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UE4 Exporter Update Discussion / Bugs


prob RAM is not enough

you need 4GB minimum


Ah. Gotcha. Is there any alternative way i can run UE4 Automation or am i just stuck with the Kee version?


You can try to run it in safemode, but that is all. If that doesn’t work then unfortunately you are stuck with the Kee Engine version until you can upgrade your system.


stick to the Kee version

for super budget PC builds wait for the Ryzen 3 CPU and B350 board and 8GB of RAM and a used GPU like the HD7850/HD7870/R9 270/X for a decent gaming PC


Possible bugs and feature requests.

-The quality slider for chassis does not seem to do anything.

-I have not had any vehicles that benefit from more than 4 seats, even a minivan build scores higher with 4 seats over 5 or more.

-Could engine bay size please be listed in the tool-tip when choosing a body? I often build an engine and then later choose a body for it.

-Could the max damper strength be raised? I built a massive body on frame luxury SUV and it could have used dampers around strength 12. (more than 10)
–Finer damper strength adjustment for super low mass non sporty cars would also be nice.

-Would it make sense to add a small increase in reliability or decrease in service cost for engines that leave a bit of clearance in the engine bay? Possibly corresponding to the colored engine size limit arrows.

-Observation: The only time cars seem to benefit from a brake pad type other than 50 or 51 is old cars with not nearly enough braking power.
–balancing brake force front to back (with the slider) seems really one dimensional with only one best adjustment point.


I don’t know what cars the bodies are based on, so I’ll use …1995 sedan (00SedanCompact-4Dr) rear wheel arch morph is a bit sus. Push it in you can get 195’s on there, pull it out, you can fit 145’s (not sure but this MAY or may not be the bug mentioned here UE4 Open Beta Discussion / Bugs)


There’s two pipes. Also, this port is awful. That was a shitty thing to say. (V6 Direct Injection Twin Standard)


Oops, yeah, there are still a few intakes that are bugged and spawned twice. Cheers for pointing that one out :slight_smile:


I encountered this issue when tuning this turbo carb engine

it will cut off at 2000rpm at the certain boost level. it works at 1.69bar but increase by 0.01bar at 1.7bar and the engine will cut off without any warning if the fuel/air mixture is too lean or rich


Speaking of engine creation :

So, this is a quite normal screenshot of an engine, look at the Cam Profile and the VVL Profile. It’s quite normal

Now look, I’ve some goofy liberties with the VVLs ! Full Race profile with a Sporty VVL, witch was impossible in Kee engine

(PS: Is the Dev’s Methanol still exists ? It’s for… Ehrm… Testing Purposes (It could be fun to have it as a cheat code))


I’m surprised nobody’s yelled about this yet.
Currently, some of the headlight/taillight fixtures in UE4 look like this…
You might be thinking that nothing’s wrong, but there are a lot of problems here.

First of all, they all have this strange piss-yellow material for the actual lights inside them, which looks out of place and outdated as no modern production car in real life has yellow-tinted headlights like that. They’re reserved for rally and race cars.

This headlight has a red material in it instead of an orange one for the indicator (which already exists and could easily be used in place of the red one). Additionally, the parts that encompass the lights in it that should be chrome or plastic have decided to be red for some reason.

This one has blue in it. Whaaaaat.

Why give fixtures these weird colours? If these are placeholders for textures, wouldn’t it be just as easy to just use a darkened/slightly coloured version of chrome or a matte (OR EVEN EMISSIVE/GLOWING!!!) white in place of the yellow or blue parts of these headlights?

Also, some of the taillights have a similar problem.
This one looks like this while being placed for the first time…
but like this after being placed. Also, the indicator part is red and the reversing part is yellow. #Logic.

This one is yellow for some reason, and uses the correct material for the indicators. Why doesn’t every other one have the correct indicator material?

This one could pass as a headlight. There is no red in sight, other than the paint of course.

This one has its textures placed incorrectly as they’re way too big. Strangely, its thumbnail has the correct texture.

This one is a bit harder to see, and is a little more nitpicky, but still pretty concering. The glass part on this fixture extends all the way to the very edge of the light, even on top of the edge, so the whole thing looks lacquered and wrong (notice how the edges are shinier than the paint of the car).
Tthe indicator is red, too.

Hopefully these get sorted out soon as it’s a big ugly stain on my beautiful* cars.

*Cars not guaranteed to be objectively beautiful.


Yeah, not sure what’s going on with the gold material there, I think something incorrectly replaced the correct one at some point.

Once we’ve finished importing all the missing car bodies into UE4 we’ll certainly be going over all the fixtures and sorting out their materials, as well as adding a bunch of new ones.


Rad, dad.


I’m getting this error message, even though I already installed the “Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Runtime”


You can try to right click the game in your Steam library, properties, local files, browse local files and from there go down this path:

there you find the appropriate redistributable, run the installer (and potentially restart your computer just in case), then try to launch the game again.


Didn’t work :confused:


Can you launch the game when choosing to launch the game without launcher (via the pop-up coming up when you launch the game from the Steam library)?


Same message. I’m searching for other people of other games who had the same problem, looks like a lot of people is suffering with this.

EDIT: I fixed it. Found a guy from another game who had this issue and fixed by updating the Windows. Since I’m having problems with the Windows Update, I couldn’t do it, so I used this program to download and install the updates: WSUS.
So even though you have the Visual C++ and Win7 SP1 it can still give this message and updating may fix it.


Yeah, I keep hearing that one way or another it’s Windows update related usually.


ok for the new update there’s one bug i found already. on the '00 minivan body, if you hold the camera in the right position, the firewall starts to flash very fast (gifcam did a poor job capturing it)

and one other issue already spotted