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UE4 Exporter Update Discussion / Bugs


For me, selecting a different car through the car button always does this. From opening I went straight to a car I previously made in the Sandbox, clicked on revise, then the little car button without messing with the car. I chose a car with a different body and this comes up…

The morphs do weird things with this too sometimes.

If I choose another car through the car button after that, the same fixtures carry over

Actually doesn’t look half bad.

If I start with a car with no fixtures, the next car’s fixtures disappear. They don’t come back if you load it up normally. It also doesn’t seem to matter if there is multiple trims or just one.

Also if i edit/remove fixtures on the second car, it changes the fixtures on the original car.

Hope that helps narrow it down.


Thank you for clarifying! :slight_smile: That is definitely not something we get here, but because the steps you go through are so straight forward we probably can work out what is going on. Cheers!


The '03, 2.1m, hatchback now seems to be inherently oversteery. It’s worse with F/R setup but even F/F has an excessive amount.

F/F has always been understeery.

Is this a new development?

Only way to get rid of it is having smaller front tyres which, as far as I am aware, is more akin to sportscars than city runarounds.


A small issue with fixtures:

When you reload a car, this:

Should be looking like this:

Also, the fixture seems to completely change and does not even give the option to be a light-fixture:


I can’t confirm that. This is with a reasonable suspension setup and 165/165 tires. Front Transverse layout as this car is intended to use. If you use RWD then of course you have to deal with oversteer more :wink:


I got the steering somewhere in same region but the front sway bar is set to 8200. The rears are set to 1600.

I’ve made several other cars, using different models, as trans F/F and they all come in on the understeer line or below it.

I just think that a difference of 6600 is excessive or am I wrong?

Here’s the no-frills car. Street - Trim 4.car (9.8 KB)

If anyone can point out as to where I’m going wrong then I’d me most appreciative…or is this how it’s supposed to be?




Have you looked at the anti sway bars on a real car?
Some don’t even have one at the rear.


So the last update should have fixed the calculation bug where engines would not calculate.

Today I made a copy of a car trim and designed a new engine family for this clone. While choosing the engine size, the game crashed (feels like that garbage collection bug). After I restarted the game I revised the trim clone and continued designing the engine family. When I got to the test results screen it still displayed the test results of the engine in the original car trim, which is a total different engine family and setup. No matter what I changed to the new engine trim, the test results wouldn’t update or recalculate.

I had to close the designer and reopen it to get the new test results.

Maybe my uploaded crash report could give you more clues on this problem. I think it was strange that the engine stats wouldn’t update after a restart of the game, but did update when restarting the designer.


Spotted this last week with a “racing” car I made. Towing capacity has fallen significantly… like, to 0. Maybe not always 0, but it’s a hell of a lot lower than it was before. Working on a delivery van-type thing, and I have a total of 26kg. True, there’s no tow-bar, but, still… it’s a little odd combined with my load capacity of (reportedly) almost 1.7 metric T.


While it’s fallen overall, I have the impression it’s also linked to certain car bodies. I’ll check home for more details, but I have a 1.5 liter 75hp '80s sedan that pulls 400kg, and a 4 liter V8 60’s sedan that pulls 0kg…

Yeah, towing capacity has issues:

It seems mostly older cars suffer:

On a side note, I never quite understood the power/weight calculation either…


I got a visual engine placement bug with the 80’s hatchback model (boxycompact) when using a transverse engine placement:

Other then that I still have calculation bugs. (engine test still showing the test results of the previous copied car trim), and rarely a game crash (all explained in earlier post above).


I keep losing the scroll bar when selecting the model type.

This generally happens when I select a different model from the first tab and then go to the trim selection, after engine design.


Can you still scroll with holding the right mouse button and dragging?


I wrote all this down early this morning in Discord before I headed off to work and lost my train of thought, I was fooling around while having my morning coffee and duplicating the issues I was having the night before. It’s in reference to vehicle scores being different between lite campaign and sandbox.


We’ve found the issue with the different scores, it is the pre- vs. post-engineering reliability of the car, where the post reliability through the fake settings was very high. Will be fixed in today’s patch.


Sweeeet. Thank you.


Yeah that works fine.

Cheers! :+1:


Now the question is why some people still cannot build anything in sandbox :s
Does anyone here still have that issue?


The update of today broke one at least one of the grilles for me:


Yes, we’re going to address the grilles issue with a hotfix today.