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UE4 Open Beta Body + Variant Issues list


Sure this is the same deal on the Larger Wheel base NSX-like body. Rear wheels are fine.


Unreasonable weight for the 10s Supercar Body


This not only happens in the open beta build, but also in the current stable release. However, just because a body is unusable some or all of the time for whatever reason doesn’t mean it should be deleted altogether in future releases - it would be seen as a sign of giving up and would also be a huge waste of content.

As for the larger NSX-like body, its engine bay is only big enough for a 4.0L V8 at most in the longitudinal configuration, whereas it could fit a 5.0L V10 previously - but I’d like to see even bigger engines (such as a 6.0L V12) crammed into its engine compartment. After all, it looks like its rear deck could swallow such a behemoth with ease…


I thought I saw this posted somewhere, but couldn’t find it: The 1979 sports coupes (corvette and fiero bodies) mid engine layouts cannot fit anything larger than 660 cc. If you mount it transversely, it says it’s too wide (for this example a 2.5 liter inline 4), meaning front to back, it’s too big. Longitudinally, it says it’s too wide, meaning left to right. I don’t have any pictures of it right now, but I’ll get some later if needed.


That body also lacks the option of a wraparound rear window, which the larger, long-wheelbase version has. But making that body front-engined only would not be a solution because it would only mask, but not fix, the fundamental issue plaguing the mid/rear-engined option for it.


10sCoupe02_Large_ConvS (haven’t tested with medium or small wheelbase variants or hardtop variants) has a Carmageddeon issue when some fixtures are placed on its hood, which also causes immense frame drops. It seems to only happen with fixtures that don’t scale uniformly.


10sTrocc_SWB_CC and _RC lag the game and have insane amounts of tear. Fixtures are a pain to place because of the choppiness, and the game freezes when loading the body.


The Esprit-styled body is completely broken. I tried to make a car so I can post stuff later but I just was tearing my hair out trying to make it.

Not only the car has completely wrong offset like in this image, but morphing it is a pain too. The morphs would end up inverting and some have no limits with how much they can be morphed. They can also be morphed to the point of being aligned off-centre. When the body does invert morphs, it also changes the maximum width of the tyres.


The body accidentially was released even though it was not even close to ready for release, will be removed in the upcoming hotfix and continue working on it.


It’s melting! Meeeelltiiiiing!!

B.E.M.W. - 214 - Boomslang Turbo (1983).car (39.3 KB)
B.E.M.W. - 214 - Boomslang R (1983).car (42.6 KB)

EDIT: I had originally posted it here 1980 Sedan body is still melted


2010s_GT_Coupe_SWB has a, what I assume, messed up UV on the lower section of the Rear Bumper, making it near unuseable for designing.


Hi guys, had a strange issue with the mini body (1955) where the wheel arches and the strip of body along the bottom between them will stay automation red when you change the body colours. Just noticed this since the new update. Can’t post a pic this time the game crashed just after I noticed it.
Keep up the good work guys :slight_smile:


IIRC I made those Trim - might even be “mirror” trim


A fix has been sent for that, not sure when it’ll get added though


Cheers guys, I’ll try the mirror thing when I’m next on, didn’t think of that!


These bodies don’t produce lift at all. In fact, they produce some downforce even without downforce fixtures


10sSedan02Small_4dr, and maybe the other variants are missing some paint slots meaning that the underfenders and some of the window trims stay red and are uncolourable.


Tearing on 80sLMP. Happens on every fixture.


2.4m NSX body. In the testing tabs, it doesn’t show up as having any cargo volume, while the body selection clearly shows it as having some.


Sorry for double post, but found a bug with 2010s_GT_Coupe_SWB. Mid engine options do not have a big enough engine bay, even for mid-transverse.