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UE4 Open Beta Body + Variant Issues list


I only noticed this recently, but 00sPonySmall actually generates too little lift front and rear.

Even though this is at the expense of greater drag, the near-total absence of lift at both ends makes lips, wings and spoilers almost redundant on that body, which is a shame considering how well the boxy shape lends itself well to the more angular aero fixtures. I would prefer if it had slightly more lift on both sides, with the drag coefficient being slightly reduced to compensate.



I’m sorry but this is literally unplayable.

Also I would like to point out that there’re multiple instances of cars having their wheel arcs reset after a while. Happened to Civic, Falcon muscle, 80s Small hatch, 70s Coupe. I’m not really sure what’s causing the problem here.


Fixed: Ready for inclusion in a release



It is possible to move the back bumper sideways on the 10sHatch01-5dr


Unable to paint the rear bumper, and it will just stick to this paint no matter what.


The rear bumper painting issue is less a body specific issue and more a game mechanic one. It is being addressed.


fixed, ready for future release


these new lights in beta look neat but dont work correctly
the body is cutting into the fixture

EDIT: This is just a MOD body issue


Ladder chassis is poking out from the 2003 pickup body as you can see here.


Hello, i found some sort of problem on the Alfa 155 body when you fit a boxer engine into the car. This problem also occur on the 190E body


The 1955 Coupe with the 2.63 wheel base has the frame sticking through the body.


large 10’s roadster has a hole here, no fixtures on the car

Body Mirror issues

This has been known for quite some time, but both of the following bodies appear to have their engine compartments placed too far forward in transverse configuration:

In both cases, the result of this unfavorable weight distribution is strong understeer (especially with strut front suspension); moreover, the rear axles can only accommodate narrow tires, especially with a torsion beam rear end. Both of these issues combined actually make them less suitable for building high-performance hot hatches than the 1987 Colt body, for example.


10sHiVan has an odd kink on the front door. The cargo and pick-up variants have been removed from the game since the last patch.


09’ 3.1m coupe. Morphs are… slightly off


1985 2.5m Coupé, as shown in screenshot: MacPherson suspensions tops go through the hood when it’s morphed below a certain height.


Also, with struts up front, the front track is too wide, to the point that large flared arches are a necessity when fitting wider tires.


Isn’t fixed by messing with morphs or changing from sedan to wagon or vice versa


Not sure if this has already been reported yet, but this body and all its variants could use a check on its exhaust pipe.