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UE4 Exporter Update Discussion / Bugs


your first link should be fantasynamegenerators

You missed an S

There’s the fixed link http://www.fantasynamegenerators.com/


Changing car trim year backwards causes the car to lose all fixtures.

What I was doing: finish a car on 2017 model and trim trim year, I forgot to set it to 2013 so I changed the model year to 2013, it was fine. But when I changed trim year to 2013, fixtures are all gone.


This door handle won’t appear.


Out of curiosity, where does UE4 Automation keep the screen-resolution configuration file? I’d like to be able to manually set the window size so that I don’t have to keep readjusting it to fit my screen.


I’m experiencing a lot of crashes when morphing bodies after this update. I’m also getting this odd bug where the game will become completely unresponsive and alt tabbing or brining up task manager results in a black screen. The only way to solve it is by signing out of my profile and then signing in again.


Another weird UE4 bug: whenever I build an engine in the sandbox using super unleaded (98RON), and exit the designer, the engine suffers from knocking when I return to it - the game underestimates (or miscalculates) the cam profile required to avoid knocking in that case.


I had this bug before this post, but in th engine designer, sometimes the little ! icon will blink and say the engine is knocking even if the knocking % is 0 and its square is green. I think the problem is that it’s not showing the decimal points but still simulating them (eg 0.1 would show up as 0 to the player, but the knock detector would still say the engine was knocking since 0.1 > 0.)

EDIT: New bug discovered!

These fixtures were on a production variant of this car. I load this race variant, and there they are.
Except this time, they’re red.
And they’re on the grille.

EDIT 2: Sound bug discovered! I am on a roll today.

!!!WARNING!!! !!!LOUD!!!


Yeah I’ve come across that sound bug a lot too, forgot to report, thanks for that!


Hey guys, absolutely loving the game and its development process so far. As with any early access game bugs are plentiful, here are some that i’ve noticed;

  • Game crashes changing trim years. This has been occurring a lot less as of late but still occasionally happens, potentially a memory leak by the characteristics of it (happens after 20 minutes during a play through).

  • Fixture defaults to standard colour reloading exiting and reloading car. It happens on any car I test it on. The game also tends to crash when I revert the changes on that fixture.
    (i’d post more images if I could)

Also a feature I wish to see;

  • Ability to sort car and engine models in sandbox mode including year, name, power just like in kei version of the game.


2009 Sedan Body (2.6M wheelbase) has weird body deformation


Corrected for next update. 2dr, 4dr & Soft top Conv variants were all similarly afflicted.


I had similar issues with the 80s le mans body type (Porsche 962 etc)


I would’ve loved this fixture…

…if I could actually change the material of this orange bit.


Oh wow… I didn’t play UE version for some time, and… now it works terribly bad. Tragically. I can’t remember Kee working such slowly on my PC. It works about as bad as the first, first releases of the UE4. And some fixtures disappeared from a car made before.


Have you checked your settings? The performance has not changed in quite some time.
We did change the whole fixture system, so yes, some of your older cars will have been affected.


I didn’t touch my settings, and previously all ran good on maximum. I’m not sure what info should I provide.


So… what is your problem then? What works slowly? Or do you get low FPS? What have you tried in the settings to get around that, if at all? Running everything on ultra and then saying the game runs slow doesn’t seem to make much sense, so I wonder what you mean when you say it works slowly.


Well… fcuk. Nevermind me, I’m dumb. I didn’t expect that my crappy CPU cooling is so bad that it will overheat on Automation so badly, that it actually halved the processing power (or even worse). Right now it’s cooler in the room as I have an open window, and the game runs just fine and the cooling fan runs at a bit lower RPM. Changing graphic settings didn’t really affect the performance, as expected, GPU didn’t have anything to do with that.

Sorry, my bad, misinterpretation of my computer behaviour combined with a bit of autosuggestion, as I haven’t observed such behaviour before.

And it seems my problem is actually the cooling of my CPU. And the CPU’s low power.

I apologise for wasting your time and being an idiot.


No worries!
Maybe time to reapply thermal paste and clean the radiator :smiley:


Did it already recently and it didn’t help… Ehh, it’s old already, replacing it might be a better idea :wink:


Ah, good old Thermal Throttling. A replacement CPU cooler could buy the CPU some more time if the system is still strong. I’d make some recommendations, but… My system-building knowledge is all prior to 2011.