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UE4 Open Beta Body + Variant Issues list


RR Fender morph on 10s_Sedan_large isn’t smmetrical with rear left.


90scoupe01 still has the wing mirrors






Should be fixed.




I’m having issues with the 1945 Coupe/Convertible body.
On my existing car (green) it has morphed in some holes between the fenders and bonnet that I can’t get rid of anymore.
Now that I wanted to redo this on a fresh body (red), it doesn’t seem to get holes in it anymore. But McPherson struts blend through the body:


Apparently this isn’t a cabriolet


it is now*

(*After content release)


Rear fender morph on 00s_supercar_large is asymmetrical


That one just got fixed for the next update iirc.


This four-door SUV body (the 3.1m 1985 truck base) thinks it’s still a 2-door truck instead of a 5-door SUV


The Toyota AE86 body will only let you use very narrow tires in the front. Morphing the wheel arches larger doesn’t let you use wider tires. I tried it out with several variants and still no luck


Fixed for next release


Semi fixed. Can now have wider tyres, but flares are still failing due to the way our width detection works.


Macpherson struts now disabled as intended.


In addition to what I’ve posted here, http://discourse.automationgame.com/t/80sboxycompact-model-and-wheel-bugs/25958
80sBoxyCompact’s (AE86’s) front wheels notably would scrape the rear of its wheel arch at max size https://i.imgur.com/dIc15VI.png


I’ve noticed that many bodies seems to have the front wheel not centered in the wheel arch.
All seems a bit toward the rear.


It’s been a while since my last update on these, but I am still monitoring this thread! Keep the bugs a-comin’!

These fixes should go out in the next Content Update

Fixed 40sRearEngCoupe bonnet morph issues and bumpers:


The bumpers will be added back as fixtures in the near future.

fixed 90sPickupMedSUV seat rows:


fixed 00sSuperCarLarge’s bonnet camera, spiky arches, and asymmetrical rear:


Fixed 10sSUVHuge02_Ute tray tearing with fixtures:


Fixed an antenna that had turn signal materials instead of panel material options:


Fixed 10sSupercar01Small’s problems with suspension:


Fixed 10sCoupeSmall’s problems with fixture stamping:


We’re still working hard on fixing bodies and will keep this thread updated as we fix them.


It’s me again about the 40s large Coupe:

I actually found out what causes the holes in the fenders near the bonnet:
It’s the headlight fixtures. If you apply headlights the size the front fascia suggests it will pull back into the fenders that much, causing the holes.

Any way you can fix how the fixtures recognize that area only in the front, not the fender portion?