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UE4 Open Beta Body + Variant Issues list


Hello, the 90sroadster body seems to have the chassis sticking out if you choose the monocoque chassis, or semi-spaceframe. Some bodies also do the same but it is less bad. Please fix as I love this body!


To elaborate, Capture this is the name of the S2000 body Glitchy reported. All variants have the body sitting too low on the chassis right now.

Also, ^ that variant and Capture3 have minor skin issues along the center of the rear

All variants except Capture have the rear cabin morph pulling vertices underneath the rear of the bodies to varying degrees.

the most extreme case

All variants except the Capture5 are very heavy, over 9000 lbs



This is fine


This body appears to have been brought across to vanilla… it also has engine bay size issues. 2.5L V6 fit perfectly fine transversely previously, now all I have is a milk carton.


Fresh one after updated b180922, 09’ 3.1m limo body morph issues - sedan, hatchback and coupe are all bugged. There could be more styles that went wrong but not sure.


These mid engine bodies have somewhat overly restrictive engine bounds imo.

I heard about this one for awhile but never saw it for myself, and I don’t know if it has been reported somewhere. The little Mclaren definitely has a little room to move the firewall forward.


Going along with what strop said…

I think this one just needs the rear firewall nudged forward a little bit to allow for short mid-longitudinal engines to be viable as well as transverse V engines. (Maybe I had it too big before, but happy medium? :upside_down_face: )



Every single suspension setup clips through the new S2000 body, and it has a huge issue with understeer (because other than the soft-top variant, it weighs 11 thousand fucking pounds.) Bonnet hiding also doesn’t work. I’ve got a feeling you guys didn’t test this at all.


The Capture and Capture (yay they’re back!) have some skinning issues.

Both cabin morph limits are a little too extreme and have some wonky centerline vertices in the front. The roadster’s front morph is a bit wonkier.

The Capture also has a centerline issue on the back cabin morph

The Capture has unweighted vertices in the back cabin morph

…and this one doesn’t really affect much but the bottom of the rear morph is assymetrical.

The Capture has some weird reflections going on with it. The other variants are ok.

[BUG] Extreme deformating cars when swapping in V16's

This is why the 00sSuperCarLarge body can’t fit long engines:

This is yet another body in which the rear firewall is not far forward enough to accommodate anything longer than a 3.0L V8, and even then such an engine barely fits, as shown above. The remedy to the engine bay size issue would thus involve moving the rear firewall on this one further forward to allow for the fitment of a much larger engine, such as a 6.0L V12. However, I am pleased to report that all other known issues with this particular body have finally been fixed.


90scoupe01 now has this area that is chromed up and is a restricted area where I can’t place any fixtures.


This indicator just makes a hole in the body. I did somehow get it to show up once… so it may be a CPU Access thing, but I don’t really know the intricacies of that.

There are about a dozen duplicates of license plates.

To add to the small engine bays of mid-engined cars… “10sSuper_Cor_coupe” is quite small now as well compared to the original mod.




I don’t know if this is the right place to put this. There’s a new issue with the Beam exporter with all the bodies I’ve tested so far, in which, if the car gets air (and thus the front springs are decompressed), the suspension actually appears to travel through the body. See the front R bonnet below:

@BoostandEthanol 's 1995 Keika Katana Twist used here but the problem is hardly limited to this body


This seems to be a more fundamental bug with how engine bay sizes are calculated rather than just the settings on this body (though I have set them higher too)

Looking into it.


Thanks man!


Indicator seems fixed. Mid engine thing seems like it’s not body specific though…


The 60s compact 3 door hatchback (look at the name in the image) has only one line of seat. It should have at least 2.


Should now be the same as the large coupe. Fixed (ish)




90sCoupe Fixed.