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UE4 Open Beta Body + Variant Issues list


Another issue with the 10sSupercarSmall01 body: the chassis now protrudes through the rear bumper if spaceframe or glued aluminum monocoque chassis are selected.

As for the 10sSuper_Cor_Coupe, the biggest engine I could fit in it was a 600bhp 5.8L flatplane V8, but anything larger is out of the question:

Like so many other MR bodies, either the rear firewall is placed too far back or the engine bay size calculations are severely bugged - I have a hunch it’s the latter, although it could be both.


Either LMP cars made amazing delivery trucks in there later lives or something is wrong with the cargo volume

(Leads the hilarious results)


hey, if you need really fast delivery…


Yep, as mentioned above, the engine bay calcs for mid engined bays seem to be somewhat bugged


Fixed fixture stamping holes 40s Large Coupe for next release:



Body: BodyEditor_80sPickupLarge_Thumb
Type: 1978 Pickup


Can you tell which fixture is doing it? Like if you move one around do the holes move? (I’m guessing the tailights)


Link to Vehicle: https://www.dropbox.com/s/pd1bss2wlu803h2/Dad's%20-%20Trim%201.car?dl=1

It is the tail gate handle and the tail lights.
The tail gate handle does the grooves underneath it and the tail lights do the ones that it is on.


This Bumper Bar seems to hang in the air without actually touching the body of the car.


Can you circle it in the list of thumbnails? I just tried seemingly all of them and couldn’t find that.


Sorry for the delay; I didn’t check my e-mail for a while.


Fixed 10sSUVHuge family rear morphs for next release



That Not-C4-Corvette body has some unusual seating situation:


What’s the issue…? It gets one row of seats, like the Corvette it’s based on.


Many older bodies don’t have the right number of doors listed:

6 doors on this, same with MWB_Van and SWB_Van. Should double swing doors be counted as 1 or 2 doors is the question here?

Both variants of these two bodies don’t count the rear doors (again, 5 or 6 door is the question here.)

Both these bodies and both variants of the smaller one are also missing the rear doors like the vans above them.


The LWB_Cargo, MWB_Cargo and SWB_Cargo window-less vans are not limited to just the front row of seats.


I think it’s more about WHERE the seats are, which, considering the length of the bonnet, isn’t that far off anyway


Fixed 80sPickupLarge (rear ute tray causing fixture stamping issues) for next release:



uhh… no, take a look at the morphing of the car. Like… the pickle-fork in the front center.


90s coupe


lights don’t wrap around properly