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UE4 Open Beta Body + Variant Issues list


Body name please @Gauntlet


every version of 60scoupe02 (datsun 240) has tearing by the headlights sockets


The body in questions displays 5mph safety-style protuding bumpers, but the car itself has no morphing feature that resembles said bumpers.


its intentional, the devs are removing bumpers off cars so you can just add your own.


1985 Coupe


The morphs on this body dont save anymore

They also dont save on the 2.6m version of the 2003 truck/SUV either.


This body has issues switching between the 4 door pickup and the SUV variant


Except we don’t really have good bumpers to replace them with, that I’ve seen. :confused:


The thumbnail is still wrong though


07 Not-Cayenne body front and back wheel arch morphs don’t affect tyre size limits at all.


Got some issues with this body and its wagon variant.

Cabin of the sedan should be a bit under 2000L, but ends up like this:

Meanwhile, the wagon variant has a very small passenger volume that gets even smaller than morphed to be bigger:


You ought to check this SUV body, because mirrored fixtures cause its rear end to tear apart on one side. The front end seems normal, though.


its only there in photo mode and in the exporter. many other models do this


Another problem with the S15 body:

It appears to have too much cabin space and too little cargo volume - but this wasn’t the case before the update. This might explain why any car using this body not only weighs more than it should, but also has its weight farther forward than it ought to be (usually 60 front/40 rear, if not worse).


The s15 is on my to do list for tweaks and convertible varieties. I will look into it soon


80sLMP has asymmetrical fenders

70sCoupe02 has the same resetting wheel arch/fender morph issue that the 80s190 body had.


These bodies spots where lights are supposed to go at the front are very prone to tearing if you actually try to use them.


Some big teeth


there is a car called laurel that is basicly that body but 4 doors, if cabriolet is added, woud be amazing to have that one too


That isn’t a bug/issue. There’s a vehicle body suggestion thread you can use.


I’m afraid I cant re-create your vampire car - What chassis options did you use?