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UE4 Exporter Update Discussion / Bugs


great to see that we can create turbojet engines in the newest engine designer :joy:



Tyre quality slider is bugged. It can worsen my lap time and it does not save.


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I didn’t read all of these, so this may have already been mentioned, but Tutorial C1: Compact Engine has misleading text in the requirements. It states 1.5L in the description, but when converted to Cubic Inches, it states 92 ci, however it will not clear the requirement as complete until it is below 91.58 ci. Additionally, 1.50L should be 91.535 or 91.54 ci? I did not find a different point by playing with the sliders to see where it actually breaks it off as invalid, but 1.5009L is 91.59 ci, so I assume that is the cutoff? I know it seems trivial, but it could be frustrating to anyone using SAE measurements to try and find this point with the sliders since the numbers aren’t matching properly.


rofl it kinda reminds me of the Top gear episode with the Reliant Robin Space shuttle project


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Morph problem. You can fix it in the car editor but it unfixes itself when going back to photo mode.


  1. I don’t think it is a front(-mid) longitudinal mounted gearbox, and the engine is not reversely mounted

  2. When will the driveshafts back?


Another set of observations: I noticed that the engine bay in the Lambo body can now accommodate a longitudinally mounted V12, but only up to 4.8L. And the Pantera body can only be used for a front-engined configuration, whereas in Kee it could only ever be mid-engined. I would want to see the MR configuration be reintroduced to that body, because that’s exactly what it deserves.


This particular door handle doesn’t have fixture options like the rest.

Also the black circular gas cap can’t be placed backwards of other fixtures.


Love the new fixture customization system, except it is incompleted…

  1. Some of the fixtures have parts that cannot be customized.

  2. Some of the fixtures cannot be customized at all, or still in it’s pre-customized form.

  3. The default chrome shader (not the chrome shader in the paint list and the customization list) of the fixture (and the rims’ cylinder) has a weird cubemap.

    The red thingy appeared in the default chrome shader, and when i zoom in to the rim’s cylinder, I can see what is in the cubemap:

    And it appeared to be a red group c body (that is the body i picked) shown from top-down.
    While I reloaded the body, it is gone, and it only appeared when I change the body variant (because when I change the body family, the car body in the cubemap is not shown, until I change a new body variant and it appeared to be a blue car body of a roadster coupe in the cubemap, the same car body that choose)

  4. Speaking of the shaders of the fixture customization system, instead of showing us that this is a “default shader” icon (that means the sweeper icon), can it just shown the shaders that it is using? (and also, can the default shaders of the fixtures using the same sets of shaders as we are using in the fixture customization system?)

  5. The visibility handling tab does not responded to the bonnet (not when I change the paint of the bonnet)

  6. Just hope some fixtures will be more refined


Not really a bug, and probably not worth the work required to fix, but I was playing with the engines and seeing how low of an RPM I could get them to go too.

I noticed smoothness, particularly when comparing the V6 to the I6 that there was no difference… Personal experience with the I6 I had in my Jeep the instructions for setting the timing/idle etc… was to set the idle rpm to 800. I had regularly had the engine down to 500 rpm with little to no issues.

I also noticed that the higher tech fuel systems altered it, but not better quality or higher number of carburetors.


The new fixture customization system is definitely a great addition to the game and makes designing cars so much more versatile!
However, certain fixtures seem to “forget” their settings after reloading the car or switching into photomode.
For example, some fixtures which were made out of chrome are suddenly red. This bug does not occur on all fixtures, though.


Can you give some example of fixtures that do that?


Dear Killrob,
So far, I have noticed two specific fixtures that do that:

The result looks like this:

However, what makes this even stranger is that it does not happen on all cars. I tried the same with exactly the same car body and nothing happened. Maybe it depends on the photo scene or the number of fixtures on the car?
I am getting the impression that there is just something wrong with this trim.:roll_eyes:


One of the 10sSedan02Small’s morph areas is missing a vert.

EDIT: Only on the 3-door hatch variant, though.


Hi, the morphs have now been reapplied to the vert missing them. The fix will be release in due course.
Thanks for the report


It seems that I can no longer launch the UE4 version of Automation. It is the first time I’ve tried since the last public-branch update.

When I attempt to launch the UE4 version of Automation, it tells me that there is a known issue with my old graphics driver (it always did, but always worked fine)… and then it crashs. My driver is version 340.52.

I can not update to a newer driver, because 340.52 is the last one supported for my GPU; which is an Nvidia Geforce 260GTX (216 core)

I have tried launching the DX10 version and the safe mode version with no change.

I have submitted the bug report (with attached files). At least that works now though. Last time the game crashed (about a month ago), the report submitting program always crashed along with it. :joy:

I’m not asking you guys to spend time on this; I know my hardware is outdated and unsupported by most of the world.
If you need more details on my rig, it’s a Core2Extreme X6800 with 4gigs of DDR2-667. Running Windows 7 64-bit.


Something I’ve found about the new smoothness calcs (which I don’t like, as they won’t let me make a smooth 2+ litre I4) that I feel is very important:

For the test I’ve made a 2.0 (as close as possible) I4 - all cast iron, 0 quality anywhere, 4 valve DOHC with 40 cam profile. And I did it both in the Kee version and the UE4 version. I wanted to check the smoothness values, and that’s what I’ve got:


  • maximum oversquare: 38.6
  • maximum undersquare: 38.4
    So roughly the same value.


  • maximum oversquare: 43.8
  • maximum undersquare: 49.9
    Quite a big difference.

Sooo I think that the difference in Kee had some point and reasoning behind it, and for me it was pretty important, as it was the main way to affect smoothness by design, not by just dumping money into the engine (better internals). Also I feel like the smoothness aspect is third most ignored one in the engine designer, after the turbo tech (which is planned to change a lot) and head design (which is planned to change somehow). And that the decrease in smoothness over the Kee version is a bit too big - in the end there were some 2.0 I4 even in some European premium cars all the time. Hell, I even read about Saab’s 2.3 I4 (in its 80s form from 900 turbo) as being surprisingly smooth and comparable to a 6-cylinder! (although not specified whether an inline or a V one) And Mercedes put a lot of effort into making their V6s nearly as smooth as the outgoing I6s when they were exchanging them, and supposedly they managed to achieve that. Surely not by just making everything inside “forged +15”…