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UE4 Exporter Update Discussion / Bugs


If it’s knocking when rounded to 0% then maybe you could get it to say 1%? :wink:

Then it will only be 0% when it is absolutely 0! :smiley:


Have to ask, because I plan to get a new laptop soon, but can Automation UE4 run on modern Intel integrated graphics?


I accidentally did when I first got my desktop and it seemed to run fine, I guess it depends which integrated graphics though.


I have Pentium Two Cores 2.40Ghz
4GB Ram DDR3 and Intel HD 4000 or i don’t know and i have about 20-30fps on medium-high adjusted settings without shaders but textures on ultra.
So you can run it!:slight_smile:


Using paint editor still causes game crash. Almost always happen when you are fine tuning the color slider; i.e. holding mouse left click and make small small increments.


It seems like the game doesn’t work at all on Windows 10 Spring Creators Update as it bugs out as soon as you get to the Disclaimer Prompt. It seems that the update caused some of the game files to be corrupted. Also I’m running on AMD Integrated Graphics as i’m currently upgrading both my GPU and PSU to better componentry in order for my machine to handle my current game library.

Stay tuned…


Verify game cache then, that repairs your install.


Just did. Now it runs fine, albeit with limited framerates owing to it using the motherboard’s integrated graphics (ATI Graphics 3000), which aren’t supported by AMD as of this writing. For now, my new GPU (MSI GTX-1050 Ti) is just installed but not powered yet, as i’m waiting for the new PSU to arrive in a few days due.

UPDATE: After getting hold of and installing the new PSU (Corsair CX-450), Everything is back up and running. Now the game runs like a dream -on epic graphics setings with unlimited frameretes BTW- thanks to the additional VRAM and GPU clock speed. Now to build some cars…


I’ve got a fuel eco one for your enjoyment. It’s cool because the idle speed of this engine is 900rpm.


Also makes you wonder how being in fourth below idle is less efficient than being in fourth at 2,400RPM. lol


Because efficiency isn’t just a function of more RPM = more efficiency.


Right, I recognize that, my point is that it can still hold its gear and still function at 30KM/H. So dropping a gear, increasing speed and RPM makes literally zero sense. If I did that with any of my vehicles, you’d instantly see a reduction in fuel economy.

It’s clearly glitched. lol


You have the accessory loads, those are constant like running your radio, lights, ignition system, AC etc. When going slower those loads don’t diminish much if any so the power required to go that speed didn’t decrease by much but your speed did.


Well its all a balancing act between between speed, air resistance, and peak engine efficiency. Most cars actually achieve peak fuel economy around 80 km/hr because sure you’re burning fuel faster but you are also moving faster. Its only once you get seriously out of the efficiency band of the engine and/or have to start opening up the throttle wide to fight air resistance that your economy is going to drop.

For instance (and this comes with the qualifier of “if my maths are correct”), a typical car i.e. drag coefficient about 0.35 and a cross sectional area of about 4 square meters will see about 60 N of air resistance at 30 km/hr and about 430 N of air resistance at 80 km/hr. Power is force multiplied by velocity so at 30 km/hr we need about 0.5 kW to overcome drag and at 80 we need about 9 kW overcome drag. Most engines can make 9 kW no sweat so your increase in fuel consumption isn’t very large, but you’re going over twice as fast. Makes for better fuel economy.


Again, totally get that - I agree with that. However you reach peak efficiency by going faster because the taller gears allow you keep the engine low but the speed up.

Which is why I pointed out that this is a taller gear being used, yet somehow the efficiency is worse that a lower gear being used and revving the engine up considerably. Which is quite clearly a glitch.

We’re arguing for the same thing. =P


Hey, why does my engine only appear here and not in the engine selector? Now my car has no engine and I can’t select the original one.

Also, what the fuck is up with the sorting? I make it sort descending by name and this definitely isn’t alphabetical.

(Note my Automation alphabet)


I don’t think the engine appears if it doesn’t fit.


Export the car and reimport it. Engine should reappear.

If you’ve deleted the engine, from the engine list, then it only exists in the car so importing it should put it back in.


I haven’t deleted it, and it definitely fits because it’s in another trim of the car.


The Dalluha region markets segments all turn red when selling a vehicle in 2009 to 2020. Is this intentional? and Competitiveness is listed as NaN and affordability is NaN%. The vehicle has a high safety score and all the other regions work normally.

Do other people experience this? Is this a bug?