clearly if needed.


Hey now, no need to bring my mental capacity in to this.


The left rear pillar has been bothering me since day 1 for the unreal build.


I’ve read the thread a little, but I’m still unsure…
Are you currently unable to manually edit (“cheat”) engines? It seems they’re being saved in “Database.db”, but they’re currently un-exportable?

I wanted to pull my turbo torque curve a little closer to 1000rpm on my 3 pot engine…


Correct, you can’t easily edit the database.


if I go through the hard way (installing SQL editing programs I suppose?), can I grab human readable values? Or would I need tools that weren’t released?


The chassis of all my cars are flickering like mad.


Just noticed that the paint sliders and their values are criss-crossed:

Couple other issues: some bodies have inversed morphing values, like the Range Rover. All the morphs toward the back stretch in the wrong directions than they should.

Something that isn’t so much a bug, but a concern, is about the paint options for cars. Will two-tone be added to at least some of the existing bodies? Some bodies also seem to have strangely assigned values, such as only the front bumper being recolourable. Overall, the main concern I have with the paint is regarding the window trim. Modern cars have the black outline to their fixed windows where they’re glued and currently that’s recolourable in the same way as the trim around the windows of older cars. Will this be addressed to be more realistic?

For all I know, most of these are things that were maybe rushed a bit for the UE4 release and set to be fixed later. Anyways, other than that, the UE4 version is really good and is getting better as content gets added.


One more problem: it’s impossible to fit any engine, especially big ones, in the Lambo body (which unlocks in 1995) if the engine is mounted longitudinally in the middle. On the other hand, the Crown Vic body can finally accommodate a 6.0L V12 up front. When is the former problem going to be fixed, and how?


To add a bit of info about @abg7’s problem, it seems like the engine is a bit far forward compared to what it should be.

@GTMoraes, the database is a regular SQLite database, which can be edited with any SQLite database editor.


So, i have decided to chuck my hat into the ring and run the UE4 version of Automation.

And my first impressions?

Well, i don’t have any. I did manage to open the game, but it caused literal system lag, and i couldn’t even get a little sandbox game started for some testing. I’m pretty sure it’s my hardware, though: I’m running an Intel Celeron N3050 and Intel HD Integrated Graphics. Maybe if i get a desktop i’ll get some first impressions of the UE4 release, but for now, i have nothing else to say.


Did you launch via safemode?

or just a standard launch?


I do feel like your system is woefully underpowered, but may be wrong


Celeron N3050 is a 2 core / 2 thread part at 1.6GHz; seems to be a very low power part. Automation probably would tax it very hard, which might cause system lag. Depending on how much (or little) RAM the computer has, it might cause swapping to disk and that would definitely cause system lag.


Those early-ish HD graphics GPUs were also absolute dogs that can’t really do anything somewhat demanding.

The newer ones are okay-ish. I know my laptop can run the game although with mediocre frame rates.


here is my input on the game system requirements

the absolute minimum CPU to run this game is prob the Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600

yes it is the legendary CPU of its time and I am still running this game on this very same CPU at 3GHz OC from 2.4GHz

8GB of RAM is somewhat a must as with the game open I at around 4-5GB

GPU wise I was using a HD6850 1GB but the framerates was Okish, swapped to the GTX950 and it was way smoother and i can go from 720P low-med to high at 1080P

The Core i3 and Pentium G4560 are still OK with the game since they have Hypertreading.

I have a i5-3337U Dell Laptop which is a dual core 4 treads and HD8730 2GB DDR3 GPU and can also run the game at 1080P High


It was just a standard launch. Nothing too fancy: Just open it up and it doesn’t work.

Oh, and i have i think 2 GB of SDRAM, according to the official page for my computer.


That’s barely enough to run a version of windows which is compatible with DirectX11, so it’s quite understandable you are having issues.


32bit Windows 7 can run with 2GB RAM but def not the 64bit


I have a 64-bit system. So Windows itself on it’s own runs just fine.