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UE4 Open Beta Body + Variant Issues list


still there is the problem with negative weight (-54)


monocoque rear engine with pushrod front suspension. other types of front suspension don’t have the error.


I’ve had a whole bunch of issues with the 2.3-metre wheelbase supercar body that unlocks in 2002, this one:

First, the front and rear wheel arch morphs are not saving properly, and to make it more frustrating it seems to be an intermittent problem.

Second, the front and rear wheels are not centered in the arches, like this:



Also, the rear subframe pokes out of the rear of the chassis with any fixtures in place:

And finally, as if that isn’t enough already, all of those pictures are taken with the ride height wound down to its minimum value, with the suspension being double-wishbone front and rear.


I think ALL cars need to be checked for front tire “centration” issues.
And lift frame chassis interference.




The melting never occured to me, neither did the weird dragging issues… The chassis getting through the body has happened quite a lot though


OK, so I had a bit of an AHA! moment last night messing around with the 10sSupercar01Small body; the morphs only seem to break when you clone a trim.


The BodyEditor_00sHatch02Mini_Thumb has issues with fixture placements around this area


85’ coupe (bodyeditor_90sCoupe01_thumb) has several issues in the rear
many fixtures poke out
and spoilers cause issues on boot as well


90scoupe01 is being worked on as we speak


The coupe and fastback versions of this has asymmetry issues,

and all versions of this except sedan has the same problem


something that has always bugged me on both the sporty “miata” 12’ coupes models
i may have more issues to show later
given that they happen


I’ve just noticed that the front wheels of the porsche body are misaligned


I’ve noticed this a lot on some bodies but that’s usually only on the rear wheelhouse (Like the NSX body).
Also one thing I’d like in the game is the option to lower suspension below the minimum set suspension. Sometimes a car looks like it should go lower (Like the 1986 Diablo body) but you can’t get it low enough, I’d imagine that this could be changed by the mod creator or when making the body? Seems kind of ridiculous that you can make a car look like a monster truck with raised suspension but not ‘‘slam’’ some cars / get them really really low to the ground.

Bug With 2009 Large Sedan

When creating a new model, if I select the larger version of the NSX body (which looks like it can accommodate really big engines) from the model tab, the engine bay size appears generous enough if I choose a longitudinally mid-mounted engine - specifically, a normally aspirated V12:

However, after actually clicking on the body in the trim tab, the engine bay appears to shrink for no apparent reason, and so a ~4.0L V12 is the largest engine of that configuration which fits right in:

Granted, I can still get decent power from this engine with a few strategically placed quality points, even with natural aspiration, but the small engine bay is still a hindrance to really high power outputs if I go for the NA V12 route. I do not know of any other car bodies with this most unusual problem, which has persisted since well before the latest update - but what exactly is causing it?


That seems to be a general issue, I’ve run into it myself with other mid and rear engined bodies. It is still an issue in our current dev version. We’ll investigate!


Not really an issue but more of a gripe I have with the 10s Suburbalanche body: the track width is very high for realism. A 2015 Chevy Suburban fits 275mm tires in the front and back with nowhere near as much wheel arch extension as it takes in the game. And many modern pickup trucks use 265mm+ tires without stretching the arches so much :man_shrugging:


The convertible version of the Colt body does not gain a desirability bonus (and in fact receives a body type penalty) for various convertible demographics:

I suspect the desirability calculations are bugged - the game treats it like a fixed-roof hatchback even though the choice of body style means it certainly isn’t one.


That’s not the only convertible body to have that issue. There’s a much newer body that has it too. I haven’t gone through all the bodies, but I suspect it may be just a general calc issue.