1993 DTM [SUBMISSIONS CLOSED. Revising entries]

Hi guys.

Today, I had the pleasure to make a new challenge: the 1993 DTM.

The rules for the cars are the Class 1 Touring Cars, and are this (only the suspension, body, and engine are for both race car and street car):

Production car rules:

[ul]-Trim year: 1993.

-Engine year: any year up to 1993.

-Tailights, headlights, handles, blinkers at the sides.

-Max. exhaust loudness: 50.

-Catalytic converter required.

-Race tubular exhaust headers and race intakes FORBIDDEN.

-Only 95 RON or 98 RON Unleaded fuel.

-Minimum reliability (this value is from avg. reliability tab, in the trim overview): 60.

-Minimum safety: 30.

-Maximum cost at Gasmea (1993, +5% benefit): $32.000.

-Max. Wheelbase: between 2500mm and 2800mm.

-Only Front engined cars.

-Only sedans or coupes.

-Maximum cylinders: 6.

-Maximum engine capacity: 2.5L N/A.

-Maximum 4 valve per cylinder.
Race car:

Road car:

Race car:

Race tracks:

  1. Zolder: automationgame.com/phpBB3/viewto … =36&t=4617
  2. Hockenhemiring (in development).
  3. Nürburgring GP: viewtopic.php?f=36&t=6165
  4. Nürburgring Nordschleife: viewtopic.php?f=36&t=3846
  5. Norisring (in development).
  6. Avus 1993: viewtopic.php?f=36&t=9452
  7. Alemannenring (in development).

-Montes T30 Coupe MRP (vmo).
-Erin Berlose (DeusExMackia).
-SX-1 (lordvader1).
-Bogliq bastion (HighOctaneLove). Pink bug in the non-GTA SA Sultan
-Matoyama Motors YR-4R Stream (marcus817).
-DMW Transeuropa (Burningbridges).
-Smooth Veex (AirJordan).

[size=200]The submissions are now opened until the 28th February 2016 23:55 hrs.[/size]

May want to state if this is for pre-patch or post-patch cars only, some of us will run the beta as soon as it is out and might muck with your results.


This is for the current version of Automation.

[quote=“vmo”](only the suspension, body, and engine are for both race car and street car):
-The car and engine MUST BE derived from a production car. This would be that the race car and engine must be the modified production engine and car. Other engine isn’t allowed.[/quote]

Ok, don’t mean to sound rude but your English isn’t the best and I’m having a hard time understanding this part.
What you’re saying is, the car must be a race version of a production car, and you can only tune the engine (not make a new one) and edit the body?

Yes. But you can change the body and frame material.

For gods sake, another challenge where you limit interior and entertainment options and then puts a minimum weight. Haven’t you heard from last time? This way we simply can’t add ballast. Also, the new version is coming this week, you should at least wait for that, as it fixes the annoying saving bugs and has several other improvements, like V6 turbos and proper 4x4, in addition to AWD (concepts which you mixed up on the rules)

Besides, you said hat he materials can be changed between versions, well, sadly the game doesn’t allow that, nor changing the overall body shape, only different body styles within a same model.

I will change the date until the release of new update.

To change the body material, you need to make first the road car, save it, copy the trim and change the name.

Now, export this car, go to the export folder, and extract into a desktop folder, and change the model name.

Do not put in this moment the files.

Open Automation, open the original car, and rename the street version name and save it. Delete the other trim.

In this step, put the desktop car files, and put in the Automation save folder.

Open the game, and change the frame and panel material to carbon.


Very simple, heh, just like your rules.

No comments on the minimum weight? And why the completely arbitrary quality slider limits? No maximum costs? No naming convention?

[quote=“Leonardo9613”]Very simple, heh, just like your rules.

No comments on the minimum weight? And why the completely arbitrary quality slider limits? No maximum costs? No naming convention?[/quote]

This is a non-Max (Hitler) Mosley challenge.

And the weight, minimum 990kg, and the sliders are explained.

Bueno, claro que no parece entender la ironía.
Lo que he tratado de decir es que su reto no tiene sentido y tiene reglas bastante estúpidas, la mayoría de los cuales no tienen sentido. El peso mínimo, por ejemplo, va a ser muy difícil de conseguir ya que no podemos jugar con los ajustes interiores, que por lo general utilizamos como lastre. Los deslizadores de calidad se ha explicado, sí, pero no tienen razón de ser los números aleatorios que ellos eligieron ser. Tener costos máximos sería mucho mejor. También, compararme con Mosley y Hitler? ¿Es usted un idiota completo o qué?

Y si mi español es malo, lo siento, acabo de utilizar la misma herramienta que usted lo hace. Y sí, el Inglés se encuentra con este mal.

eazy! eazy!

that’s a very interesting concept! very much in deed!
but it will do with some refinement in the rules…
i think the restrains should be on:

-tire size and quality - same tires for everybody, “Max. 300 Tyre Width, 17” rim diameter and 660mm wheel", but we can add 10 quality and 255 for front wheel, maybe we can search the exact size they used? BRC restrains the quality and width (also hp/kg )and we see very close races, if we have the very same rubber, i think it will be very nice, and BRC rules makes me think about the next restrain I propose

-hp/weight ratio - how about 0,5hp/kg???

-engine displacement - 2,5L, 6 cylinder max is ok!

-“The suspension needs to be the same from the production car, but you can change the quality sliders up to max of 5 and a minimum of 0.” nice, but maybe we can set the sliders free here!

-“The body, frame, panels and add-ons (headlighs, wings, air vents…) quality slider MUST BE set to 0.” perfect!, but must be the same material as the production car!

-reliability, security and noise constraints, perfect!

-the interior will be striped out if we want or not, so no constraints here

-year, of course

-front engine and wheelbase, ok!

-and last constrain should be the cost, i think about $50k

what do you think??

Thanks for your improvements!

I will change the wheels, suspension and production car cost rules.

Yix Auto is entering DTM’93 with it’s upgraded Stormwave.
Company’s testing track has seen as much as four chassis prototypes and seven different engine models before final version was accepted.
Now it is facing VMO car federation homologation… :laughing:

It looks well.

K’works DTM Concept (Temporarily name) work in progress
Est price 165000$
with 93.8 score and 88 affordability in Fun P category
and 93.1 score and 80 affordability in L sport category
This car should sale like a cup cake

I need to say that the cars of the participants are beautiful!

Now, I reopened the competition, because Automation released a few weeks ago the v6 stable version, and I have time :slight_smile:

Only I received 2 or 3 entries (please, re-sent me now due the new engine calculations).

Only 2 submissions since I created the challenge.

I changed some rules, and maked the rules more easily to understand.

With this, I will say that I restarted the challenge, and the entries is now open until the 28th February 2016.

Let’s go!