2019 SEMA Show


Atlas Automotive booth will be setup in the performance pavilion, join us for the reveal!

Treadkillers at SEMA 2019

Presented by TubaTech(r) Turbo Solutions

Once again we welcome you to our TreadKillers booth at this years SEMA!
Take a Demon(R) energy drink, take in our newest cars and maybe get a selfie with the Treadkiller team!
So come over to the Central Hall! Just follow the smell of burning rubber and #BadInvestments

Non-Performance Kits:

Geschenk Spaceruler:

What do we do with the drunken sailman, what do we do with the drunken sailman early in the mooorning.
Well you lift the whole boat even further. We already had its little brother in our workshop, but while it would have been quite funny, we didnt threw another Vega into this. But that doesnt mean we didnt pumped up the power of this. New headers and intake not only sound great in the wilderness (or your suburban area) but also give this spacestation a bit more extra punch. Furthermore the kit comes with a set of overfender and new bumpers. The hood is an extra. We also give you mounting points for your own roofrack. We installed a “Yetiforce Military” on it, but other brands should also fit.

Zenshi Gamaru

Jesus this thing is fast. So fast that we mostly left the engine alone. But that didnt stop us to do other things. Besides giving it a more wider statue with the bodykit and giant CWS(r) wheels, we also gave it some Underglow! Light up the nights as if it was the early 2000’s again. And yes we did fit bags on it. But yes, if you wanna be seen on the nightstreets of your city: This is the perfect thing for you.

Performance Kits:

Keika Tekko:

I think at this point it is almost tradition that we have a Keika somewhere in our workshop. This one has been tuned to be a real Wangan Racer. Thanks to the power of TubaTech(r) we pushed this thing to 416hp. We also put a new exhaust system and a completly new Intake in it. We drove it on the Autobahn and we topped her out at 270km/h. To compliment the newly found speed we gave the Tekko a much more aggresive body kit and rolled fenders. The splitter and spoiler also help to keep the car stable at these speeds. For our next plans we want to try to Twin Turbo it, but for that we probally need to find another one of these.


B-Spec Dragotec Via

Hey! Its our B-Spec cars! This was my car for the races a Dragotec Via. You would be surprised how much you can do with 0.9L of Inline 3. To be fair that still sounds weak, but 129 hp in a 780kg shell of a car is a pretty fast combo. So fast that we got second place overall in its category.
What you can see here is the Stage 3 tune, basicly how we tuned the car for the last race. Big Aero kit and a new intake for the turbo. Gotta get the air somehow. Kinda funny to see that we drove this on 185/195 wheels. Welp. It did a good service and i still like driving it. Speaking of B-Spec…

B-Spec Reduit GSR20

Soooooo. We got this as a joke. We wanted to annoy our other driver Timm with this. We dont know ourself how this got a fifth place overall. The joke was to make this the most 2000’s Boyracer car ever. Big fucking fibergalss bumpers, Tribals and way to many stickers.
We thoughed the engine is gonna blow midrace, or we gonna lose a suspension arm or something, but no this Reduit fought and wasnt even bad at it. 165hp from a horrible engine, thin wheels and way to much Crunk music apperently make a good car.

Baroc Tormenta

This is something special. Because this is again the spot for my own personal car. You remember the other Baroc we have?
Yep. I did it again. I am not sorry.
And again we really did a number with one of these. New wheels, new arms and a Twin Turbo tune for that sweet sweet 1000hp. Gotta say its quite fun to drive this at 300+ km/h. Dangerous but fun. We also did completly new molded bumpers and a big #WangGang. And yes. We will add the color to our catelog of special colors. So yeah. If you see this in the wild: Take some pics and send them my way! Unless you are a radar control of course.

At thats all for this years SEMA.
For more informations visit our website or go to our bar to get some nice posters of these cars:


(Also thanks to @racer126 @Grandea @Radster @Dragawn @Elizipeazie and @kobacrashi for letting me user their cars! Check out their stuff! And now i will continue to not do the other cars for 6 months!)


From Atlas’ booth:

2020 Atlas F10-03P Concept car

Atlas is proud to show off one of two cars destined for the super GT series, the F10-03P. The F10-03P is a purpose build car strictly for racing, from a highly advanced Carbon fibre monocoque, Carbon fibre aluminum matrix rims, and FIA certified roll cage. As many are aware, Atlas got its start designing purpose built race cars and chassis, the F10-03P is no exception. Powering the vehicle is a unique engine as well, a Spirit modular flat 10.

While many are familiar with the Spirit series, many may be surprised to see a flat 10 version. This engine is incredibly powerful, producing 820 horsepower at 9,600 rpm and 509 lb-ft of torque. Combined with the light weight nature of the vehicle, the F10-03P accelerates to 60 from a standstill in 2.2 seconds. Some may ask, this is great but show us the street version. Unfortunately, the F10-03P will only be a strict limited production run and no street legal version is planned at this time. Only certified racing teams are eligible to purchase the vehicle.

Thats all from Atlas for SEMA 2019, hope you all have a good time and enjoy the rest of the show.


Engine: Spirit series 4.9L F10 FSI DOHC Transmission: X12 Competition Straight cut sequential
Horsepower: 820 bhp @ 9600 rpm Torque: 509 lb-ft @ 7500rpm
Weight: 2414 lb Skidpad: 1.5g(average)
0-60(mph): 2.2s Topspeed: 209mph(drag limited)
1/4 mile: 9.3s MPG: N/A