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UE4 Exporter Update Discussion / Bugs


I do confirm with this questionable car that if you put an longitudinal engine in your car in the Photo Studio, the engine shows up underneath the car on his mounts instead of being inside the car

P.S. : Even with an ugly piece of car, the UE4 version makes everything gorgeous ! This photo mode is astonishing !


I’m not sure that’s a fault. Are you sure you just didn’t accidentally make a Toyota Previa?


making the bonnet invisible also makes the… uhhh… air filter invisible?

(also 1946 engine family, 1956 variant. the air filter both for performance and standard are the same?)

this thing is now stuck forever here… it seems like if i make anything too small. i can’t re-select it


Success rate buggy?
As shown, I’ve played 6 scenarios. I got 4 right but closed the last one and it showed a fail (?!). By my mathemagics, 3 out of 6 is 50%, not 33%.


I don’t believe it’s a bug, as your success rate is based on your score. Just like in the Scenarios you earn a score by how much you can rise above the minimum requirements. Getting a higher score will increase your success rate as well.

On a different note, I had a crash a few minutes ago, I created an NA 1L I3 engine, created a clone and turned the second one into a turbo. When I finished, I closed the editor and clicked the button to create a new trim. This is the screen that greeted me:

After about 2 minutes it finally showed the nonresponsive program dialogue and closed out. I didn’t get an error report dialogue, has that feature been taken out?


No, it hasn’t. I tested whether UE4 would survive being put through a sleep cycle (needless to say, it still doesn’t) and was greeted by the bugsplat reporter-thingmabob once I logged in


for once i found a glitch/bug that isn’t visual related…

if i unplug and replug my earphone/speaker when the automation is running… it just stops making any sound.


Is it Windows or just Automation? I used to have this and it was down to the Microsoft attempt at a generic driver. I fixed mine by installing the correct drivers.

Now when I plug my headphones back in I get a popup asking what was connected…selecy headphones and I get my audio back.


Yeah, AFAIK that’s related to audio drivers, and not to automation itself.

Have you tried what it does if you do that while playing an other game or watching youtube vids?


yup. only automation does this. no other game or program does this.


Game won’t start when I have FRAPS running. I know, I know, there’s a warning before starting the game but the only game I ever played that won’t even run with FRAPS running is UE4 Automation.

Plus Modern OHV seems to be missing now. Am I missing something?


Loving the random engine scenario generator!

Found a rounding error bug, see picture. Says I need 27 reliability, I have 27.0, but it fails me! :frowning:

Is Modern OHV missing?

Success Rate is off for me as well.


Modern OHV is supposed to be missing :slight_smile: it won’t come back as it breaks our techpool / R&D concept and thus doesn’t have a proper place in the game.


With the 240Z convertible body, when I morf the front like this:

The rear do this:


That was one heck of a fire hydrant you backed into XD


Please, could you also include a variant of this body without the plastic trim, for more modern muscle cars?


Tutorial A4 torque stress
Cast flat plane- piston, conrod, and crank show max rpm of 0
1% crank above 2700 (maybe deliberate)
2% knocking and no way to fix it.


I wonder if any new wheel rim styles will be included. Currently we only have a very limited selection available.


another bug noticed. this exhaust is red in the Photo mode
EDIT: doesn’t occur in all photo maps


Looks like someone drove the ever-loving hell out of that car just before putting it up on the booth. Either that, or someone stuck a flamethrower in your exhaust tip.