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UE4 Exporter Update Discussion / Bugs


Cars with plastic bumpers are still considered to be made fully with metal since it’s just a very tiny bit of a car’s weight.


The problem with A4 has already been addressed, however, unless you delete your ScenarioDB.db file then the problem persists. If you do delete the file then you will lose all the progress you have made on all of the scenarios, but you will be able to complete A4.

@Killrob made it sound as if they may be doing more work on the scenario database to fix the problem later so you won’t need to delete the file to make it work.


So, after making a random pickup and looking through various stats for it, I noticed that the Fuel Economy page seems… off.

I am not sure where it got 7.85 mpg from since the only value lower is the 6.9 at 75 mph. And the thing seems to be choosing really odd gears for the said speeds. At 19 mph, I would expect gear 2 or 3, not 6. And 9th gear for 31 mph? Seriously, it seems like it is TRYING to rate it badly… and then still lies about the results. Or I’m just reading this thing entirely wrong.


It is bugged for mpg. In metric it does make sense as there the numbers can just be added linearly, that is not the case for mpg. We’ll have to figure something out that works for both units.


Sorry, the small 2007 SUV. I was replying to @accent

Also found a “feature” with engine replacement. I wanted to create a new engine for an existing car so opened the engine designer, from the car designer, but nothing happens when I click on the “New family” button.

I’ve tried it on several cars on the off chance it was something to do with that model.


It was the first time i was trying the scenarios, not being able to run the UE4 version before last weekend.
Was still running Win Vista, now Win 7.


Not a bug as such, an observation. 60sSedan02 (or as I call it “The Old Holden”) can’t fit any useful sized engine in FR. I knocked up a 179 Cu in (2.9L) I6 that says it needs 106L of space… she don’t fits.
I’ve also noticed a few times that in engine test mode, the torque needle can swing past the maximum mark (eg 240/200lbft). I think it depends on what units you use.
I did some testing and it seems to me that the gauge will either scale to torque or power, but still display Nm and Kw.
I may be wrong.


When doing diffrent trim variant and trying to make new engine family for it - clicking “new family” doesnt do anything.


UE4 Mini is gud! And the new badges are really versatile. Thanks!

EDIT: Two Tone Paint too!


It seems like the UE4 version of the 1965 sedan/coupe/wagon(Fiat124/Lada look-alike) has a way too small engine bay that doesn’t react to morphing.
I6s fit only if their bore is 62mm or less.
V8s- 84.2mm
In reality the bonnet is 900+mm long and the engine bay is nearly 700mm- but that’s basically the shortest morph of the front and the firewall isn’t where the bonnet ends.
PLS make it so it can accomodate bigger engines.


Whoa, that is a bit small. Fixing now.


It looks like the seemingly random crashes are related somehow to fixtures. I’ve only crashed while moving or placing them.


As soon as I try to import a modified version of an exported car, the game only recognizes the last imported car.


Could we please get a button, on the model type listing, to clear ALL ticks?

If I want to just see sedans then I have to go down the list and untick everything.

If all of the boxes are unticked (or ticked) then show all vehicle types but it would be nice to be able to be able to see 1 section with a single click.


I agree with this one. I think a lot more people want an easy way to limit the search to one or just a couple of body types compared to the current system which is geared towards hiding one or just a couple body types.


It took me a while to figure out that the 0 reliability on the final tab was due to the tires being too skinny.


Why is the second stage of VVL now forced to be a higher cam profile than the main cam?

Building a car that can not travel at the highest speed for fuel economy testing (ex. 75mph), causes the economy at that speed to bug out to billions of liters per kilometer. Sometimes the overall fuel economy also bugs out, but re-selecting the vehicle drive type usually fixes it.

Intermittent Bug: :frowning_face:
When changing vehicle quality sliders, stats change as expected, but when drive type is reselected, the stats change back to what they were before the slider was moved. Ex. Randomly crank tires up to +15 quality, report page says the car can now hold 0.05 additional g when cornering, reselect drive type, cornering g forces change back.

Could the front and back aero balance sliders please be enabled / implemented in the UE4 version?

PS: Is there a way to send a bug report through the bumblebee report tool if the game has not crashed?


It’s not super obvious, but try right clicking a filter category


Got another one. It’s actually almost impossible to shave hundredths off your track time… even if you don’t change any settings, running a lap won’t give you the same time. Example: on airfield I got 1:30.88, tweaked and got 1:31.02. Ran three more times (to confirm) without changing ANYTHING and got 1:31.10 then 1:31.01 and 1:31.04.


I keep accidentally selecting fixtures I don’t want to if they’re close together, so please add a highlight to selected or highlighted fixtures. Also, will we ever be able to move fixtures with the arrow keys for more precision?