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Zephorus Autos Photo Dump


From what I’ve seen, the yellow concept at the top is actually not that bad from most angles; however, it could use some longer, slimmer taillight clusters that flow with the shape of the rear much more easily. The wagon prototype, meanwhile, might do with a set of rear lights that extend much closer to the centerline. The third concept, however, is an improvement on both.


Zephorus TRZ
Not a ferrari. I’ve probably said that for other cars, haven’t I…

and a special stance because why not


Zephorus Z - S is probably the main car that I show people. It is just exactly what I imagine. Too good not to post.


Zephorus Pu 239
If you don’t understand the name, just look it up.
For CSC 21.


Zephorus I’ve run out of names yet again
A hypercar styled similarly to the Secunda, but on the egg body. I should probably make it a different colour other than silvery white.
Proud of that custom wing though :smile:


Awesome shots, what settings did you use to get this sort of look?


I’ll show how I do my photos, what scenes I use mainly etc, what I avoid and such a bit later, im quite busy atm so maybe by friday or something


Hopefully this answers all your questions about how I take my pictures, what settings I use etc.


how do i do that like make a car


Zephorus 1600 XI
uncreative much, anyway, base and schport model (red trim stuff)


Some 2000’s Zephorus


Zephorus not a porsche again
I’ve been really enjoying the 70’s stuff lately. the bumpers are interesting to me. the intro of mad aero and other such things like turbos. Allows for aircooled B6TT and big custom wangs.


Zephorus RFM
A Time attack car for the world stage.
727hp, 737kgs, 1000kgs of downforce.
ATT - 1:37


Zephorus X - R TT
Really liking this body, its a little limiting but hopefully with a few tweaks itll be even more awesome


Zephorus Kigore B6
I was trying to make a “detailed” car (just file heavy but i only reached something like 85kb) but it did come out really nice.


Also really sorry for the lack of car files on the recent posts, I’ll update the first post with them soon.


Now we’re talkin’! The Kigore looks stunning from every angle, as most of your designs are - but this is the first one that really deserves to be driven by OutRunners and Rad Racers everywhere since your big-winged 930 Flatnose homage, which is no slouch itself.

In fact, the Kigore might just be one of the best uses of the 308-esque body (which was introduced in the latest open beta) I have ever seen.


I’m thinking, what if I made a lore based version of this thread. I’d try and redo it all with nice formatting and stuff. Could be something fun because apparently everyone likes a story, might get me to play a bit more and fill in some gaps.

It would be a few select cars, the best ones, maybe the odd one which has strange ideas etc.

There’s no way I’m redoing 90+ posts some of which are shit cars anyway, so it would require a new thread.


Yes, I would encourage that. Lore is the pepper and salt of any design. So a few select cars or brands would really spice up your excellent designs.


Im not entirely sure though, is it a bit spammy to have two threads of essentially the same thing? ah whatever. Ill probably end up deleting this thread anyway if i do make another one which is neater. Time to experiment.

Title 1
Line 1
Paragraph 1

So ideally, it would be something like either of these two, I’ll work something out but boy there is going to be a lot of copy paste. more than I use in my schoolwork

Title 2
Line 2
Paragraph 2

These are both for “future reference” if you like.

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