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UE4 Open Beta Discussion / Bugs


Not a bug, but I think it’s good to let you guys know that this particular file was blocked by Avast when updating to RC1


The game won’t run without it, so you need to add it to exclusion list, and verify integrity of game files.


I found a bug where the material option on where the trim color would be gets overridden when it’s on a car that has a secondary body color.

Pictured below are the same fixture on a car without a second color and on a car that does.


But if I recall correctly, the bottom model doesn’t have a “trim” colour slot? So it’s not so much missing as simply absent, while the one above doesn’t have a secondary colour slot like the bottom one.


You’re right, there is no trim color. I do remember that before the bumpers were gone on the pictured body at the bottom, the trim used to be assigned to the lower lip at the front. But now it has changed into using bumper color.


Oh yeah, that makes sense. Would be great if we could get bumper colour as a fixture colour. Window trim as well. Both are choices that pretty well all bodies have even when they don’t have some of the other slots available for additional fixture colours.