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UE4 Exporter Update Discussion / Bugs


I’ve found a couple other issues with the 2.6m wheelbase swoopy car (Hyundai Elantra)

The wagon variant has this chrome trim around the windows that can’t be recoloured:

And both hatchback variants have the rear chassis poking out when morphed to be shorter:


Since everyone else is posting body problems and it seems your getting close enough to the polish phase for this major update, I’ll dump my fixture grievances too

The indented round headlight has the glass swap on the outside invisible cover layer instead of the actual bulb cover, uneditable side, and is duplicated.

These two fixtures have placeholder textures

This headlight needs at least the glass edit to match the others

The last two variants of this headlight/tailight are completely borked texture-wise, especially when compared to the first variant

I actually don’t know if this is some buggy phantom mod or something (even though it doesn’t have the banner) but there is this weird invisible thing in the headlights tab.

The last part of this taillight is bugged to where its locked on this reflector texture. Icon stays locked too so it isn’t just pointing to the wrong texture on the fixture model itself

Circled texture goes to the inner lighbulbs instead of the red glass part of the cover as I expected

And for the grand finale, any moderately stretched grill on the lower half of the car bugs wildely, which absolutely kills a lot of my designs. If you only fix one, please fix this.

Otherwise keep up the good work :+1:


I tested that body, and apparently it cannot support wheels with a diameter greater than 16 inches at all without the tires blowing out, unless you flare the fenders to accommodate very wide tires. Worse yet, its weight distribution in Transverse FWD configuration now actually has too much weight over the front wheels, as is the case with the short-wheelbase version.


I did not have those blowout issues using 18" wheels and not excessively wide tires. The issue ois likely from something else, the tire blowout glitch that can appear with any body.


The game currently strongly favors skinny tires vs wide tires in utility and off road, though the drivablility suffers making it unsalable.

Edit: utility b, utility, and utility p give me a body type penalty even though I have a truck body selected, and it shows a truck body as whats wanted.


Why is the body designer at the end and not the front now?


In my experience, there were many times I’d spend a long time designing a car… only to find out the engine I wanted to build wouldn’t fit… and then I’d have to change bodies, scrapping the design and start again.

With the new way, I can see if my engine will fit, before I spend time designing the body. It’s also closer to what real-life manufacturers do. They make sure the engineer-y bits are done first (engine fitment, packaging etc), then finish the final design.


This is a misunderstanding. You WILL be getting size arrows in the engine design just the way you did previously, it is just not fully implemented yet. The UI reordering is due to Lite Campaign V3 flow. The problem is that all that new UI we’ve been working on (see last little dev update) didn’t get fully finished and as a consequence the engine bays don’t load in just yet. There is an easy workaround for this though until we address the issue early next week: put in any engine and get to drive type, select the drive type and you should see the engine size arrows again.

Sorry this is confusing right now, it is not the intended state of things. The reordering is intended though.

Out of curiosity: I don’t assume you’d want to morph the body after you’re done with your technical design, as that changes weight distribution, cargo and passenger space, and what wheels fit. Would you prefer to do the fixtures last? But what about aerodynamics stuff like wings and lips? I think the ordering is correct as it is now considering the proper separation of what is a model and what are trims.


Ahhhhh, I see. I was referring specifically to @jonthefuzz,the reordering of the UI, and why I think it flows much better now. Previously with the body designer, the fixture placement took place before the engine designer. So there were times I’d spend a lot of time designing and then wouldn’t be able to fit the engine that I wanted.

The new, re-ordered UI just works better for me because I don’t have to “waste” time with fixture placement on a car before being absolutely sure the engine will fit. :grinning: The new re-ordering feels much more realistic even if its intended purpose was just to suit the Lite Campaign V3.

As for the engine bay arrows not loading, I noticed that… and I discovered the workaround accidentally prior to your post. :stuck_out_tongue: Still doesn’t change the fact that I like the new UI flow 1,000x better. As long as the fixture placement comes after the engine designer (as it is currently), I’m a happy man. :smiley: It doesn’t necessarily have to come last.


I’ll have to get used to the re-ordering, but I don’t mind it. To some extent, it means I’ll be able to save time, actually, in designing cars. No more getting all of the body design done only to discover that I can’t fit the engine I originally wanted in that car. Also means I somewhat have to have a plan going into it, so I quit making lots of cars that don’t have engines.


The Engine Name does not scroll, it resizes the whole textbox


You’d have to confirm with the devs, but that’s probably a feature since I doubt that’s the default textbox behavior in UE4.


About those grill size holes… They don’t have to be on the bottom half of the car, and some seem worse than others:



I think i invented by accident artifical mass… Plot twist… using aluminium body make it into 2 tons and 331 kilograms…

UPDATE: I changed to Porsche 930 body and guess what: 830kg as steel. . .



This is one of my grilles, using the recommended way of UV-Meshing.

@Fleshy and @Daffyflyer may want to investigate why this happens on so many grilles actually - weird is here that it causes two half sinuses from the middle on. I could understand it if it were from from vert to vert, but in the case of the UV its quite weird.


I was submitting to a community challenge, and the host informed me that the file I’m exporting is not working. Here is the file I tried to send. CSR62-UndercoverHardwareman - Olympus Gemini Executive.car (24.1 KB)


Are you using the same game version as the host of the challenge?


I’m not sure. Under properties, I have the game set to always update. I only checked this after reading the rules to the official challenge. It doesn’t say which version I have; but I’m in open beta (early order)


Maybe the competition is running on the openbeta branch of the UE4 version. Check the rules again to be sure. This is most likely not a bug.


Getting a safety error for Gasmea and Archana in 1950s.

Both areas have a safety requirement of 0.

Fruinia has a req of 8 and no error.

As can be seen, my safety is 30.