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UE4 Exporter Update Discussion / Bugs


Yes, I know I’m being petty, but Camshaft rotation is brokeded. You probably already know this, but I searched and couldn’t find it. Sodding around with push-rod units and I’ve found the following:

  1. The lobes on an inline rotate in reverse to the shaft itself (kind of amusing)
  2. In a Vee-block, Intake and Exhaust lobes are moving in opposite directions to each other… and appear to be about 90deg out for pushing the… rods


Need more chromed fixtures too for older cars!


I’m getting a few bugs with this latest release that I haven’t seen mentioned. First is, if I make an engine in, say, 1970, then make a variant of it with the year in the mid 80s, Fuel injection, unleaded fuel and catalytic converters don’t become available. This also happened with VVT with a DOHC 4 valve engine with a variant in the mid 2000s. I’m also getting a lot of crashes when making new variants (particularly with engines) and adjusting things.


I’ve had 3 crashes so far with B170904, I created a car with 3 trims and I wanted to compare the times on the airfield track between the three trims. I can load one run it, pick another trim without leaving the editor and run it, but when I pick the third trim in the editor, the game will crash.



Stroke size doesn’t show after latest update.


I just built an engine to confirm what @kalsylum posted, but I also checked imperial units and found that the size was displayed correctly for imperial units.


In the final tab, if you hide all components except the engine, even an FR long has a transaxle (inline or V-block).


It’s just telling you the stroke is exactly one mm.

Makes no torque, but it revs to the moon and back. :laughing:


Finally managed to do the Automation Benchmark @pyrlix posted on May 26.

Intel I7 920
Radeon HD4890

Car: 21 fps
Engine: 18 fps
Testtrack: 8 seconds.

Soon(ish) i will put in my new Radeon Rx480.


So I tried beta and maybe I’m slow and I should know some stuff:

  • Settings button could be on the upper bar non stop
  • There is no conformation button when placing vents and stuff and sometimes I just cant de-select it
  • some vents are still red even so car is black
  • when choosing crank and pistons and comparing different ones, less weight shows as red (bad) but it should be better than heavy crank right?
  • Why can’t I see track time right away?
  • General audio slider is unmovable


As I’ve gotten into playing the engine generator challenges I feel as though when time runs out it should automatically test the engine how it is at that point. I can’t keep track of the time while still building the engine so fail because of the time limit even though the engine would’ve passed.


@AirJordan Thanks for that list. I have corrected a few of the issues and have added the rest to our To-Do list.

The settings is a very good point, so this should be in the next update :slight_smile:


I agree completely that generated scenarios should re-test when the time runs out. I’ve implemented this today so it should be in the next update. I have also added a keypress (currently “E” key as spacebar has some issues in UE4) which forces an engine calculation without having to visit the testing panel.


It’s a curse for replicating an American engine without using freedom units.


It’s a curse the American freedom units system :rofl:


Once you get passed 3000 skill score in the engine challenges your rank changes to be just “0”


Tutorial engine scenario A4 is not possible to finish. There is no way to reduce the knocking.:worried:
Also, selecting the Flat Plane crank, puts crank, pistons and conrods at -100%.
Doesn’t matter what you choose.


2007 small SUV body doesn’t allow wide rear tyres (only up to 145 on semi trailing arm suspension) no matter how wide you pull out the wheel arches


I got 185s but when widening the wheel arches it drops to 145. Put arches back in and it goes back to 185!


On which car body?


Could there be an option for bodywork that is partially plastic for modern vehicles with plastic bumpers? Or is that what the “Partial Aluminum” is supposed to be?

Note: The “Partial Aluminum” description in the tool-tip is missing.

I would like to save some the engines that I made for the engine scenarios for later use in my vehicles in sandbox. Could this be added?

Many modern SUVs, minivans, and people carriers have rear seats that fold down for extra cargo space when needed. Could this be added to the game in some form?
For example, my minivan can hold significantly more stuff (4+ cubic meters :sunglasses: ) with the rear seat folded down and middle row seats removed than my neighbors short bed pickup truck.

Could each body have a “Relative Mass” number for rough comparison purposes so the player has an idea of the vehicle mass before designing the whole vehicle? A body volume statistic might also work.